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Fiona Apple is a singer, pianist, and songwriter who has been professionally active since 1994, when she was just 17 years old.

Apple has only released five albums, but each of them has shown a growing willingness to embrace creative approaches to writing, performing, and recording music.

Between albums, she often collaborates with other artists, including Phoebe Bridgers, Bob Dylan, Jakob Dylan, Andrew Bird, Margaret Cho, and Jon Brion.

Fiona Apple Rise To Fame

Fiona Apple unknowingly started her rise to fame in 1994 when she gave a friend demo recordings of several songs, including “Never Is a Promise” and “He Takes a Taxi.”

The friend passed the demo to publicist Kathryn Schenker, who gave the tape to Andy Slater, an executive at Sony Music. Slater expressed an interest in working with Apple. She signed her to a record deal that would lead to her debut album, Tidal.

Columbia Records released Tidal in 1996. Tidal sold 2.7 million copies. Singles from the album include:

  • “Criminal”
  • “Sleep to Dream”
  • “Never Is a Promise”
  • “Shadowboxer”

Most of the album focused on a recent breakup from her boyfriend. The songs show a startling maturity for such a young songwriter. “Criminal” reached the Billboard Top 40, which drove sales and made Apple even more popular.

The song topped at 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, 17 on the Billboard Adult Top 40, and 2 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs.

She also gained popularity from a controversial music video directed by Mark Romanek, who has also worked with Trent Reznor, Jay-Z, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce, Michael and Janet Jackson, and Johnny Cash. The video for “Criminal” showed an emaciated Apple in a bathtub and gave the impression of sexual violence or abuse. The video was featured in the 1997 Beavis and Butt-Head special “Beavis and Butt-Head Do Thanksgiving.”

Apple released her second album in 1999. She gave the album an absurdly long name:

When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight and He’ll Win the Whole Thing ‘fore He Enters the Ring There’s No Body to Batter When Your Mind Is Your Might So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand and Remember That Depth Is the Greatest of Heights and If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land and If You Fall It Won’t Matter, Cuz You’ll Know That You’re Right 

It’s usually shorted to When the Pawn… The title was so long that Apple held a Guinness Book World Record until 2007.

When the Pawn… shows Apple embracing more experimental approaches to music. She began working with producer and musician Jon Brion, who encouraged her to continue trying new ideas, such as unique ways of incorporating drum loops into her songs. 

Fiona Apple Solo Career

Fiona Apple has always shown a fierce independence and sets boundaries on her own terms. This has made her solo career a bit of a roller coaster ride. Her work receives frequent celebration from critics and fans, but she has disappointed many by canceling shows and tours.

In 1998, she canceled the last 21 dates of a tour because of personal family problems. During a 2000 concert at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, Apple became frustrated by equipment malfunctions and walked off the stage in tears, repeatedly apologizing to the 3,000 people in attendance.

She moved from New York to Los Angeles in 2000. She and Jon Brion began working on her next album Extraordinary Machine. Apple only agreed to make the album when Brion convinced Epic Records to give her significant artistic leeway.

The label also could not establish a release date or deadline for the album, giving Apple all of the time she wanted to hone each song. She and Brion began recording the album in Nashville but eventually related to Los Angeles. Apple decided to redo much of the work they had completed in Nashville.

Apple sent a copy of the album to Epic Records in 2003. Some songs leaked to the internet in MP3. By 2005, all of the tracks were available on peer-to-peer networks. When Extraordinary Machine was finally released in October 2005, it included an additional song. Furthermore, all but two of the leaked recordings sounded significantly different.

Rumors started in 2010 that Fiona Apple had a new album ready for release. She released The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve you More Than Ropes Ever Do. Due to the long name, most people refer to it as The Idler Wheel. Again, Apple received praise from critics and fans. It sold 72,000 copies within its first week and was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Album.

During a 2012 tour supporting The Idler Wheel, Fiona Apple postponed South American dates so she could spend time with her dog, which had been diagnosed with Addison’s disease. She has frequently expressed a love for animals, especially dogs. She even mentions them in lyrics and included recordings of them barking in her fifth album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters.

Apple began work on Fetch the Bolt Cutters from her Venice Beach home in 2015. She took a radically different approach to recording and arranging her music. She ended up recording most of the album from home on her laptop using the popular software GarageBand.

Apple did not have much experience with the program, so she spent a lot of taking recording long takes with found objects from around her home. She also recorded percussion, using instruments that she did not know how to play at the time. Additional recording took place at various LA studios.

Fetch the Bolt Cutters displays the highs and lows of Apple’s personal life, which has been influenced by obsessive-compulsion disorder (OCD), tumultuous relationships, substance abuse, and anorexia. She released the album during the COVID-10 pandemic. Even though Apple already had a reputation for making challenging, honest music, many were shocked by the album’s fearless experimentation and insight.

Several publications listed Fetch the Bolt Cutters as 2020’s best album.

Fiona Apple Songs

Some of Fiona Apple’s most popular songs include:

  • “Criminal” (1996)
  • “Sleep to Dream” (1996)
  • “Shadowboxer” (1996)
  • “Paper Bag” (1999)
  • “Fast as You Can” (1999)
  • “Every Single Night” (2012)
  • “Ladies” (2020)
  • “I Want You to Love Me” (2020)
  • “Shameika” (2020)

Fiona Apple Awards

Fiona Apple has won several prestigious awards throughout her career, including:

  • Billboard Music Video Award for Best New Artist Clip for “Sleep to Dream” (1997)
  • Grammy Awards Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for “Criminal” (1998)
  • ASCAP Pop Music Awards Most Performed Song for “Criminal” (1999)
  • California Music Awards Outstanding Female Vocalist (2000)
  • Esky Music Awards Best Songbird for Extraordinary Machine (2006)
  • Grammy Awards Best Alternative Music Album for Fetch the Bolt Cutters (2021)
  • Grammy Awards Best Rock Performance for “Shameika” (2021)

Fiona Apple Tours

Fiona Apple doesn’t seem to love touring as much as some musicians do. She does, however, usually tour to promote new albums.

She has not yet committed to a tour to promote Fetch the Bolt Cutters, likely because of complications created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A celebrated musician like Fiona Apple will probably need to delay touring until the pandemic ends or has been controlled. Touring would also put her health—and the health of her crew—in danger. As long as Apple can afford to stay home, it makes sense for her to do so.

Fiona Apple Criminal Lyrics

The song “Criminal” turned millions of people into Fiona Apple fans. The lyrics have been praised for their mature insight, especially since they were written by a teenager thinking about a recent breakup with her boyfriend.

The lyrics of “Criminal” paint men as fragile creatures that women can hurt easily. She opens with the lines, “I’ve been a bad, bad girl/I’ve been careless with a delicate man/and it’s a sad, sad world/when a girl will break a boy/just because she can.”

She goes on to say that she feels like a criminal in need of a good defense lawyer.

Fiona Apple Albums

Fiona Apple has released five albums:

  • Tidal
  • When the Pawn…
  • Extraordinary Machine
  • The Idler Wheel
  • Fetch the Bolt Cutters

All have been critical and commercial successes, marking Apple as one of her generation’s best songwriters.

Fiona Apple Husband

Fiona Apple has had several high-profile relationships.

Some of her previous partners include director Paul Thomas Anderson, magician David Blaine, and writer Jonathan Ames.

She was briefly married to photographer Lionel Deluy during her 20s.

Fiona Apple Net Worth Summary

Fiona Apple’s idiosyncratic career has not prevented her from earning a significant amount of money. She still earns revenues from songs she released as a teenager.

In 2019, she said that she would donate the money she earned from two years of TV and movie placements for the song “Criminal.” She donated the money to the While They Wait fund, an organization that helps refugees attempting to gain US residency. The non-profit later said that Apple’s donation came to $90,000.

Considering how much she could earn from one song released more than two decades ago, it’s not surprising to learn that Apple probably has a net worth between $10 and $14 million.

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How Faith Hill’s Net Worth Ballooned To Over $150 Million Mon, 06 Sep 2021 21:53:26 +0000 Faith Hill's Net Worth: Combined with her husband, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill's net worth is estimated at $165 million.

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Faith Hill is a singer and actor from Ridgeland, Mississippi who attracted a considerable following of admirers in the 1990s. During her childhood and teenage years, Hill performed at churches, rodeos, and other public gatherings near Jackson, Mississippi. Hill also performed frequently for inmates at the Hinds County Jail. She briefly attended college but left school to pursue her interest in music.

Hill was adopted as an infant by Ted and Edna Perry, who named her Audrey Faith Perry. She was raised in a devout Christian household that attended a Baptist church. Faith got much of her early singing experience in church.

Hill’s rise to prominence took place in Nashville, Tennessee, where she moved, intending to start her career as a professional musician. At 19, she auditioned to become a backup singer in Reba McEntire’s band. She did not get the position. Later, the singer who joined the group died in a plane crash with other members of McEntire’s band.

Faith Hill worked at a variety of jobs in Nashville before she became a demo singer for the music publishing company her husband, Daniel Hill, worked as an executive. The couple married in 1988 and divorced in 1994 shortly after she released her first album with guidance from Martha Sharp at Warner Bros Records.

During a 1996 tour with fellow country musician Tim McGraw, Hill and McGraw began a relationship. Shortly after meeting McGraw, she left an engagement to record producer Scott Hendricks. McGraw had left an engagement not long before meeting Hill. The two were married in 1996. They have three children, Gracie, Audrey Caroline, and Maggie Elizabeth.

Faith expanded her career in 1997 during a guest appearance on the television series Touched By An Angel. She has since been involved as an actor and producer in several movies and television shows.

As of 2021, Faith Hill has released eight studio albums. She has sold more than 40 million albums throughout her career.

Faith Hill Rise To Fame

Faith Hill’s beautiful voice gained her significant attention from locals when she was a child and teenager. She believed that she had the talent to make it in Nashville, one of the most competitive cities for people who want to enter the music industry. Although extremely competitive, Nashville is one of the best places for a talented young country singer like Faith Hill to grow her brand and attract attention from fans and executives alike.

Hill’s first album, Take Me as I Am, did better than any beginning musician could hope. It reached number 7 on the US charts and went Triple Platinum, meaning it sold at least 3 million copies.

Her first two singles from the album, “Wild One” and “Piece of My Heart,” spent multiple weeks in the first position of the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks. The album’s fourth single, “Take Me as I Am” reached second place on the chart.

Faith Hill’s reputation as a stellar singer and performer continued to grow during the 1990s. She released three more albums during the decade:

  • It Matters to Me
  • Faith
  • Breathe

It Matters to Me reached number one on the charts, but it eventually went quadruple Platinum. Five songs from the album broke the top 10 Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Faith showed that Faith Hill’s career was gaining even more attention. The album reached number two, selling over 6 million copies in the US. It also enjoyed tremendous success in the UK and Australia.

Hill’s album Breathe finally got her to number one. The album sold over 8 million copies in the United States and established her as one of the most popular country performers in the world.

Faith Hill Solo Career

Most of Faith Hill’s musical career has focused on her vocal talents. She has released a lot of solo albums and songs. Although her output has her name on it, she has collaborated with plenty of musicians and songwriters. As a vocalist, she can’t produce all of the sounds that she needs to make country and pop music.

Some of the people she has worked with during her solo career include:

  • Tim McGraw, her husband
  • George Strait
  • Dan Huff, guitars
  • Matt Rollings, piano
  • Brent Mason, guitars
  • Glenn Worf, bass guitar
  • Lonnie Wilson, drums
  • Reese Wynans, piano and organ
  • Bruce Bouton, steel guitar and Dobro
  • Matt Chamberlain, drums
  • Dan Dugmore, banjo
  • Shannon Forrest, drums
  • Kenny Greenberg, mandolin and guitar
  • Jay Joyce, guitars

While Faith Hill tends to play with some musicians on most of her albums, she also works with a broad variety of people from project to project. This approach has added to the maturity and variety of her solo career.

Faith Hill Hits

As of 2021, Faith Hill has had 49 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Nine of those hits reached number one on the chart.

Her number one hits include:

  • “Breathe”
  • “The Way You Love Me”
  • “Let Me Go”
  • “Wild One”

The song “Wild One” from 1993’s Take Me as I Am spent four consecutive weeks in the number one position.

Faith Hill Awards

Faith Hill has been nominated for and won numerous awards for her music. The awards that she has won include:

  • Country Music Association Awards Vocal Event of the Year for “It’s Your Love” (1997)
  • Country Music Association Awards Video of the Year for “This Kiss” (1998)
  • Country Music Association Awards Female Vocalist of the Year (1999)
  • Grammy Awards Best Female Country Vocal Performance for “Breathe” (2001)
  • Grammy Awards Best Collaboration with Vocals for “Let’s Make Love” (2001)
  • Grammy Awards Best Country Album for Breathe (2001)
  • Grammy Awards Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” (2015)

Additionally, Hill has won 15 Academy of Country Music Awards and the 2000 Samuel S. Beard Award for Greatest Public Service by an Individual 35 Years and Under.

Faith Hill Fragrance

Faith Hill has released two fragrances:

  • Faith Hill Parfums in 2019 and
  • True in 2010.

Faith Hill Films and TV

Faith Hill starter her acting career in 1997, when she appeared as Karen Lamar on a three-episode of Touched by an Angel and its spin-off, Promised Land. She made her film debut in 2004 as a co-star in the remake of The Stepford Wives, which also featured Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Glenn Close, and Matthew Broderick.

In 2015, she played the character Arletta in the movie Dixieland. She appeared as Margaret Dutton on the television series 1883 in 2021.

Faith Hill has also appeared as herself on several television shows, including reality TV series The Voice, Project Runway, and The World’s Best. In 2017, she appeared on the first episode of Pickler & Ben. She served as executive producer for 59 of the show’s episodes.

How Faith Hill Gives Back

Faith Hill has used her fame to raise money and awareness for two significant issues: literacy and storm relief.

Hill’s father has struggled with literacy throughout his life, which encouraged her to start the Faith Hill Family Literacy Project. She used the promotion of her 1999 tour to raise awareness and solicit donations for child literacy. As a result, her project collected about 35,000 children’s books, which were distributed to schools, daycare centers, hospitals, and other organizations throughout 40 cities.

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged much of the South, Faith and her husband Tim volunteered to help move supplies into Gulfport, Mississippi. Tim McGraw felt especially moved by the event because he was raised in Louisiana. The couple also held several charity concerts to help fund communities affected by the storm. They later held a performance in New Orleans and donated all of the profits to revitalization efforts.

