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Small Business

Category: Small Business

Small Business

bill com review Review

Keeping track of accounts payable and accounts receivable is a critical business function, whether you are a sole proprietor or you have a multi-million dollar company. It doesn’t matter how much demand there is for your products and services if … Review Read More »

get referral rewards hero

Step by Step Guide: How Do I Create A Referral Program?

[1] Create target customer list [2] Pick customer reward [3] Create messaging [4] Track responses [5] Record new referrals [6] Reward your referrals [7] Measure success

increase revenues with referrals

Grow Your Business: Increase Revenues with Referrals

Referred customers generate 25 percent more profit than your current clients, and they are four times more likely to refer friends and family.

how can law firms grow increase profitability

How Can Law Firms Grow and Increase Profitability?

Law firms can grow, develop and increase profitability by leveraging technology to create a referral rewards program that boosts profit margins.

how to create brand ambassadors from existing customers

How To Create Brand Ambassadors from Existing Customers

Create brand ambassadors by (1) asking your clients to take action (2) providing incentives (3) leveraging referral technology

how to create a referral program for your accounting biz

How To Create A Referral Program For Your Accounting Business

How to create a referral program for accounting firms: [1] Email Clients Template Letter [2] Track Responses [3] Track Conversions

clients are your best source for referrals

Your Clients Are Your Best Source of Referrals

Satisfied clients are four times as likely to refer clients to you and customer retention can drive profits up by as much as 95%.

canva review

Canva Review – Design Made Easy

Canva Review: With Canva, you can make a website, design business cards, create a logo, and print whatever you need easily.

street shares review

StreetShares Review – Fast Business Loans

StreetShares provides loans with terms lengths from 3 months to 3 years, lines of credit up to $100,000 and contract financing to small businesses who are often run by veterans or individuals with ties to the military.

nav review

Nav Review 2020 – Business Financing Made Easy

Nav provides personal and business credit scores to small business owners and connects them to affordable financing options including loans, lines of credit, and credit cards.