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Financial Calculators

Find the best financial calculators to help you calculate how much you need in retirement.

Plus, get access to a mortgage calculator, debt calculator, auto loan calculator, savings calculator, and investment calculator.

Learn how compounding gains over time can boost your overall financial returns so you can reach your financial goals.

Calculate what percentage return you need to double your money and how much you need to save with the best financial calculators available.

Reach your savings goals with financial calculators that can help you to pay off auto debt, home debt, and student debt.

cd calculator

CD Calculator – How Much Interest Can You Earn?

Find out how much interest you can earn over time in certificates of deposit with this CD calculator from Investormint.

double your money

How Fast Can I Double My Money?

Calculate how long it would take to double your money when you earn a fixed interest rate each year.

how much should i save

How Much Should I Save?

Check out this savings calculator to help you figure out how much you should save. If you are saving for retirement, use this retirement calculator to calculate how much you should save to reach your financial goal. Or use it to calculate how much you need to save monthly to pay for a vacation, a home, or a car.