For ongoing relief, Hill and McGraw formed the Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation.

When Middle Tennessee experienced flooding that caused more than $2 billion in damage and killed 22 people, Hill and McGraw organized a benefit concert called Nashville Rising. The concert raised $2 million for The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Faith Hill Husband

Faith Hill is married to fellow country musician Tim McGraw. McGraw has released 16 studio albums and appeared on several of Hill’s albums as a guest singer.

McGraw also has an acting career. He had lead roles in the movies Country Strong (2010) and Flicka (2006). He has had supporting roles in The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights, Four Christmases, The Shack, Tomorrowland, and The Kingdom.

Faith Hill Net Worth Summary

One of the hardest aspects of determining Faith Hill’s net worth is that she and her husband have intertwined careers. It’s nearly impossible to tell how much of their net worth comes from Faith Hill or Tim McGraw.

Overall, most people who follow the couple’s careers say that they have a combined net worth of $165 million, making them two of the most successful musicians within the country genre. Few musicians have higher net values. Those who do include Dolly Parton ($500 million), Shania Twain ($400 million), Toby Keith ($365 million), and Garth Brooks ($330 million).

Just in her early 50s, Faith Hill still has plenty of time to keep recording music, touring the world, and performing in movies and television series. The small-town girl has built a gigantic career that stands out as one of the most successful among modern musicians.

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Harvard Grad Natalie Portman’s Net Worth Is Eye Popping Wed, 01 Sep 2021 14:36:33 +0000 Natalie Portman Net Worth: In addition to the $90 million she already has, she earned a degree from Harvard while making the Star Wars Trilogy.

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Natalie Portman, who was born Natalie Hershlag in 1981, has been famous for most of her life. When she was just 10 years old, a representative from Revlon approached her and her family about a modeling opportunity. The rep had spotted her while dining in a Long Island pizza restaurant. Although she turned down the opportunity, it helped her realize that she wanted to become an actress.

She started attending classes at the American Theater Dance Workshop and Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts. In 1992, she was chosen as an understudy for Laura Bell Bundy in the off-Broadway Ruthless! Interestingly, Britney Spears was also an understudy for the part.

Why Is Natalie Portman So Famous?

Portman became an immediate hit in 1994 for her performance in Leon: he Professional.

She played the role of a young girl with a mother dying of cancer. She becomes close friends with a man, who works as an assassin, in her apartment building.

At just 13 years old, she already had a breakout role that received encouraging reviews. Some people felt that the movie inappropriately sexualized her character.

Her early success drew attention from some of the top directors and products of the 1990s. After participating in Beautiful Girls, she intentionally became wary of sexualized roles. In response, she decided to join a Broadway adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank, in which she played the lead. In 1996, she also appeared in Mars Attacks! and Everyone Says I Love You.

Natalie Portman gained worldwide fame in 1999 when she played Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which also featured Ewan McGregor, Frank Oz, and Liam Neeson. The movie earned more than $1 billion at the box office.

She continued playing the Padme role in Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). These roles solidify her position as a household name while appearances in Cold Mountain and Garden State established her as a darling of the indie movie scene. Her ability to balance blockbuster and indie projects has contributed to her growing fame.

Natalie Portman Actor

Natalie Portman has diverse talents as an actor. She has played serious roles since she was a young teenager. She has also appeared in off-the-wall comedies, including Your Highness, which also features Danny McBride and James Franco.

Natalie has said that she wanted to appear in the stoner comedy because it gave her a rare chance to play a foul-mouthed, athletic character, an option that is rarely available to women.

Other examples of her comedy include hosting SNL and the rom-com No Strings Attached alongside Ashton Kutcher.

Portman has also ventured into psychological horror and action-adventure projects. Her performance in Black Swan required months of dance and physical training, during which she lost 20 pounds from her already trim figure. She has also played the love interest of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character in several Marvel movies. She ventured into science-fiction with the Alex Garland-directed film Annihilation.

Source: Unsplash

Natalie Portman TV Shows

Natalie Portman has always been a stage and film actor. She appears on TV infrequently other than as a guest. Her short list of TV appearances include:

  • Herself on an episode of Sesame Street (2004)
  • The voice of Darcy on two episodes of The Simpsons (2007 and 2012)
  • Christina Craft in one episode of Angie Tribeca (2017)

Natalie Portman Movies

Natalie Portman has appeared in a broad range of movies from multiple genres. Some of her iconic roles include:

  • Mathilda in Leon: The Professional (1994)
  • Taffy Dale in Mars Attacks! (1996)
  • Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Herself in Zoolander (2001)
  • Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Sara in Cold Mountain (2003)
  • Sam in Garden State (2004)
  • Padme Amidala in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • Evey in V for Vendetta (2005)
  • Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
  • Nina Sayers in Black Swan (2010)
  • Isabel in Your Highness (2011)
  • Jane Foster in Thor (2011)
  • Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Lena in Annihilation (2018)
  • Jane Foster in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Natalie Portman Awards

Natalie Portman has been nominated and given awards from numerous organizations. Some of the most prestigious awards that she has won include:

  • Academy Award for Best Actress in 2011 for her role in Black Swan.
  • Bravest Performance Award and Unforgettable Moment Award from Alliance of Women Film Journalists for her role in Black Swan.
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) for Black Swan.
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress (Motion Picture) for Jackie.
  • Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress for Black Swan.
  • Israel Film Festival Achievement in Film Award (2016).
  • Screen Actors Guide Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture for Black Swan.
  • Saturn Award for Best Actress in a Film for V for Vendetta.

Clearly, critics really, really liked her performance in Black Swan and Jackie. Natalie Portman has been nominated for roles in plenty of films, but those two movies stand out as her greatest accomplishments, at least according to industry critics.

Who Is Natalie Portman Married To?

Natalie Portman has managed to keep much of her personal life out of the public’s view. Some information, however, always comes to light.

Natalie Portman married Benjamin Millepied in 2012. Millepied is a ballet dancer and choreographer from France. The two met on the set of Black Swan.

Rumor has it that Millepied broke up with his long-time girlfriend and moved out of their shared home to pursue a relationship with Portman. After getting married, the two lived in Paris for a period while Millepied worked as the director of dance for the Paris Opera Ballet. Today, they primarily live in Los Angeles.

The couple has two children. Portman has expressed a desire to raise her children Jewish. She comes from a Jewish family and was born in Israel before moving to the United States at a young age. In fact, she retains dual citizenship with both countries. Millepied has said that he’s in the process of converting to Judaism.

How Much Is Natalie Portman Worth?

As one of the most celebrated, talented, and hard-working actors of the 21st century, it’s not surprising to learn that Natalie Portman has amassed a considerable fortune. People who follow her career closely believe that she’s worth about $90 million. She’s still got a long way to go before becoming a billionaire but she’s still one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Portman might have already become a billionaire if she didn’t dedicate so much effort to activism. She has been a vegetarian for most of her life and converted to veganism in 2017. An interest in animal safety has led her to work on documentaries that highlight the cruelty of industrial farming.

She is the Ambassador of Hope for FINCA International, a micro-lending organization that helps fund projects in developing countries.

Although an Israeli citizen and practicing Jew, Portman supports Palestinian liberation. She has demonstrated against the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestine and written about her disappointment in former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She claims that much of Netanyahu’s speeches and views are racist.

Natalie Portman Net Worth Summary

Natalie Portman often earns millions of dollars for each of her films, especially those that become blockbuster hits. She has, however, spoken out about the film industry’s gender pay gap. According to Portman, Ashton Kutcher received three times as much money as she for their work on No Strings Attached. The two were co-leads on the film and had comparable screen time.

From this perspective, Portman could already be worth hundreds of millions were she to receive pay comparable to her male costars.

Portman continues to address this issue by insisting that some of her projects include more women as producers, directors, editors, and other critical roles. As such a famous and talented actor, she could have significant influence over the industry.

Regardless of how actor pay changes over the next few decades, it’s clear that Natalie Portman will always have enough money to live a luxurious lifestyle. In addition to the $90 million she already has, she earned a degree from Harvard while making the Star Wars Trilogy. Someone with that level of intelligence and drive will always find ways to succeed.

Natalie Portman’s combination of beauty, talent, intelligence, and hard work makes her one of the most prominent actors of her generation. Even if she decided to abandon acting, she could find a career that let her explore other artistic pursuits. For now, she seems content making and producing movies.

Some of those movies are specifically made to generate large amounts of money. Others include documentaries that probably cost her more money to make than she ever receives from making them. That’s the kind of work you can do when you reach such a dizzying height of success.

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Fighter Ben Askren’s Net Worth Is Surprising Tue, 31 Aug 2021 23:28:31 +0000 Ben Askren Net Worth: Ben Askren probably has a net worth close to $10 million. He has accumulated most of that money by winning purses in professional MMA matches

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Anyone who pays attention to mixed martial arts knows the name Ben Askren. He has stood out as a talented fighter since his earliest days on the mat. The experience he brings to the sport includes years of training as a folkstyle wrestler. He has quick reflexes and a scrambling technique that made him an effective fighter.

How much does someone like Ben Askren earn? Events come with different purses, so the amount that he makes depends on his fighting organizations and performances. One thing is certain; he has managed to turn his natural talents and hard work ethic into a small fortune that will keep him comfortable for life. Considering that he makes his money as a fighter, it’s safe to say that he earned his fortune the hard way!

Who Is Ben Askren: Rise to Fame

Ben Askren developed an interest in combat sports at just six years old when his father introduced him to wrestling. The Cedar Rapids boy started taking his training seriously when he entered sixth grade and joined a wrestling club.

After moving to Wisconsin and joining his high school’s wrestling team, his talents really started to shine. He was named the state champion twice before graduating and focused his attention on becoming a more well-rounded athlete at the University of Wisconsin.

Unfortunately for Ben, who quickly earned the nickname “funky” for his unconventional wrestling style, he had to face Chris Pendleton during his first two years of college. Pendleton already had a reputation as one of the country’s top amateur wrestlers.

Askren took second place during his first and second Big 12 Conference Championships. Pendleton took first. During Askren’s junior and senior years, though, he dominated the sport, winning two Dan Hodge Trophies and a Schalles Award. During those two years, he competed in and won 87 matches.

In 2007, Askren won the U.S. National Championship. He joined the U.S. Olympic Team to compete in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He came out strong during the first round but failed to win a medal. In hindsight, Askren admitted that he just wasn’t good enough to compete against the world’s top wrestlers. Undeterred, he turned his attention to mixed martial arts, where he could use his “funky” style to his advantage.

Turning to MMA was a smart idea for the fighter. During his professional debut, he became an immediate sensation by defeating Josh Flowers by TKO during the first round. He followed this with a second victory against Mitchell Harris.

Over the next 11 years, Askren would continue to attract attention as a top fighter. Although he retired from MMA, he says that he will return to competitive fighting in the near future.

Source: Unsplash

Ben Askren Wrestling Champion

Ben Askren practiced folkstyle wrestling throughout most of his wrestling career. Before joining the U.S. Olympic Team, he was able to incorporate freestyle wrestling into his style.

After his Olympic performance, Askren had more freedom to use a combination of styles. Wrestling became an occasional sport for him, though, as he gravitated to mixed martial arts.

His participation in submission grappling events include:

  • 2009 ADCC Submission WWC Quarter Finalist (Abu Dhabi Combat Club)
  • 2009 Grappling World Championships Senior No-Gi Gold Medalist (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles)
  • 2009 FILA World Team Trials Senior No-Gi Winner (USA Wrestling)

Ben Askren MMA Era

Ben Askren has participated in MMA matches with top organizations including:

His time in mixed martial arts has been the most successful of his career.

Ben Askren Bellator Champion

Askren has an incredible record with Bellator Fighting Championship. He won all nine of his matches. During his time with Bellator, he had four successful title defenses, the most in Bellator’s history.

Since he defended his title four times in a row, Bellator also recognizes him as holding the record for most consecutive title defenses.

Ben Askren ONE Champion

Ben Askren competed in the ONE Champion Welterweight Championship from 2014 to 2017.

He won his first match on August 29, 2014, and defended his title three times. His wins include:

  • 2015 ONE Championship: Valor of Champions
  • 2017 ONE Championship: Dynasty of Heroes
  • 2017 ONE Championship: Shanghai
  • 2017 ONE Championship: Immortal Pursuit

Ben Askren MMA Career

Askren became an immediate success in MMA. He defeated Josh Flowers with a TKO during his first match in 2009. Over the years, he went on to defeat notable opponents including Ryan Thomas, Lyman Good, Nick Thompson, and Dan Hornbuckle. He accumulated 19 wins during his career.

Ben Askren parted ways with UFC in 2019 after losing two matches, one to Jorge Masvidal and one to Demian Maia. They were the only two losses in his UFC career.

Ben Askren NCAA Record

Ben Askren has an impressive NCAA record from his time at the University of Missouri. Some of his accolades include:

  • Collegiate National Champion for 2006 and 2007.
  • All-American four-time NCAA finalists (2004 to 2007).
  • Big 12 Conference Championship 2004, 2006, and 2007.
  • University of Missouri Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame (Inducted in 2012).

Perhaps most importantly, he is one of only three people to win the Dan Hodge Trophy more than once. He received the honor in 2006 and 2007.

Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul

Jake Paul is largely known as a YouTube personality, although he also briefly played a role on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. He has been the subject of numerous controversies, which led to Disney Channel firing him. 

In 2018, Jake Paul debuted as an amateur boxer in a fight facing fellow YouTuber KSI. Paul entered his first professional boxing match in 2019 against YouTuber Gib in a World Boxing Organization (WBO) fight. Paul defeated Gib by TKO within just 2:18. 

After winning another WBO in 2020, Jake Paul and Ben Askren started trading jabs on social media. Eventually, Paul challenged Askren to a fight.

Paul had an impressive, although very short, record, but very few people thought he could defeat a seasoned professional like Askren. Dana White, the UFC president, found the prospect so ridiculous that he said he bet $1 million that Paul would lose.

Rapper Snoop Dogg countered that he would bet $2 million. It’s unknown whether either of the celebrities make their bets. If they did, they certainly wish that they had kept their mouths — and wallets  closed.

Despite the certainty that Askren would make short work of Paul, the match did not go as expected. Instead, the young YouTuber and inexperienced boxer beat Askren in less than two minutes in the first round. It was a stunning defeat for Askren, who later admitted that he was ashamed of the result.

Ben Askren Surgeries

Ben Askren retired from MMA in 2019. Extreme hip pain forced him to quit the sport.

A year later, he announced that he was receiving a procedure called a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System, which involves resurfacing damaged joints by filling worn areas with metal.

After undergoing the surgery in 2020, Askren said that he plans to leave retirement and return to MMA.

Ben Askren Disc Golf

Oddly enough, Ben Askren is also a professional disc golf champion. Disc golf is a precision sport that involves throwing small discs into metal cages, often at considerable distances. Askren was mostly involved in the sport from 2005 to 2011. Some of his accomplishments within the Professional Disc Golf Association include:

  • First place in the 2009 Might MO Advanced.
  • Second place in the 2005 Highnoon at Indiantown Intermediate.
  • Second place at the 2009 St. Louis Open Advanced.
  • Second place at the 2011 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship.
  • Third place at the 2009 First Class Challenge.

He has not been active in professional disc golf since 2011.

How Rich Is Ben Askren?

Estimates of Ben Askren’s wealth vary wildly. Some claim that he has as little as $500,000, which seems nearly impossible considering that he had many years of success. Others say that he has a net worth of about $10 million.

The difference between the two sums could come down to how much cash money Askren has versus how much overall wealth he has accumulated in cash and property.

Regardless of how you evaluate Askren’s net worth, it likely comes much closer to $10 million than $500,000.

Ben Askren Net Worth Summary

Ben Askren probably has a net worth close to $10 million. He has accumulated most of that money by winning purses in professional MMA matches. This isn’t the end of Askren’s career, though. Now that he has received surgery to prevent hip pain, he can return to the mat once he feels prepared. He does, however, have a humiliating defeat hanging over his head. Losing against the less experienced Jake Paul could have bruised Askren’s ego.

The good news is that Askren has demonstrated an ability to learn from his failures. After his defeat in the Olympics, he committed himself to more training and expanding his style to become an extremely competitive MMA fighter. Assuming that he returns to MMA or a similar sport, he could accumulate a much larger fortune. His return fight would likely generate significant buzz from fans who want to see whether he can make a comeback.

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Tom Segura Net Worth: Dirty Jokes Make Money Mon, 23 Aug 2021 20:23:13 +0000 Tom Segura Net Worth: The Segura family has accumulated an estimated wealth in the range from $13 to $14 million.

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If you like dark, dirty humor that doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics, you have probably heard Tom Segura tell more than a few stories. The comedian has become famous for his podcasts, stand-up, and comedy specials.

Tom was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 16, 1979. His family didn’t stay in Ohio for long, though, and he grew up moving to new cities often. Some of the places he has lived in include Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Vero Beach, Florida.

Segura attended and graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University, a private Lutheran school in Hickory, North Carolina. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Uncertain how to enter the industry, Segura took an internship with Kopelson Entertainment and soon needed to earn money, so he started taking jobs as a logger who made transcripts for reality TV shows. He has described logging transcripts for shows like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss and Extreme Makeover.

Clearly, this wasn’t a sustainable career path for a creative person like Segura. As a result, he started doing short stand-up performances around LA, building a reputation as someone worth watching in the city’s already crowded comedy scene.

Getting involved in stand-up also introduced him to several friends who would help him push his career forward. For example, he formed a friendship with Ari Shaffir, a slightly older and more established comedian who gave him opportunities to perform.

Shaffir also invited Segura to tell a story on his Comedy Central series This Is Not Happening, a show that focused on funny people telling stories about terrible events in their lives. Segura talked about overdosing on a drug he thought was GHB but that turned out to be a large mixture of drugs, including heroin. The overdose put Segura in a coma when he was a freshman in college, with doctors telling him he only survived the event because of his obesity.

Segura and his family recently moved from the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles to Austin, Texas. He is married to Christina Pazsitzky, who co-hosts a podcast with him. The couple has two children.

How Did Tom Segura Get Famous?

Tom Segura didn’t become famous overnight. He had to work hard and slowly grow his audience, traveling around the United States (and other countries) for years while honing his material and attracting larger audiences. He never took off like a rocket, but he did enjoy a steady rise in popularity.

Many people will recognize Tom Segura from his role as Russ on the 2018 comedy-drama Instant Family, which also featured Mark Wahlberg.

Segura has also appeared on numerous late-night comedy shows, including:

  • The Late Late Show
  • Conan
  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

He has also appeared on TV comedies like Workaholics and Happy Endings. These days, though, he spends most of his time touring the world and producing his podcasts.

Tom Segura Stand Up Comedy

Tom Segura excels best at stand-up comedy, which he has been practicing since shortly after college. His Take It Down Tour in 2019 took him to more than 100 cities, and he performed to sold-out crowds in many venues.

The success of Take It Down comes after decades of impressive dedication to his craft. His first stand-up comedy performance took place in 2007 on the show Live at Gotham

In 2010, Segura released his first stand-up comedy album, Thrilled. He followed it in 2012 with another hour-long stand-up album named White Girls With Cornrows.

Tom Segura’s popularity grew significantly in 2014 when Netflix aired his stand-up comedy special Completely Normal. Since then, he has produced a new comedy special for Netflix every other year. His titles include:

  • Completely Normal (2014)
  • Mostly Stories (2016)
  • Disgraceful (2018)
  • Ball Hog (2020)

Between his touring and specials, he has amassed hours of material. 

Tom Segura Actor

While most people know Tom Segura as a stand-up comedian and podcaster, they might not know he also has an impressive resume for his acting roles. He first appeared in a 2004 short film called Super Precinct, where he played an evidence room cop.

His appearance soon gained greater prominence. He has acted in:

  • Atom TV (2009)
  • Gary Unmarried (2009-2010)
  • Frank Advice (2010, short)
  • Happy Endings (2013)
  • 9 Inches (2013, short)
  • Workaholics (2015)
  • Instant Family (2018)
  • Countdown (2019)
  • The Cabin With Bert Kreischer (2020)
  • The Opening Act (2020)
  • Flinch (2021)

Tom Segura Writer

Tom Segura has a much more impressive career as a writer.

He has writing credits for:

  • Live at Gotham (2007)
  • Cutman (2009)
  • Russell Peters Presents (2009)
  • Your Mom’s House (2010)
  • Frank Advice (2010)
  • Mash Up (2010)
  • Comedy Central Presents (2011)
  • Funny as Hell (2012)
  • 30 Seconds Over Washington (2012)
  • BET’s Comicview (2008 and 2012)
  • This Is Not Happening (2013 and 2015)
  • 2 Bears 1 Cave (2019)

Tom Segura Podcast

Close friend Joe Rogan started encouraging Tom Segura to create a podcast around 2010. As a result, Segura and his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, began producing their first podcast in 2011, naming it, Your Mom’s House. Episodes vary in length from one to three hours. 

Your Mom’s House has a simple format that relies heavily on observational and “potty” humor. They and a guest frequently watch internet videos, and they tend to create long-running jokes from the videos, which can make it difficult for newcomers to understand the humor. Long-time listeners, however, seem to love reconnecting with jokes from previous episodes. 

One of the most notorious jokes involves asking musician Garth Brooks “where the bodies are.” Segura has jokingly referred to Brooks as insane and a serial killer. As a result, fans of Your Mom’s House frequently bomb Garth Brooks’s social media profiles with ludicrous questions. Brooks  or more likely the person who runs his social media accounts  blocked Segura over the non-stop jokes.

Several popular comedians and actors have appeared on Your Mom’s House, along with some non-comedian guests, too. Some noteworthy comedians who have been on Your Mom’s House include:

  • Pauly Shore
  • Fortune Feimster
  • Duncan Trussell
  • Kevin Nealon
  • Josh Wolf
  • Steve Byrne
  • Chris Distefano
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub

Non-comedies who have appeared as guests include:

  • Too Short
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • Cesar Millan
  • Alyssa Milano

Segura also co-hosts the podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave with his friend Bert Kreischer. 

How Much Does Tom Segura Make a Year?

Tom Segura’s annual income has to change frequently depending on his activities. He obviously earns more money than usual when touring, especially since he often sells out large venues. His Netflix specials probably also turn a tidy sum.

Segura’s most regular source of income is his podcast network, YMH Studios. The production studio makes Your Mom’s House and other titles, including Dr. Drew After Dark and 2 Bears 1 Cave. The production studio also hosts live, pay-per-view events.

Because Segura’s income differs depending on the type of work he produces, it’s impossible to say how much he earns per year. One could easily estimate that he and his wife make at least half a million, though. 

Tom Segura Awards

Tom isn’t the type of comedian who usually earns awards because he’s too busy pushing people’s buttons with shocking humor. However, his podcast, Your Mom’s House, was voted as a finalist for the Stitcher Award as one of 2013’s best podcasts. 

Tom Segura Wife and Kids

Tom Segura is married to Christina Pazsizky, who often goes by the stage name Christina P. She was born in Windsor, Ontario, in 1976. She currently has dual citizenship in Canada and the United States.

Although born in Canada, Christina spent her childhood in Southern California and was on the cast for the 1998 season of MTV’s Road Rules: Down Under. Before becoming a comedian, she earned a degree in philosophy from the University of San Francisco. She also attended Oxford University.

In addition to co-hosting Your Mom’s House, she has a podcast called Where My Moms At? The podcast focuses on issues that affect motherhood, usually through a comedic lens. Her guests have included LeeAnn Kreischer (Bert Kreischer’s wife), YouTube entertainer Hila Klein, Alyssa Milano, and writer Alison Rosen.

Tom and Christina have two children. They talk about their children on their podcast, but the kids rarely play a role in the production.

Tom Segura Net Worth Summary

It’s difficult to know how much money a performer like Tom Segura has, especially considering that his wife also earns money as a performer. Their podcast production company also contributes to their net worth.

Some people estimate Tom Segura’s net worth as low as $3 million. That seems nearly impossible, since he and Christina have owned multiple multi-million dollar homes in Los Angeles.

Others estimate that the Segura family has accumulated $13 to $14 million. While $14 million might be on the high end, it’s a reasonable estimate for a couple with such a dominating media presence, successful tours, and connections throughout the entertainment industry.

Segura already has a tour planned for 2021. If he follows his Netflix schedule, he should release a new special in 2022. In addition to money earned from podcasting and other endeavors, these two productions could easily bring Tom Segura’s net worth up to $14 million.

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How Did Rhea Perlman’s Net Worth Get So Big? Sat, 21 Aug 2021 20:07:17 +0000 Rhea Perlman Net Worth: The best estimates of Rhea Perlman’s net worth are that she is worth approximately $60 million.

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Rhea Perlman is best known as an actor who has appeared on several popular televisions shows and movies. She was born in 1948 to Philip and Adele Perlman. Although born in Coney Island, her family soon moved to the Bensonhurt neighborhood of Brooklyn. At this point, her father — an immigrant — worked in a factory that manufactured doll parts. Her mother worked as a bookkeeper.

By the mid-80s, the family wanted a change of pace and opportunities to explore new jobs. They decided to move to Los Angeles, a relocation that would change all of their lives. In 1982, three members found jobs working for the hit television sitcom “Cheers.” Rhea played Carla Tortelli, a short-tempered cocktail waitress who blazes her own path in life and constantly has trouble with her children.

Philip Perlman became a semi-regular actor on the show. The character went by “Phil,” and received occasional lines. Overall, he appeared in about 30 episodes of Cheers.

Rhea Perlman appeared in all 273 episodes of “Cheers.” Only Ted Danson, who played the Sam Malone character, and George Wendt, who played Norm, also have that distinction.

Rhea’s sister, Heidi, worked behind the scenes on “Cheers” as a writer, story editor, and producer.

Rhea Perlman married Danny DeVito around the same time that her family moved to Los Angeles. She had met DeVito in 1971 after watching a friend perform in the play “The Shrinking Bride,” which featured DeVito as a lead. The two had an immediate connection and moved in together within two weeks. Perlman and DeVito are still a couple, although they live in separate residences.

Rhea Perlman Actor

Like many actors, Perlman got her start in off-off-Broadway productions. After studying drama at Hunter College (New York) and graduating in 1968, she began pursuing opportunities in the New York City area. She found some success in the play “Dracula Sabbat,” which ran for 10 months.

She then took a small role in the film “Hot Dogs for Gaugin” in 1972. That year, she also appeared with Danny DeVito in the play “Up — An Uppity Revue,” which was put on by Westbesh Playwrights Feminist Collective.

Perlman’s acting career got a significant boost from 1979 to 1982 when she had a recurring role as Zena Sherman on the popular sitcom “Taxi.” She played the girlfriend of Louie de Palma, the argumentative dispatcher who takes pride in committing frequent misdemeanors. Oddly enough, Danny DeVito played the role of Louie.

Her life as an actor changed radically when she moved to Los Angeles and won the role of Carla Tortell on “Cheers.”

Rhea Perlman TV Shows

“Cheers” was an extremely popular television show that helped launch the careers of several actors, including Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammer, and Kirstie Alley. The show aired for 11 seasons, although many fans agree that the later seasons lack the sophisticated relationships that made the performances interesting as well as funny.

Over the 11 seasons, “Cheers” aired 275 half-hour episodes. It also created the spin-off series “Frasier” and “The Tortellis.” While “The Tortellis” only lasted 13 episodes before it got canceled, “Frasier” enjoyed success over 264 episodes during 11 seasons.

Perlman and Cheers won numerous awards. Perlman won four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1989. Cheers won a Golden Globe Award in 1991, four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, and a Legend Award from TV Land Awards in 2006.

Other TV shows that Rhea Perlman has appeared on include:

  • Angie (1980)
  • Amazing Stories (1986)
  • Matlock (1987; she appeared as Rhea Perlman)
  • Blossom (1991)
  • Roc (1992)
  • The Simpsons (1994; she appeared as her Cheers character Carla Tortelli)
  • The Critic (1995)
  • Pearl (1996-1997, she played the leading role of Pearl Caraldo in all 22 episodes.)
  • Kate Basher (2001, she had a recurring role in six episodes.)
  • Becker (2001)
  • Frasier (2002)
  • Robot and Monster (2012-2013, she appeared in 14 episodes as Nessie.)
  • Kristie (2014, she had a recurring role in 12 episodes.)
  • Me and My Grandma (2017, she played Grandma in all six episodes of the short-run series.)
  • The Mindy Project (2016-2017, she had a recurring role as Annette Castellano in 17 episodes.)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021, she played the voice of Cid.)

Clearly, Rhea Perlman has had an incredible career as a TV actor. She’s actually much more accomplished than this list shows, though.

Rhea Perlman Writer

Rhea Perlman has limited experience as a credited writer, although it’s likely that she contributes to many TV shows and movies by improvising hilarious lines.

Her writing credits include:

  • The Sound Sleeper (short, 1973)
  • Minestrone (short, 1975)

Rhea Perlman Movies

Although Rhea Perlman is best known for her work in television, she has also appeared in dozens of movies.

She often plays small roles, but some of the movies she’s appeared in have been very popular. Her list of movie appearances include:

  • Hot Dogs for Gauguin (1972)
  • Swap Meet (1979)
  • National Lampoon’s Movie Madness (1982)
  • Love Child (1982)
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)
  • Enid Is Sleeping (1990)
  • The Last Halloween (1991)
  • Ted and Venus (1991)
  • To Grandmother’s House We Go (1992)
  • Class Act (1992)
  • There Goes the Neighborhood (1992)
  • We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story (1993)
  • Canadian Bacon (1995)
  • Sunset Park (1996)
  • Carpool (1996)
  • Matilda (1996)
  • Old Love (2001)
  • 10 Items or Less (2006)
  • Bloom (2007)
  • Love Comes Lately (2007)
  • Cat Dragged In (2008)
  • Beethoven’s Big Break (2008)
  • The Trouble With Bliss (2011)
  • The Sessions (2012)
  • I’ll See You in My Dreams (2015)
  • Sing (2016)
  • Lemon (2017)
  • Half Magic (2018)
  • 2019 (2019)
  • Funny Face (2020)

Rhea Perlman Awards

Several award committees have nominated and awarded Rhea Perlman for her work in the dramatic and comedic arts. Not surprisingly, most of her awards come from the years that she played Carla on the hit comedy series Cheers.

She earned her first Emmy nomination in 1983 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She then went on to win the award for playing Carla Tortelli in 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1989. 

The American Comedy Awards nominated her for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a TV Series in 1989 and 1990.

She has been nominated for six Golden Globe Awards (1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1992) for her work on Cheers.

She won the Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Comedy Series from Quality Television Awards in 1985. Quality Television Awards nominated her in 1989, 1990, and 1991 without giving her the award.

In 2006, she won a Legend Award from TV Land Awards. She shares the honor with Cheers cast members Ted Danson, Shelley Long, and John Ratzenberger. 

Are Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito Still Married?

Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito got married on January 28, 1982. The couple moved in together just two weeks after meeting on January 17, 1971. They’ve always had an unconventional relationship, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising that they separated in October 2012 while living in Los Angeles. They reunited within a year, reportedly during March 2013. 

In 2017, the couple announced they had separated again, and this time, it seemed certain that they would follow through with a divorce. Instead, they decided to remain married and live in separate residences.

The couple says that the experience has brought them closer than ever. During an interview with Andy Cohen, Perlman said that she and DeVito were extremely close friends with no plans to seek a divorce.

It’s unclear whether they retain a romantic relationship. Regardless, the two clearly enjoy spending time together, and living separately seems to suit them.

Is Ron Perlman Rhea Perlman’s Son?

Many people believe that Ron Perlman is Rhea Perlman’s son. The confusion must come from their sharing a last name. 

The funny thing is that Ron Perlman and Rhea Perlman are practically the same age. Ron was born in 1950. Rhea was born in 1948. The timeline really, really doesn’t work out.

The physical differences between the two make the rumor even more humorous. Rhea stands at 5 feet tall. Her husband is a mere 4 feet 10 inches because he has a condition called Fairbank’s disease that prevents his bones from growing. Ron, however, is nearly 6 feet tall. His bulky size has made him perfect for tough roles in series like Sons of Anarchy and movies like Hellboy.

Rhea Perlman does, however, have three children:

  • Lucy Chet DeVito,
  • Grace Fan DeVito, and
  • Jacob Danial DeVito.

Lucy is an actor who has appeared on stage, television, and film. Some of her credits include movies like Jumanji: The Next Level, Dumbo, Leaves of Grass, and The Comedian.

She has appeared on TV shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Girls, and Deadbeat.

Rhea Perlman Net Worth Summary

It’s very difficult to determine the net worth of a person with Rhea Perlman’s level of celebrity. She is believed to have money parked in real estate and production companies, but it’s unclear whether she and Danny DeVito still share accounts and property. Their combined wealth would look very different from their individual wealth.

It is estimated that Rhea Perlman’s net worth sits at about $60 million. Much of that money probably comes from the ongoing success of Cheers. Even in 2021, the show earns money through streaming services and DVD sales. A portion of that money is believed to go to her.

While few of her roles have been as high profile as Carla on Cheers, she has worked steadily throughout her life. An entertainer with her level of talent and fame can charge high prices, even when appearing in relatively small productions. It’s assumed that attaching a “big name” to the project will attract viewers, thus making it more successful.

While we will never know how much money and assets Rhea Perlman has, $60 million seems like the best guess.

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Joe Rogan Net Worth: $150,000,000? Sat, 21 Aug 2021 13:20:38 +0000 Joe Rogan net worth is estimated at over $100M thanks to his podcast licensing deal with Spotify. His UFC and Stand Up comedy earnings combined are estimated at $40M annually.

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Stand-up comedian, actor, mixed-martial arts commentator, host, and jiu jitsu black belt are just a few of the labels attributed to Joe Rogan.

Most recently, Rogan added another string to his bow when he inked a $100 million deal with Spotify to license his  wildly successful podcast.

He’s come a long way from his initial acting role as Frank Valente on Hardball in the early 1990s. Indeed it seems that Rogan has the midas touch, because virtually everything he touches turns to gold.  The only question now is will the Joe Rogan net worth tally rise as high as one billion dollar?

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Why Is Joe Rogan Famous? MMA Commentator, TV Host, JRE Podcast
How Old Is Joe Rogan? August 11, 1967
Gender Male
Is Joe Rogan Rich? $150,000,000+
What Made Him Famous? Spotify Deal, The Man Show, UFC
Nationality American
Pot Farm
Last Updated October 9, 2020

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Before Spotify wooed the #1 podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan was raking in the dough from hugely popular JRE Experience podcast that was distributed widely across platforms like YouTube.

Up until then, the JRE Experience podcast was estimated to generate as much as $50,000 per episode. With a quick back of the envelope calculation, you can see how this extraordinary revenue-generating machine attracted Spotify.

With as many as 5 episodes of long-form content each week, Joe was raking in an estimated $250,000 per week.

Do a little further math, and you end up with ballpark income of $12 million per year. Is it any wonder that Spotify decided to fork over a nine figure sum to entice Joe?

But wait, there’s more…

The $12 million per year is an estimate on what Joe earns from newly published content.  Add to that the millions of views stemming from previously published content and it’s very possible Joe Rogan had been earning as much as $36,000,000 annually from his podcast alone (you’ll see how we calculate that below) – that’s before the Spotify licensing deal!

joe rogan net worth

Include his salary earnings from his role as UFC commentator or his pay as a stand-up comedian (before the global pandemic kicked in a shut down stand-up comedy shows) where he regularly sold out to packed auditoriums and you’re talking serious riches.

Unlike most comedians, Joe wasn’t as dependent on a live audience, which further helped his net worth. His Netflix 1-hour comedy specials have also likely netted him big chunks of change.

He also has business ventures that further add to his vast fortune. Onnit is among his most famous ventures. Onnit is a supplement company that promotes a product called Alpha Brain, which Joe personally has endorsed.

We estimate Joe Rogan’s salary is $40,000,000+ per year which, when combined with the Spotify deal, would mean that net worth estimates of $150 million are likely underestimating his true wealth.

Indeed, if Joe were to continue earning at this pace for another decade, and invested his money wisely, it’s very possible that he could be a future billionaire before he hits old age.

Joe Rogan Stand Up Comedy

Joe has featured in comedy classics like The Man Show, Chappelle’s Show and Last Comic Standing.

He’s also had a storied career on TV, featuring in hit shows like Silicon Valley and hosting Fear Factor.

But his longest lasting career gig may be his stand up comedy, where he sells out shows to packed theaters across the country.

Some of his best comedy specials include Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High, and Joe Rogan Live.

The list of Joe Rogan comedy specials includes:

Year Title Get It
2000 I’m gonna be dead someday Buy Now
2000 “Voodoo Punanny” Buy Now
2001 Live from the Belly of the Beast Buy Now
2006 Joe Rogan: Live Buy Now
2007 Shiny Happy Jihad Buy Now
2010 Talking Monkeys in Space Buy Now
2012 Live from the Tabernacle Online
2014 Rocky Mountain High Buy Now
2016 Triggered Netflix

Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most successful podcasts of all time, featuring approximately 10,000,000 subscribers. You read that right… 10 million people subscribe to Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel: PowerfulJRE.

With his ever growing following, new episodes quickly rack up millions of views. This is an astonishing feat considering how new episodes are produced almost every day. It highlights what a loyal following of listeners he has attracted that they regularly tune in.

So what makes the Joe Rogan Experience podcast so good?

Each episode features a guest that Joe is personally interested in chatting with and learning from. For example, poker star Dan Blizerian’s Joe Rogan podcast ratcheted up almost 20 million views – even more than Elon Musk’s interview!

The conversational tone, informal setting, and relaxed discussions are a winning format. Plus Joe is a masterful interviewer. He lets chatty guests talk and doesn’t interrupt to hear his own voice as some others do. Yet when a guest is not very conversational he can fill in the gaps so the listener is constantly engaged.

For the most part, Joe Rogan podcast episodes feature comedians, mixed-martial artists and coaches, celebrity friends, and political commentators or personalities.

For example, comedians who regularly feature include Joey Diaz, Bill Burr, and Ron White.

Personalities in the mixed martial arts world include Eddie Bravo, Jeff Novitsky, Pat Miletich, Tyron Woodley, George St. Pierre, Brendan Schaub, and Stipe Miocic.

And in the political or current affairs domain, long-time friend and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has come on from time to time as have controversial personalities like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

The Joe Rogan Elon Musk podcast remains the most popular of all time so far with over 32 million views and counting.

Many of the episodes feature musings about life, humanity, and the Universe. For example, you will hear Joe and his guests refer to ethnobotanist and mystic, Terence McKenna, who was famous for sharing his experiences taking psychedelic drugs.

Rogan has sometimes landed in hot water over his own discussions about cannabis and use of drugs. But he doesn’t shy away from it and even describes himself as a psychedelic adventurer which stems from his past experiences with the psychoactive compound, DMT.

The range of topics, personalities and celebrities featured is one of the main attractions of the JRE podcast. Indeed, some of the best Joe Rogan podcasts even features controversial figures like Alex Jones:

How Much Does Joe Rogan Make From His Podcast?

Although Rogan has not revealed precisely how much he makes from his podcast it is possible to make an approximate guess. YouTuber Graham Stephan has approximately 20% of the subscriber numbers that Joe Rogan has and earns ballpark $300,000 per month. 

Simple math says Joe with 5x the number of subscribers should be earning at least $1,500,000 per month. But the numbers don’t stop there. Because Joe produces long-form content whereas Graham produces shorter snippets.

And Joe Rogan doesn’t have just 1 YouTube channel, he has 2!

JREClips featuring the “best of” Joe Rogan Experience podcast also has millions of subscribers, meaning that Joe essentially double dips when it comes to making money from the content he produces.

Listeners who prefer long form content will earn him ad revenue from the original podcasts while those who prefer short snippets of content also bring in advertising dollars.

It’s very possible Rogan could really be earning $12 million or more per month from YouTube alone. If so, Joe Rogan’s net worth estimate of around $150 million could be off by a factor of 2x. He might well be rushing towards a net worth of $300 million.

Joe Rogan UFC Commentator
& Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Rogan’s interest in mixed martial arts and in particular jiu jitsu was sparked when he watched the famous Brazilian martial artist, Royse Gracie, fight at UFC 2. Rogan was fascinated to see Gracie defeat much larger men by using jiu jitsu submissions.

Soon afterwards, he became a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) interviewer but his deep understanding of martial arts catapulted him to the role of UFC commentator, a position he has held since 2002.

Most UFC promos feature Rogan’s enthusiastic commentary but he usually only commentates on UFC PPV (pay-per-view) events.

He is no slouch when it comes to mixed martial arts himself. At 14 he took up karate and by 19 he had won a US Open Championship tournament as a lightweight.

He was a full-contact state champion for 4 consecutive years in Massachusetts and even became an instructor.

Rogan earned his black belt in jiu jitsu under Eddie Bravo, who is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, which has over 100 schools worldwide.

Joe Rogan Wife And Kids

In 2008, Joe met his future wife Jessica Schimmel. Together they have a daughter, and Joe is also the step-father to Jessica’s daughter from a previous relationship.

You won’t hear or see much about them as Joe generally keeps his family life private.

What we do know is that together they first lived in Bell Canyon, California in a 7,500+ square foot house that cost him approximately $2.2 million in 2003. Most recently and famously, he moved to Texas; he claimed to be disenchanted with Los Angeles traffic among other gripes.

A likely reason for the move was the comparatively higher income taxes in California versus Texas. Even a reduction of 1% in taxes per year could mean millions of dollars now for Joe and his family.

Frequently, Joe mentions that he runs in the mountains and has attracted some controversy as a bowhunter.

He said the reason he took up hunting was because he had to choose between becoming vegan or hunting meat himself. Due to issues he had with mass produced farming, he couldn’t support the mass meat industry. He claims that he couldn’t survive without meat so he decided to become a hunter.

In interviews, he has shared that he hunts for all the meat he consumes and practices with a bow and arrow every day to improve his target accuracy.

Follow news on the Joe Rogan Twitter account and updates on his Joe Rogan Instagram account.  

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Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth Sun, 15 Aug 2021 20:55:35 +0000 Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth: His average annual salary is probably much closer to $10 million. Some fans believe that his annual earnings come to $20 million during most years.

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Larry the Cable Guy is an extremely popular comedian with a career on radio, stage, television, and movies. He’s best recognized for his fake southern accent and catchphrase “Get-R-Done!” His blue-collar approach to comedy has made him a multimillionaire with fans all over the world.

Who Is Larry The Cable Guy?

Larry the Cable Guy is an American comedian born on February 17, 1963, as Daniel Lawrence Whitney. He grew up on a pig farm in Pawnee City, Nebraska, before moving to West Palm Beach, Florida as a teenager.

After graduating from high school, Whitney enrolled at the Baptist University of America. He transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he studied drama. He left college during his junior year to start his comedy career.

Whitney found early success on the syndicated radio show, The Ron and Ron Show. He also made appearances on radio programs, including The Bob and Tom Show, The Todd and Tyler Show, and The Johnny Dare Morning Show. He traveled extensively throughout the South and New England to appear as a guest on these and other radio shows.

Whitney began stand-up comedy under his real name. Over time, he started using a Southern accent in his act. The accent is not how he speaks in daily life, and he often slips into his typical speaking style during performances.

His Larry the Cable Guy character emerged from these sets that simultaneously poked fun at and enthused Southern audiences. Eventually, the character took over the entire act and he began touring under the name Larry the Cable Guy.

During his career, Larry the Cable Guy has produced comedy albums, toured the world, appeared on television shows, and performed the voices of characters from Disney’s Cars movie franchise.

He lives in Sanford, Nebraska with his wife and two children.

How Did Larry The Cable Guy Get Famous?

Larry the Cable Guy became popular by touring relentlessly. He became truly famous, though, when he joined the Blue Collar Comedy Tour in 2000. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour featured much more established comedians Jeff Foxworthy (famous for his “you might be a redneck if…” jokes) and Ron White, a stand-up comedian and best-selling author.

By this point in his career, Larry the Cable Guy had become popular for his catchphrase “Git-R-Done!”

Larry the Cable Guy did not join the touring group until it had complete 26 performances with Craig Hawksley. He came on as Hawksley’s replacement.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour group toured from 2000 to 2006.

Three movies also came from the tour:

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie (2003)
  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again (2004)
  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road (2006)

Blue Collar Comedy Tour also spawned a Sirius Satellite Radio show called Blue Collar Radio. The program featured a variety of comedians who brought a working-class perspective to their humor. Today, the show is known as Jeff and Larry’s Comedy Roundup, which airs on Sirius XM 97.

In 2011, Larry the Cable Guy and Foxworthy started the ‘Them Idiots Whirled Tour.’ They do not use the Blue Collar name because Ron Whitehead is not part of the production. They have toured as Them Idiots Whirled Tour several times and released a recording of a show performed at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

Larry the Cable Guy still tours, but much of his income comes from television and movie appearances. He has released three movies playing his famed character:

  • Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
  • Delta Farce
  • Witless Protection

He had a television show called Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy that aired on the History channel from 2011 to 2013.

One of his most popular creations is the Cars character Matter, which he voices. The name “Mater” is based on him being a “Tow Mater,” a stereotypical Southern pronunciation of “tomato.” He has voiced Mater, a dimwitted but good-hearted tow truck, in:

  • Cars (2006)
  • Cars 2 (2011)
  • Cars 3 (2017)
  • Mater and the Ghostlight (2006, short)
  • Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales (2008 to 2012, television series)

Producers have talked about making another sequel for the Cars franchise, but nothing has been announced as of 2021.

Larry The Cable Guy Radio Shows

Before finding success as a stand-up comedian, Larry grew his career by traversing the US and appearing on radio shows.

As his popularity grew, so did the demand for his material. At the height of his radio career, he was working with radio stations from Orlando, Florida to Manchester, New Hampshire.

Most of Larry’s early work falls into the “observational humor” category, although he would also tell stories about his family. It’s unclear how many of the stories were true, though, as he often mixes fact with fiction. For example, he has claimed that he was born at a Foghat concert in the back of an El Camino.

How Much Does Larry the Cable Guy Make a Year?

Larry the Cable Guy has had a diverse career that has taken him in several directions. The amount that he earns per year depends on several facts, such as whether he goes on tour and whether he performs in a blockbuster movie.

Many people who follow Larry’s career believe that he has made as much as $70 million in one year by touring and appearing in movies. Typically, however, he does not earn that much. His average annual salary is probably much closer to $10 million. Some fans believe that his annual earnings come to $20 million during most years.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how much Larry the Cable Guy earns per year. With the royalties from movies, comedy specials, and comedy albums, he certainly makes several million dollars per year.

Larry the Cable Guy Awards

Larry has been nominated for several awards. Not all of the awards, however, highlight his comedic talents.

In 2006, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album for The Right to Bare Arms. In 2007, he received another Grammy nomination for the album Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road.

In 2007, he won an award for Outstanding Performance by an Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture from the Visual Effects Society. The performance, of course, was for providing the voice of Mater in Cars.

Larry’s other nominations have dubious merit. He has been nominated for five Razzie Awards:

  • 2007 Worst Actor Razzie Award for Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
  • 2009 Worst Actor Razzie Award for Witless Protection
  • 2009 Worst Screen Couple Razzie Award, which he shares with Jenny McCarthy, for Witless Protection
  • 2014 Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Award for A Madea Christmas
  • 2014 Worst Screen Combo Razzie Award, which he shares with Tyler Perry, for A Madea Christmas

In case you’re unfamiliar, a “Razzie” is the short term for a Golden Raspberry Award. Each year, the Golden Raspberry Awards honor those who gave the worst performances. The award has been given out since 1981. Winners receive a statuette of a raspberry spray-painted gold and glued to a damaged Super 8mm film reel.

Winning a Razzie isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a performer. After all, Sylvester Stallone has won more than anyone. He has ten. Madonna has nine Razzie awards. (Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of Stallone and Madonna?) During some years, Razzie winners also receive Oscar Awards, although usually for different movies. For example, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for The Blind Side and a Razzie for All About Steve in 2010.

Maybe Larry will eventually win his raspberry as long as he remains committed to blue-collar humor that the Hollywood establishment considers low-brow. It’s easy to imagine him taking pride in the award.

Larry the Cable Guy Wife and Kids

Larry and his family live on a 180-acre farm outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. He married his wife, Cara, in July 2005. Larry and Cara have two children, and they live a life largely outside of the limelight.

His son, Wyatt, did attract media attention when he was diagnosed with dysplasia as an infant. He received treatment for the disorder at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. Larry publicly donated $5 million to the hospital to raise awareness of the condition. The hospital used the donation to develop its International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Larry has been generous with his money in other ways, too. He appeared on episodes of Family Feud and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? All of the money earned from those appearances went to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, allowing it to open a new wing appropriately named the Wyatt Whitney Wing. Funny enough, very few of Larry’s fans would recognize that the hospital wing is named after him.

Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth Summary

Given all of his success, what is Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth? That’s a difficult question to answer unless you have ties to the IRS. Most people believe that he’s worth between $70 and $100 million. These numbers, however, may not include the value of properties that he owns. In addition to the large farm outside of Lincoln, his family has a $3.6 million home in Scottsdale, Arizona. They previously owned a home in Sanford, Florida, but it seems that they may have sold the property.

Larry has put a lot of hard work into building his reputation as a comedian and performer. Although he has gotten pigeonholed as “Larry the Cable Guy,” a character he rarely performs these days, he has also managed to expand his career into other roles. He might have to hide behind an animated tow truck to get the job, but he still manages to Git-R-Done!

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Lauryn Hill Net Worth Could Have Been Much Bigger Sun, 08 Aug 2021 18:16:19 +0000 Lauryn Hill is a multimillionaire, but that pales in comparison to Kanye West’s net worth and Jay-Z’s net worth; both rappers are billionaires. 

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In 1996, the world of hip-hop was rocked by the murder of Tupac Shakur. Just six months later, The Notorious B.I.G. was murdered as well. Many felt the entire genre was threatened by the loss of two exceptionally talented entertainers who inspired scores of new artists to record and perform their work. 

Meanwhile, a star was rising.

In 1996, the Fugees had released their second album, The Score, which rocketed to the top of Billboard charts and stayed there for six months. The group’s unique blend of rock, reggae, and soul was wildly popular, but one voice stood out: Lauryn Hill. The 21-year-old’s ability to smoothly transition from singing to rap—and back again—was recognized by fans as the element that brought the entire album together. 

Hill released a solo album on August 25, 1998, sparking an extraordinary journey that changed the trajectory of the music industry. Some say that the release revived hip-hop after the loss of two of its icons. 

Hill broke barriers and achieved accolades previously denied to black women. Along the way, Hill inspired today’s most successful entertainers in the launch of their own careers. Even now, nearly a quarter-century after her solo album’s release, most musicians and industry experts agree Hill is one of the greatest rappers of all time. 

So, who is Lauryn Hill? Why has she been credited with breathing new life into the hip-hop genre after the deaths of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.? What is she doing now? Does Lauryn Hill’s net worth reflect her many successes? 

Who Is Lauryn Hill?

Lauryn Hill was born in 1975 to a family that loved music. Though they didn’t entertain large audiences as Hill eventually would, Hill remembers that her parents played music constantly. Her father was a gifted singer, and her mother was skilled at piano. When they didn’t make the music themselves, they played records. 

Perhaps that inspired Hill to dive into music during her school years. In addition to track and cheerleading, she danced, acted, played the violin, and launched a gospel choir. She was an exceptional student, primarily because she was driven to succeed in everything she did. 

That passion and determination made it possible for her to do what is nearly impossible: create a high school music group that would go on to top Billboard charts. 

Lauryn Hill Fugees

Lauryn Hill was a freshman in high school when she and Prakazrel “Pras” Michel started to make music together.

They called themselves the Translator Crew, and they soon added musician Wyclef Jean. The group played local venues, first with Hill as a singer. Over time, she learned to rap, and the combination of singing and rapping was quickly incorporated into the group’s performances. 

Hill graduated in 1993, and she was committed to pursuing the work she had been doing with the Translator Crew. That same year, the group renamed itself The Fugees and signed with Ruffhouse, a Columbia Records partner.

The Fugees’ first album wasn’t particularly successful, but that didn’t stop Hill, Michel, and Jean.

In 1996, they released The Score, which remains one of the best-selling albums of all time. Many believe it is the greatest hip-hop album of all time, thanks to singles like Killing Me Softly, Fu-Gee-La, and Ready or Not.

It is worth noting that the highlight of those songs was Hill’s combination of singing and rapping—a technique nearly unheard of at the time. 

Lauryn Hill Solo Career

As The Score began to accumulate accolades and sell millions of copies, there were dramatic changes in Lauryn Hill’s personal life that prompted her to reevaluate her career plans. She and Wyclef Jean attempted to end their long-term romantic relationship as he married another woman, and Hill started a new relationship with Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons. 

Hill became pregnant with Marley’s child, and she faced pressure to end the pregnancy. Members of the band were concerned that a baby would halt Hill’s career just as it was taking off. Hill chose to have her baby, a son she named Zion Marley. He was born on August 3, 1997. 

Unfortunately, the Fugees couldn’t survive the complex interpersonal issues between members, and the group disbanded. Each member decided to pursue a solo career, which proved to be a decision that transformed Lauryn Hill from a musician to a music legend. 

Lauryn Hill released her first—and only—solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” The album was a smash hit, earning acclaim from music critics around the world and eventually selling 30 million copies. It combined hip-hop, R&B, reggae, pop, and doo-wop to create an original sound—one that later prompted NPR to rank it as the second-best album created by a woman of all time. 

When the 1999 Grammy Awards rolled around, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” was nominated for ten categories—the first woman to reach that number in one year. She won five of those awards, becoming the first woman to do so in a single year. Many industry historians mark that night as the start of hip-hop’s acceptance into the mainstream. 

Lauryn Hill Hits

“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” achieved its success mostly because of the number of hit singles that came from the album.

Doo Wop (That Thing) went to number one on the Billboard charts almost immediately.

Other hits that made it onto the Billboard charts include Everything is Everything, Ex-Factor, To Zion, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and Lost Ones.

Lauryn Hill Label Conflict: What Happened To Lauryn Hill?

Many artists have opened up about the challenges of fame, and there is a long list of titles specifically dedicated to the anxiety, stress, and loneliness that comes with being recognized everywhere you go. After the release and overnight success of her solo album, Lauryn Hill struggled. 

Not yet 25, Hill was mother to two small children, which added to the pressure she felt. In a time when black women were rarely taken seriously in the music industry, Hill felt trapped in a role that she had no power to control. She later explained that she was fighting to retain her identity, and the only way for her to do that was to drop out of the spotlight. 

Hill was all but invisible for nearly three years.

In 2001, while pregnant with her third child, she returned to the stage in a smaller format. Hill performed new material for an audience as part of an MTV Unplugged program. When MTV released the special performance, it didn’t quite wow the world as her solo album had. Nonetheless, the album eventually went platinum, and one of its songs was nominated for a Grammy Award. 

Hill never released another full album, though she continued to tour with a variety of fellow entertainers. Since her 1999 Miseducation Tour, she has been a part of ten more tours, including: 

  • 2002 – The Smokin’ Grooves Tour (in partnership with Outkast and The Roots) 
  • 2005 – The Fugees Reunion Tour
  • 2011 – Moving Target: Extended Intimate Playdate Series Tour
  • 2012 – Life Is Good/Black Rage Tour (in partnership with Nas)
  • 2013 – 2014 – The Homecoming Tour
  • 2015 – The Small Axe Tour
  • 2016 – 2017 – MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling! Tour
  • 2017 – PowerNomics Tour (in partnership with Nas)
  • 2018 – 2019 – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary World Tour
  • 2020 – Ms. Lauryn Hill Live in Concert

Though she does not release new albums, Lauryn Hill is always writing new material; that keeps fans coming back again and again. 

Lauryn Hill Awards

Though Lauryn Hill has received dozens of awards and accolades, a handful truly stand out.

In 1999, she was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Grammy Awards won in a single night by a female artist, the first female rapper to win Best New Artist at the Grammys, and the most Grammy nominations in a single year for a female artist.

In 2021, she broke another world record by becoming the first female rapper to reach RIAA Diamond status

Hill won eight ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards, three American Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, five Billboard Music Video Awards, and four Billboard Year-End Awards.

In addition, she won eight Grammy Awards, four NAACP Image Awards, and eight World Music Awards

Lauryn Hill Husband

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley were together for 15 years in a relationship that gave them five children.

The two never married, though the reasons for that aren’t entirely clear. There were rumors that Marley was never legally divorced from his first wife, but those rumors remain unconfirmed.

On many occasions, both Hill and Marley have emphasized that the spread of damaging misinformation has been an ongoing issue throughout their relationship. 

Who Is Lauryn Hill’s Baby Father?

Lauryn Hill has six children—five with Rohan Marley. They include Zion David Marley (born 1997), Selah Louise Marley (born 1998), Joshua Omaru Marley (born 2002), John Nesta Marley (born 2003), and Sarah Marley (born 2008). 

In 2011, Hill gave birth to her sixth child, a son named Micah Hill. She was very clear that Rohan Marley was not the little boy’s father, and she has not made the father’s name public. 

In 2017, Hill’s oldest son Zion announced the birth of his own son, Zephaniah. Fans were shocked to realize that Lauryn Hill, a woman who embodies youth, is now a grandmother. 

Lauryn Hill Net Worth Summary

Selling millions of albums and touring the world generated substantial income for Lauryn Hill. However, Lauryn Hill’s net worth in 2021 isn’t quite as high as one might expect, given her success. She is a multimillionaire, but that pales in comparison to Kanye West’s net worth and Jay-Z’s net worth; both rappers have crossed into billionaire territory. 

Fortunately, wealth isn’t what drives Lauryn Hill. The superstar forged new paths for black women, and she is cited as a critical influence by many of today’s most popular artists. Big names like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and Nas have all credited Lauryn Hill with a portion of their own musical success. 

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Dylan Dreyer Net Worth: It Will Surprise You Tue, 03 Aug 2021 08:02:19 +0000 Most fans who have looked into the matter, however, estimate that Dylan Dreyer has a net worth of about $5 million.

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Dylan Dreyer works as a meteorologist at NBC News. She frequently appears on Weekend Today, where she rotates duties with Sheinelle Jones. She also appears on Today, especially as a replacement for Al Roker or Carson Daly.

Dreyer’s career as an NBC meteorologist started in Boston, Massachusetts, at WHDH, which is owned by NBC. She began working there in 2007. She moved to NBC News during September 2012 and has been there ever since.

Dylan also makes appearances on NBC Nightly News and The Weather Channel. Clearly, she’s one of the country’s most popular meteorologists.

Dylan Dreyer Meteorologist

Dylan Dreyer studied meteorology at Rutgers University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2003. After graduating, she took a job at WICU in Erie, Pennsylvania. Later, she moved to WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dreyer worked in several Northeastern towns and cities, slowly gaining a reputation for her dedicated work ethic and pleasant on-stage personality.

Eventually, NBC took notice of her great talents and recruited her to their New York office, where she became a meteorologist and correspondent for some of the network’s most popular national shows.

Why Is Dylan Dreyer Famous?

Dylan Dreyer is famous for her skills as a meteorologist and her likable personality. She has a trustworthy character that her audience enjoys. The Today Show has an audience size of about 4.2 million people. The NBC show’s audience has been growing by about 7% per year for several years.

She gained popularity quickly after moving to the New York City area to work with the national NBC station. Shortly after her arrival, Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico. The storm caused about $70 billion in damages. While unfortunate, the hurricane thrust Dreyer into the spotlight.

Today, people might get most of their news from the internet. In 2012, though, people were glued to their television screens. Millions of people relied on Dylan Dreyer to give them critical information about the storm.

In 2013, another unfortunate incident brought attention to Dylan Dreyer. While traveling to cover a blizzard in the New York area, her news van had an accident and she suffered a mild concussion. She was covering the blizzard for the Today Show, so millions of people heard her name and learned more about her after the accident.

Dylan Dreyer Rise to Fame

Dylan Dreyer got a small taste of popularity while working at Jake’s Cree-Mee Freeze in Manalapan, New Jersey. While working at the ice cream shop during high school, HBO shot several scenes of Sex and the City in the town. Observant viewers can catch a glimpse of Dylan Dreyer at work over the shoulder of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dreyer didn’t become famous overnight. She did, however, stand out as a shining star everywhere she went. Whether working as a meteorologist in a small town or a large city like Boston, she dedicated herself to doing her work as well as possible. Her hard work led to a steady rise in her career. She became a nationally famous meteorologist when she was barely 30 years old.

Where Did Dylan Dreyer Go To School?

Dylan attended Rutgers University and earned a degree in meteorology. She didn’t choose the school for its meteorology program, though. Originally, she planned to earn a degree in engineering. She entered with an open mind, though, and took several classes to explore her options. She eventually settled on meteorology, which quickly turned into a passion and led to her career.

She enjoyed meteorology because it combined her love of math and science. She developed her skills by serving as the weather anchor for the school’s radio station and TV network. She graduated at the top of her class in 2003. She says that she sacrificed much of her social life to meet her goals.

It was a significant change because she had been a popular athlete in high school. After graduating and starting her career, she soon realized that she needed to take a more balanced approach to life. Now, she finds it much easier to excel in her career while still spending time with her family and friends. In fact, she lists travel as one of her favorite pastimes.

Dylan Dreyer Today Show

Dreyer joined the Today Show as the third-hour weather correspondent and co-host in 2012. Previously, she had worked for regional adaptations of the Today Show format, including Today in New England.

In 2018, Dreyer traveled to Pyeongchang to cover the Winter Olympics. She has also covered significant weather events, such as 2015’s record-breaking snowfall in Boston and 2014’s polar vortex.

Dylan Dreyer Husband and Kids

Dreyer was raised in Manalapan, New Jersey, with her two brothers.

She got married in 2012 to Brian Fichera. The two met while working in Boston. Fichera works as a writer, producer, and camera operator for NBC.

Dreyer gave birth to her first son near the end of 2016. During the summer of 2019, she announced on air that she was pregnant with her second child. She gave birth to a second son during January 2020.

In May 2021, Dreyer announced she was pregnant with her third son. She’s expected to give birth in November 2021. While she considers herself blessed with her children, she unfortunately had a miscarriage in 2019. She has been open about the topic and discussed it on TV and in interviews.

Fun fact! Dylan Dreyer’s aunt set a record on the original The Price Is Right. Her total winnings came to more than any other contestant had reached before.

Dylan Dreyer Net Worth Summary

No one really knows how the net worth of Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian. Most fans who have looked into the matter, however, estimate the family has a net worth of about $5 million. In addition to her salary as a nationally renowned meteorologist, she earns money from personal appearances.

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Danny DeVito’s Net Worth: How He Became a Multimillionaire Sun, 01 Aug 2021 08:48:46 +0000 Danny DeVito's Net Worth: Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have a net worth of about $80 million.

The article Danny DeVito’s Net Worth: How He Became a Multimillionaire was originally posted on Investormint

Over the last decade, you have probably encountered Danny DeVito’s work in at least one of two places: his role as Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and his part as Eddie in Jumanji: The Next Level, which also features Dwayne Johnson, Awkwafina, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black.

Limited to these experiences, it’s difficult to see the diversity and excellence throughout Danny DeVito’s career. He might have gained relevance to younger viewers as the foul-mouthed, gun-wielding schemer on It’s Always Sunny, but he has been performing in highly artistic comedies and dramas since 1975.

DeVito also has a long career as a producer and director. Over the next several segments, you’ll learn more about Danny DeVito’s work and life. Then, you’ll see how much his commitment to excellence has contributed to Danny DeVito’s net worth.

Danny DeVito Actor

DeVito’s ability to channel diverse characters may come from his beginnings as a theater actor. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Manhattan) in 1962 while supporting himself by working at his sister’s salon in nearby Summit, New Jersey. After graduating, he performed at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center with the Colonnades Theater Lab. During this time, he met and worked with his future wife, Rhea Perlman.

Danny DeVito made his film debut in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a comedy-drama about a group of men held in a psychiatric facility. The movie also included performances from Christopher Lloyd and Jack Nicholson, who stars in the film. DeVito had originally played his role in a 1971 stage adaptation in off-Broadway performances.

After several cameo parts on television and in small movies, DeVito gained some level of fame on the TV series Taxi, a sitcom about a New York City taxi company that also featured Christopher Lloyd, Judd Hirsch, Tony Danza, Marilu Henner, and Andy Kaufman. DeVito played the amusingly abusive dispatcher Louie De Palma. The series stayed on the air from 1978 to 1983, with 114 episodes. 

For the next few decades, DeVito spent most of his time acting in movies. He also formed a production company, Jersey Films, that was involved in several high-profile projects, including Pulp FictionMan on the MoonErin Brockovich, Garden State, and the Comedy improve series Reno 911!

DeVito also became a noteworthy director for television and movies.

Danny DeVito TV Shows

Danny DeVito gained nationwide attention as Louie De Palma on the sitcom series TaxiTaxi gave him the perfect vehicle to display his broad talents as an actor. Notably, though, he stood out from the all-star cast because of his short stature and De Palma’s hot temper, a combination that made him seem both threatening and hilarious. 

Danny DeVito has a medical condition commonly known as Fairbank’s disease. The condition prevents his bones from growing normally. As a result, he never grew beyond 4’10”. The diminutive De Palma threatening much larger characters played by Lloyd and Danza created a contrast that most audiences found funny. The other characters were truly afraid of the small man because he had so much power over their jobs. Despite his size, he also had an intimidating physical presence.

After Taxi, DeVito made small appearances on television. He didn’t make a long-term commitment to a show, though, until he was introduced to the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. According to DeVito, his children pressured him to accept the role. Frank Reynolds has turned out to be one of DeVito’s most memorable characters. 

DeVito’s appearance as Frank Reynolds started during the show’s second season. He plays the role of Dee and Dennis’s father (and Charlie’s roommate). His character then became an increasingly essential part of the show, though, as he moved in with Charlie (played by Charlie Kelly), provided money to keep Paddy’s Pub running, and made insane choices that often led to absurd violence and depraved acts. 

Few shows would give DeVito the option to explore so many cringe-worthy ideas. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been able to remain a fan favorite potentially because the show treats its characters as horrible people who deserve mockery instead of praise.

Danny DeVito’s Work as a Director and Producer

Danny DeVito’s career as a director and producer largely focuses on his interest in dark comedy. His oeuvre contains a few unexpected films, too, such as the kid-friendly Matilda based on Roald Dahl’s novel. 

His directorial debut came in 1984 with The Ratings Game, a comedy that featured DeVito, Perlman, Michael Richards, and Jerry Seinfeld. The movie was the first feature-length project financed by cable television channel Showtime. 

DeVito’s second movie stands out as a cult classic that takes a twist on Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. In 1987’s Throw Momma From the Train, characters played by DeVito and Billy Crystal agree to “trade murders” so they can have alibis that protect them from conviction. Predictably, things do not go as planned, as Momma (played by Anne Ramsey) proves much more resilient than initially thought.

DeVito continued directing dark comedies, including:

  • The War of the Roses (1989, starring Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and DeVito)
  • Hoffa (1992, starring Jack Nicholson, John C. Reilly, and others)
  • Death to Smoochy (2002, starring Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Catherine Keener, Jon Stewart, and DeVito)

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Danny DeVito produced several noteworthy movies and television shows. Some of the titles that still receive positive attention include:

  • Pulp Fiction (1994)
  • Get Shorty (1995)
  • Man on the Moon (1999)
  • Erin Brockovich (2000)
  • Garden State (2004)
  • Reno 911! (2003 to 2009)

Danny DeVito’s Movies

Danny has had such a long, successful career that it’s difficult to keep up with the number of comedies and dramas on his resume. Some of the movies that stand out in his career include:

  • Terms of Endearment (1983)
  • Romancing the Stone (1984)
  • Ruthless People (1986)
  • Throw Momma From the Train (1987)
  • Twins (1988)
  • The War of the Roses (1989)
  • Other People’s Money (1991)
  • Renaissance Man (1994)
  • Junior (1994)
  • Mars Attacks! (1996)
  • The Rainmaker (1997)
  • LA Confidential (1997)
  • The Virgin Suicides (1999)

DeVito has worked three times with Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Action HeroTwins, and Junior). The duo looks amusing on screen next to each other. They also have an ability to play off of each other’s unique approaches to comedy. While they might seem like odd co-stars on the page, they work marvelously together on screen.

Danny DeVito’s Awards

Danny DeVito has been nominated for dozens of awards. The accolades he has won include:

  • Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor (1981 for Taxi)
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (1981 for Taxi)
  • ShoWest Convention Award for Male Star of the Year (1989)
  • Cinekid Audience Award (1997 for Matilda)
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema (2007)
  • Golden Camera Award for Lifetime Achievement – International (2010)
  • Critics Choice Television Icon Award (2011)
  • Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Narrative Short (2016 for Curmudgeons)
  • Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival Award for Best Short Film (2016 for Curmudgeons)
  • San Sebastian International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award (2018)

Danny DeVito: Wife and Kids

Danny DeVito met his future wife, Rhea Perlman, when she came to see a friend perform in a play that included DeVito. The two hit it off immediately, so much so that they moved into an apartment together within two weeks. They did not rush marriage, though, and waited until 1982 to exchange vows.

The couple has three children:

  • Lucy Chet DeVito, who is also an actor
  • Grace Fan DeVito
  • Jacob Daniel DeVito

DeVito and Perlman have often mixed their personal and professional lives. She appeared in several episodes of Taxi. The two played Matilda’s parents in the 1996 movie Matilda

Perlman also has an astounding career. She played the smart-mouthed, foul-tempered Carla in Cheers from 1982 to 1993. She has written at least half a dozen books. Her collection of awards includes four Emmy Awards.

Perlman and DeVito separated after 40 years together in 2012. They reconciled within less than a year, but separated again in 2017. The two say that they have no intention of seeking a divorce. Perlman has even said that she and DeVito are closer now than they were while living together as a married couple. 

Danny DeVito: Net Worth Summary

It’s estimated that Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman have a net worth of about $80 million. Before their divorce, they lived together in a Beverly Hills house. They sold it for $24 million in 2015. They own a much smaller home on Rodeo Drive and a Malibu compound that can house several households.

Obviously, DeVito has plenty of money. He’s a multimillionaire who can afford to own more than one property in Southern California. He has also invested in restaurants and a few other business ventures, but they do not seem to have retained his interest for long.

Even in his mid-70s, Danny DeVito shows that he has a joyous dedication to exploring new characters and stories. Fans can expect him to keep making shocking and humorous content for television and movie theaters. After all, the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia say that they have no plans to quit producing new seasons as long as fans ask for them and they can continue writing odd, hilarious plots.

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Kim Fields Net Worth Fri, 30 Jul 2021 20:34:37 +0000 Kim Fields Net Worth: Most people who pay attention to celebrity wealth, however, estimate that she has about $8 million.

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Since you’ve come to this page, you probably know a little about Kim Fields. Many people don’t know her name, though. They only know her for the iconic characters she has played on television.

Fields has worked as an actor, director, and producer for most of her life. With so many titles to her name, it’s easy to see how she has become a millionaire in an incredibly tough industry. A lot of people believe they can find success in television, but very few of them ever come close to making it; those who do often eek by with meager earnings from commercial appearances.

Kim Fields has not had that kind of career, and she continues to accumulate accomplishments as she enters into her 50s.

Who Is Kim Fields

Kim Fields, whose full name is Kim Victoria Freeman Morgan, is an actor and director who gained prominence in the 1980s as Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey on the sitcom The Facts of Life. The Facts of Life aired from 1979 until 1988. She also made numerous cameo appearances on other popular television shows of the time.

During her adult life, she earned a college degree from Pepperdine University, had two children with her husband, Christopher Morgan, and worked as a director, producer, and musical performer.

Kim Fields Rise To Fame

Kim Fields got an early start as an actor, likely because her mother, Laverne “Chip” Fields, is also an actor. Chip Fields played an abusive mother during a four-episode story arc on the 1970s show Good Times. Kim also appeared on two episodes of Good Times in 1978 and 1979.

She made her first TV appearance in the 1977 movie Have I Got a Christmas for You. The following year, she earned a full-time spot as Angie Ellis on the show Baby… I’m Back! Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season. It did, however, help prepare Kim Fields for the role of Lydia Haley in Part VI of Roots: The Next Generation.

In 1979, Kim Fields took on the role of Tootie, which would turn her into a household name. The Tootie character appeared in more places than The Facts of Life. She also made multiple appearances on Diff’rent Strokes, which featured Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson and Conrad Baird as Phillip Drummond.

The Facts of Life was an instant hit. The series focuses on a small group of young women living together at a boarding school. Actor Edna Garrett played Charlotte Rae, the housemother who guides the girls through life challenges as they grow into young women. Interestingly, the Charlotte Rae character played by Edna Garrett had also appeared on Diff’rent Strokes as the Drummonds family’s housekeeper.

Other noteworthy characters on The Facts of Life include:

  • Blair Warner played by Lisa Whelchel
  • Natalie Green played by Mindy Cohn
  • Jo Polniaczek played by Nancy McKeon
  • Beverly Ann Stickle played by Cloris Leachman
  • Andy Moffett played by Mackenzie Astin

Kim Fields displayed an aptitude for delivering sharp, witty lines. As the girls matured, The Facts of Life tackled increasingly difficult topics, including sex and drug use. Diff’rent Strokes also established a reputation for addressing meaningful topics in sensitive ways, adding real-world weight to the comedies.

NBC wanted to make a tenth season of The Facts of Life, but two of the actors decided to pursue other opportunities. Without two of the major cast members, the show ended after nine seasons and more than 200 episodes.

NBC also aired two The Facts of Life made-for-TV movies. The 1983 movie takes place in Paris. The 1987 movie shows the girls visiting Australia.

Kim Fields Actor

Kim Fields will always be known for her role as “Tootie,” but she has retained significant influence as an actor and performer. When The Facts of Life ended, she took some time away from acting to earn a college degree. After returning to work, she made numerous appearances on television shows, movies, and music videos.

She had a recurring role on Living Single as Regine Hunter. She appeared in 118 of the show’s episodes from 1993 to 1998. She also had recurring roles on C-Bear and Jamal, The Division, Lens on Talent, Living the Dream, and the 2021 series The Upshaws.

Kim Fields Director

Kim first stepped behind the camera in 1994 to direct the short movie Silent Bomb. In the late 1990s, she directed two episodes of Living Single. She became much more active as a director in 1996. Between 1996 and 2000, she directed 27 episodes of the TV series Kenan & Kel.

Since 2000, Fields has directed:

  • Noah Knows Best (one episode)
  • 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (one episode)
  • Taina (five episodes)
  • Teen Talk (one episode)
  • Discovering Monk and Trane: One Night at Carnegie Hall (a documentary about jazz musicians John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk)
  • A Royal Birthday (TV miniseries)
  • Just Jordan (one episode)
  • 2007 Anguilla Tranquility Fest (a documentary)
  • Let’s Stay Together (three episodes)
  • Meet the Browns (50 episodes)
  • House of Payne (18 episodes)
  • The Rickey Smiley Show (three episodes)
  • Raven’s Home (one episode)
  • Young Dylan (five episodes)
  • BET Her Presents: The Couch (one episode)
  • All the Queen’s Men (TV series)

As of 2021, she’s credited with directing eight episodes of the television series Vicious.

Kim Fields TV Shows

As if Kim Fields doesn’t have an impressive enough resume as a recurring member on several successful sitcoms, she has also made cameo appearances on a long list of shows.

Some of her TV show cameos have been on:

  • Kobra Kai
  • Insecure
  • A Cross to Bear
  • The Cleaner
  • Eve
  • The Drew Carey Show
  • Glow
  • Miss Match
  • The Comeback
  • Mork & Mindy

Kim Fields Movies

Nearly all of Kim Fields’ movies have made their way to television instead of theaters. She appeared in the movie Children of Divorce in 1980, The Kid with the Broken Halo in 1982, Hidden Blessings in 2000, For Better or Worse in 2014, Wrapped Up in Christmas in 2017, and You Light Up My Christmas in 2019.

Kim Fields Awards

Kim Fields has been nominated for and won several awards during her career. She won two Young Artist Awards for Best Young Comedienne for her performance on The Facts of Life — one in 1981 and another in 1982.

She has been nominated for two additional Young Artist Awards for Best Young Comedienne. Fields also received nominations for the 2007 TV Land Awards, the 1996 NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress, and the 2001 Black Reel Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her work on Hidden Blessing.

Kim Fields Personal Life

Fields has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Johnathon Franklin Freeman, a film producer. They wed in 1995 and got divorced in 2001. In 2007, she announced she was pregnant with her first child. She and her then-boyfriend, Christopher Morgan, a Broadway actor, got married later that year. They now have two sons. The family lives primarily in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim has made several Christian films and expressed her devotion to the faith. It’s one of the reasons she has made several Christmas-themed movies.

In 2015, Kim Fields appeared on the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, a reality TV show. She declined an invitation to appear in the next season. She did, however, compete in the 2016 season of Dancing with the Stars. She appeared with professional dancer Sasha Farber. They came in eighth place after a double elimination on May 2.

Kim Fields Net Worth Summary

Kim Fields has worked incredibly hard throughout her life to stand out as one of her generation’s most talented and ambitious actors. Her move into directing and producing demonstrates that she has a broader interest in the industry. She wants to understand all aspects of TV and film production.

It’s difficult to estimate Fields’ net worth, considering that she owns property and may receive compensation for some of her earlier works. Most people who pay attention to celebrity wealth, however, estimate that she has about $8 million.

While this is a considerable amount of money, it looks small compared to the richest actors like Tyler Perry with $950 million. Only Jerry Seinfeld — with an estimated $1 billion — has a higher net worth than that.

Other actors with exceptionally high values include:

  • Tom Cruise ($600 million)
  • George Clooney ($500 million)
  • Mel Gibson ($425 million)
  • Jack Nicholson ($400 million)
  • Bill Cosby ($400 million)

Many of these highly paid actors featured in blockbuster movies and made a lot of money from endorsing products. It’s nearly impossible to think of Bill Cosby without also thinking of Jello.

Kim Fields will probably always get recognized for her portrayal of Tootie in The Facts of Life and Diff”rent Strokes. Despite the narrow focus of her fame, she has a broad career as an actor and director. She even dabbled in music for a bit as a rapper shortly after graduating from college.

In the television industry, though, everyone knows Kim Fields’ name. Such a diverse background and resume makes it impossible for her not to stand out from her peers. While many actors rest on their early laurels, Fields has continued to hone her skills and explore new opportunities as television entertainment evolves.

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Sabeer Bhatia Net Worth: How Much Did The Hotmail Founder Get? Wed, 28 Jul 2021 20:24:34 +0000 Sabeer Bhatia Net Worth: Sabeer Bhatia's net worth falls somewhere between $200 and $300 million

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Sabeer Bhatia is a serial entrepreneur who was born in India but has spent most of his life in the United States. He’s known best as the co-founder of Hotmail, which he sold to Microsoft for $400 million.

Bhatia continues to explore new opportunities in the tech industry, and he seems primarily interested in disruptive technologies that give individuals more freedom to express themselves without oversight. Hotmail, for instance, was developed as a way of avoiding Apple’s employee messaging system. He has also worked on products intended to disrupt faxing and SMS text messaging technologies.

For the last decade, Sabeer Bhatia has spent most of his time quietly working on projects. Although not secretive, he does not seek the limelight often. This leaves many people wondering how much money the engineer and entrepreneur has accumulated during his lifetime.

Sabeer Bhatia Hotmail Founder

Sabeer Bhatia and his Apple colleague Jack Smith created Hotmail in 1996. Hotmail no longer exists in its original form because Microsoft bought it, bundled it with its Windows Live Suite, and eventually phased it out to focus on Outlook. In 1996, though, Hotmail was an impressive innovation.

Before Hotmail, internet users had to rely on their internet service provider (ISP) for email hosting. If you used email during the 1980s and 1990s, you probably had a domain registered to your ISP or school. If you left the ISP, you also lost access to your email. It was a terrible situation for early adopters because it trapped them into contracts with ISPs that knew consumers had few other options.

Hotmail, however, gave people the option to send, receive, and store emails without relying on their ISPs. Bhatia and Smith thought of their creation as a way to give more freedom to email and internet users. They even released the Hotmail service on Independence Day of 1996 to celebrate.

Hotmail did more than sever the ties between email users and their ISPs. It also improved communication privacy. According to Silicon Valley lore, Sabeer Bhatia started working on the Hotmail project because Apple’s corporate email system frustrated him. He found that he could not send private emails to anyone. Apple, the company’s de facto ISP, had access to all communications.

Bhatia and Smith stumbled upon the idea of Hotmail while working on a database project called Javasoft. The more they worked on Javasoft, the more they realized they could apply similar concepts to web-based email. At first, they referred to Hotmail as HoTMaiL because they had used HTML to create the website.

Despite knowing that they had a revolutionary product, the duo did not believe they could sell Hotmail as a service. Instead, they provided it as a free service and earned revenue through advertisements.

Working with a $300,000 investment from Draper Fisher Ventures, they managed to launch their product on time. Hotmail attracted more than one million subscribers within six months. With that level of popularity, a much larger company would soon start paying attention.

How Sabeer Bhatia Sold Hotmail To Microsoft

It was immediately apparent that Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith had built an email service that would transform the way people communicate online.

Within a year, Microsoft took notice and started negotiating with Bhatia. He sold the company to Microsoft for $400 million. New companies were entering the Dot Com Bubble at this point in the internet business, but the economic situation had not reached adverse conditions. Spending $400 million on revolutionary technology did not seem out of the ordinary.

Microsoft quickly relaunched the email service as MSN Hotmail.

How Much Did Sabeer Bhatia Make Selling Hotmail

Assuming that Bhatia and Smith split the money evenly, Bhatia made a little less than $200 million by selling Hotmail to Microsoft. Despite his sudden windfall, Bhatia took a job working at Microsoft for the next year. Eventually, though, his entrepreneurial spirit made him eager to start a new business.

When Microsoft ended Hotmail in 2011, Bhatia took the news well. From his perspective, Gmail had become the better product. His creation helped make services like Gmail possible, and he saw it as a natural progression toward an email service with richer services.

Sabeer Bhatia Post Hotmail Career

Sabeer Bhatia has founded several companies and websites since selling Hotmail to Microsoft.

When he left Microsoft, Bhatia formed an ecommerce firm called

He received help from another Indian-American, Mohammed Asif, who was a banker at JP Morgan. Currently, Arzoo operates in the leisure, travel, and tourism industries, and it specializes in helping people find airline tickets and rental cars. Most of its users live in India. It maintains a headquarters in Mumbai and has locations in five other Indian cities.


In 2005, Bhatia founded JaxtrSMS, a company that Bhatia believed would transform text messaging in much the same way that Hotmail changed email.

Jaxtr lets anyone with the app send free messages to other people who have installed the app on their devices. It was free to download and install, with no “freemium” features, and it worked for domestic and international users. As of 2021, though, Jaxtr charges some users who send SMS text messages to countries other than the United States and India.

Jaxtr does charge a small fee for sending messages to other apps.


In 2006, Bhatia launched a tool called BlogEverywhere. The toolbar would let anyone post comments to any web page, regardless of whether the site’s owner had comments turned on.

The company did not last long. Currently, its URL is available for sale.


Sabse is a company Bhatia founded that focuses on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) tools. It also has a fax-to-email feature.

Bhatia started the company in 2008, receiving an undisclosed amount of money from investor Ratan Tata in 2015.

Sabse has acquired VysrMobivox, and Jaxtr Inc.

Sabeer Bhatia Investments

Sabeer Bhatia has invested in and helped found technology companies. He is best known for his involvement in companies like:

  • AMP Technologies
  • BlogEverwhere
  • ccZEN
  • Jaxtr
  • Live Documents

Sabeer Bhatia Personal Life

Sabeer Bhatia was born in Chandigarh, India, on December 30, 1968. He attended the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilania (BITS Pilani) before moving to the United States, where he earned a B.S. from Caltech in 1990 and an M.S. from Stanford University. After earning his Master’s Degree, he became a hardware engineer for Apple Computer. After leaving Apple, he worked at Firepower Systems Inc., a startup company that manufactured processors for personal computers.

Sabeer Bhatia got married to Tanya Sharma in 2008. The couple shares a daughter together. They filed for divorce in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences in a San Francisco court. They have not revealed the nature of their differences.

Bhatia currently spends most of his time in the San Francisco Bay Area, but he also travels to India often to connect with family, friends, and business partners.

Quotes From Sabeer Bhatia

If you find Sabeer Bhatia inspirational, you will want to read the following quotes from him.

“The entrepreneurial heroes of the Valley are accessible to many people.”

“Don’t be afraid to tread new ground, but do a sanity test.”

It sounds like Bhatia believes anyone with a great idea and willingness to work hard has opportunities to succeed in Silicon Valley. They even have access to people willing to help them reach their goals.

Then again, he has been realistic about the challenges upstarts face when seeking funding from new investors.

“Any time we would talk to another VC, our investors would talk him out of it. This is not a good company. So we were really stuck with our existing investors for the next round.”

“That was brand new in 1995 when we had the idea. In July 1996, we launched the service and then just hit a fantastic curve. When I started it was hard. Every dollar that was spent had to be accounted for. We were willing to go the next five or six years to make that successful. We were very fortunate that within a span of two years we saw personal reward from that experience.”

“I think the soul of an entrepreneur is to keep trying until you find the successful idea.”

“Microsoft isn’t going away anytime soon, but the role they will play in the future of software will not be the same as it has been in the past two decades.”

“It solved a real-world problem: The killer idea was to make email available on the web.”

What does Sabeer Bhatia think about his relationships? He certainly hasn’t let his divorce prevent him from seeking love.

“I hope I will be able to find someone who is willing to live with my crazy lifestyle and crazy ideas.”

Sabeer Bhatia Net Worth Summary

It’s difficult to know Sabeer Bhatia’s net worth, especially since he splits his time between the United States and India. Having assets in two countries makes it nearly impossible to accurately determine someone’s net worth. Of course, that doesn’t stop his fans from trying.

Most people who pay close attention to successful tech entrepreneurs believe that Sabeer Bhatia’s net worth falls somewhere between $200 and $300 million. Against the odds, he has managed to grow the money that he got when he sold Hotmail.

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Emilia Clarke Net Worth, No Not A Billionaire Yet Wed, 23 Jun 2021 19:07:10 +0000 Emilia Clarke Net Worth: Estimates show that the actor probably has a net worth between $15 million and $20 million.

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Most people know Emilia Clarke as the Game of Thrones character Khaleesi – who also went by several aliases in the fantasy series, including The Mother of Dragons, The Dragon King, Daenerys Stormborn, and the nickname Dany.

Emilia Clarke played one of the most significant roles in Game of Thrones. She appeared in 62 episodes from 2011 to 2019. As a famed actor on an immensely popular series, you can expect Emilia Clarke’s net worth to be pretty high.

Before diving into how much wealth Clarke has accumulated, let’s take time to explore important aspects of her professional and personal lives.

Who Is Emilia Clarke?

Emilia Clarke was born in London in 1986. From the beginning, she had a slight advantage over other actors because her father worked as a sound engineer and her mother worked as vice president of marketing at a global management firm.

These two professions introduced her to creative careers while providing the financial support needed for Clarke to explore her interest and hone her skills. (Clarke’s brother also has a career in the entertainment industry and worked in the camera department of Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke got interested in acting at a very young age. She felt drawn to acting at just three years old when she saw a production of the musical Show Boat. At 10 years old, her father took her to an audition for the Neil Simon musical The Goodbye Girl.

Clarke does not seem to have enjoyed much about her public school years. After graduation, she applied to several programs but did not gain admittance. Instead, she took time to travel and work jobs to earn money. Eventually, she gained acceptance at the Drama Centre London and graduated in 2009.

Emilia Clarke Actor

As early as 2000, nine years before she graduated from the Drama Centre London, she appeared in several stage productions, including West Side Story and Twelfth Night. She also worked on productions of:

  • Sense, a co-production between Drama Centre London and Company of Angels.
  • Drop the Dog, her short-film debut made by students at the University of London.
  • Doctors, a British soap opera where she played a bit part.
  • Two commercials for the charity Samaritans.

Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones Khaleesi

Not even the most optimistic artist could have expected the fortune that would befall Emilia Clarke in 2010.

In 2010, she got her first professional film role in a Syfy channel made-for-TV film called Triassic Attack. Critics panned the film but recognized Clarke’s star potential.

HBO planned to release a series based on the popular A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy books written by George R. R. Martin. HBO planned to call the series Game of Thrones.

Clarke almost didn’t land a role in Game of Thrones. Originally, producers had chosen Tamzin Merchant to play Daenerys. When the company re-shot the pilot episode, it replaced Merchant with Clarke, who had a dazzling stage presence. Clarke continued playing the role throughout every season of the wildly popular show.

By 2017, Emilia Clarke was earning between $1.7 million and $2.83 million per episode. At this point, she had become one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Of course, it took some time for her to reach such extravagant payments. Many people, however, were surprised to see that she earned as much money as some of the more experienced actors on the show, including Peter Dinklage, who has appeared in many successful movies, including Avengers: Infinity WarElfDeath at a FuneralX-Men Days of Future Past, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. 

The younger actor became such a critical part of the show’s success, though, that the producers and writers came to rely on her popularity. Even in a series that wasn’t afraid to kill major characters without notice, Emilia Clarke’s powerful, charismatic character would remain until the very end.

Emilia Clarke TV Shows

Emilia Clarke has lent her acting talents to several TV shows besides Game of Thrones. Some of her appearances might seem strange, but Clarke finds it important to keep her CV diverse. Her TV show work includes appearances on:

  • Robot Chicken (2016)
  • Futurama (2013)
  • Animals (2017)
  • Thunderbirds Are Go (2017)

As of mid-2021, it’s rumored that Clarke is working with a TV series called Secret Invasion.

Emilia Clarke Movies

Clarke’s work with Game of Thrones and other TV series hasn’t left her with much time to build a career as a feature film actor. She has managed to appear in a handful of movies, though, including those developed for theatrical and TV releases.

Her list of movie projects includes:

  • Spike Island (2012)
  • Dom Hemingway (2013)
  • Terminator Genisys (2015)
  • Me Before You (2016)
  • Voice From the Stone (2017)
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
  • Above Suspicion (2019)
  • Last Christmas (2019)

Not all of these movies have been financially successful, but they have given her opportunities to improve her craft and embody a broader range of characters.

Emilia Clarke Awards

Emilia started receiving award nominations in 2010 after her appearance in Triassic Attack. Despite the movie’s overall failure, the Screen International Stars of Tomorrow awarded her the 2010 UK Star of Tomorrow Award.

Other award nominations, wins, and distinctions include:

  • Seven Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (Game of Thrones)
  • A Scream Awards nomination in 2011 for Scream Award for Best Ensemble (Game of Thrones)
  • A Scream Awards win in 2011 for Scream Award for Breakout Performance – Female (Game of Thrones)
  • A 2019 Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television (Game of Thrones)
  • The 2013 SFX Award for Best Actress (Game of Thrones)
  • Time 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2019
  • The 2018 Britannia Awards for British Artist of the Year

This list barely scratches the surface of the actor’s accolades. At just 34 years old, she has received 47 nominations and 12 wins.

How Old Was Emilia Clarke At The Start of Game of Thrones?

Emilia Clarke was just 24 when she joined the cast of Game of Thrones. That’s not a shockingly young age to become famous. Many actors walk the red carpet at much earlier ages.

Her relative youth, however, might help explain how Emilia Clarke endured the grueling schedule of filming Game of Thrones while also taking side gigs for fun.

Fans should keep an eye on whether she maintains such proficient output. She could be one of those performers who constantly look for new challenges. Then again, she may decide that she has had enough of the limelight and that she wants to settle into smaller roles that won’t draw as much attention to her personal life.

Did Emilia Clarke Eat A Real Horse Heart?

During a scene, Emilia Clarke ate what looked like a real horse heart. In fact, she had to gobble down about 28 gummy hearts made to look like the real thing.

Chewing 28 gummy hearts probably sounds a lot better than eating real horse hearts. Regardless of the improvement, staff members had to keep a bucket on hand.

The more gummy material she consumed, the less her stomach and taste buds would cooperate. It didn’t take long before she was forced to vomit between takes. It was literally the only way that she could continue filming the scene.

Emilia Clarke Net Worth Summary

It isn’t easy to pinpoint Emilia Clarke’s net worth because she has multiple income streams and owns several properties, including a Venice, California mansion that she sold in 2021 for $4.4 million. The home reportedly had an entirely open plan on the first floor and a 30-foot pool for exercise and relaxing. Clarke also has advertising and endorsement deals with a handful of companies, including Dior, Clinique, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Given her high pay for playing a critical role in Game of Thrones, some people believe that Emilia Clarke is a billionaire. She has plenty of money, but she is very far from reaching billionaire status.

Estimates show that the actor probably has a net worth between $15 million and $20 million.

It’s important to remember that wealthy people often find it difficult to determine their net worths. As the prices of various assets change, their net worths can increase or decrease by hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.

Luckily, Clarke has secured her reputation as a hard-working, dedicated actor who is always willing to go the extra mile to make a production successful. She has also learned how to take much more control on set. For example, she often felt uncomfortable during the nude scenes required by Game of Thrones. It didn’t take long before she learned how to negotiate levels of nudity that she felt comfortable with, a move that gave her more power the set and helped protect her from exploitation.

Emilia Clarke has already experienced ample success, yet her career is just getting started. With continued productions and a commitment to delivering emotional scenes, there’s no reason to believe that her net worth will not keep climbing. Sure, she’s far from a billionaire. The right business moves, however, could bring her very close to that financial stature.

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Jon Favreau Net Worth: It Will Surprise You Mon, 07 Jun 2021 08:15:21 +0000 Jon Favreau Net Worth: Most people estimate that Jon Favreau is worth about $100 million.

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Jon Favreau has had an eclectic career in film and television. Even after becoming a household name as the creator of The Mandalorian and his numerous appearances in Marvel Universe films, he still finds time to work on smaller projects that test his artistic strength as a director, writer, and actor.

Perhaps you don’t know Jon Favreau by name. Maybe you know him as the tall, beefy guy who finds himself forced to babysit a young Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. When you see him on screen, though, you recognize him as a star who has appeared in countless blockbusters.

If you only know him from action movies, you have a lot of interesting things to learn about this multi-talented artist. His talent and hard work have helped him accumulate a net worth that might surprise you.

Who Is Jon Favreau?

Jon Favreau developed an early interest in acting. He stopped attending Hebrew school so he could focus on his craft. Instead, he attended The Bronx High School of Science, a school designated for gifted students that show exceptional promise.

He spent some time at Queens College but dropped out before graduating. Somehow oddly, he got a job working for Wall Street firm Bear Stearns. In 1988, at the age of 22, he moved to Chicago to pursue his interest in comedy.

While living in Chicago, Jon Favreau performed at some of the city’s most renowned theaters, including the Improv Institute and the ImprovOlympic.

Jon Favreau: Actor and Filmmaker

Favreau learned a lot about improvising with his fellow actors. He didn’t get his big break until 1993, though. Luckily, he brought plenty of stage experience with him to the movie set.

Favreau’s first major role had him acting beside Sean Astin in Rudy, an inspirational movie about a small student who overcomes his obstacles to play on Notre Dame’s football team. While filming, Favreau met Vince Vaughn, who would play an important role a few years later.

In 1994, Favreau appeared in PCU as a hilarious stoner—too stoned to recognize musician George Clinton of all people—who stumbles his way through college life, passes out on sidewalks, and mistakenly believes elderly women are saying highly inappropriate things to him. PCU also featured Jeremy Piven, Jessica Walter, and David Spade.

Favreau had a run of minor successes during the 1990s, including roles in Deep Impact, Very Bad Things, as well as several TV shows.  

As Favreau moved into the 2000s, he began to stretch his creative muscles. He started taking directing and writing more seriously.

He kept acting, which landed him a high-profile gig opposite Vince Vaughn in Swingers.

As a director, he got behind the camera for:

  • Made (2001)
  • An episode of Undeclared (2001)
  • Elf (2003)

It’s worth taking a moment to explore Elf. The Christmas-themed movie starring Will Ferrell, James Caan, Zooey Deschanel, and Peter Dinklage was almost certainly his most popular work as a director at the time. The movie still has a cult following.

His ongoing work as a director includes:

  • Iron Man (2008)
  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
  • An episode of The Office (2013)
  • The pilot for About a Boy (2014)
  • Chef (2014)in which he also played the starring role (2014)
  • The Jungle Book (2016)
  • The Lion King (2019)
  • The Chef Show (2020), he appeared in and directed 22 episodes of the TV documentary 
  • The Mandalorian (2020), Favreau directed one episode called “Chapter 9: The Marshal.”

Jon Favreau TV Shows

Jon Favreau has always made time for TV shows. Some of his outstanding work appears in:

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010 to 2013)
  • The Mandalorian, he makes an appearance in one episode and produced 24 episodes.
  • The Book of Boba Fett (2021), he serves as executive producer for all seven episodes.

Jon Favreau Movies

We’ve already covered the important movies that Favreau directed—and a handful of the ones he acted in. Still, he has a much larger oeuvre to explore as an actor and producer.

Some of his acting credits not mentioned above include:

  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • John Carter (2012)
  • Iron Man 3 (2013)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
  • Chef (2014)
  • Entourage (2015)
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Jon Favreau Awards

Jon Favreau has been nominated for an impressive number of awards. As it typically goes, he has won considerably fewer. Let’s start with the awards he got to take home:

  • Saturn Awards for Best Director in 2009 for Iron Man
  • The Visionary Award from the Saturn Awards for his contribution to film
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visual Effects Society Awards

Receiving a nomination is a tremendous honor that no one should overlook.

Favreau has been nominated for:

  • A Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor in a Comedy (Chef)
  • Two Directors Guild of America Awards for Outstanding Directing in Reality Programs for the 2020 and 2021 seasons of The Chef Show
  • Directors Guild of America Awards for Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series (The Mandalorian)
  • Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series—Drama (The Mandalorian)
  • A Huge Award in 2009 for Dramatic Presentation—Long Form (Iron Man)
  • A Hugo Award in 2020 for Dramatic Presentation—Short Form (The Mandalorian)
  • Saturn Awards Best Director (The Jungle Book)

Considering how much attention The Mandalorian got, there’s a good chance that his future Star Wars-related work will earn similar accolades. 

Did Jon Favreau Create The Mandalorian?

That’s a bit of a loaded question. Jon Favreau did not create the Mandalorian character. He did, however, create the immensely popular series The Mandalorian.

It was almost a sure-fire success before it even aired. Who wouldn’t want to watch a stoic warrior battle his way through obstacle after obstacle to protect a baby Jedi? OK, technically not a baby since it’s decades old, but apparently the species ages very slowly.

Plus, that baby Jedi was immensely cute. Everyone wants to watch that series. 

Are Vince Vaughn And Jon Favreau Friends?

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are good friends in real life. Their on-screen chemistry isn’t just acting. They legitimately have strong feelings and trust for each other.

What might surprise some fans, though, is that the two share a third terrific friend: Jason Bateman. You can see the three of them act together in several movies. Apparently, they really love each others’ company and acting abilities.

Is Jon Favreau A Good Director?

Absolutely! Jon Favreau has proven that he can make comedies, dramas, action, and science-fiction movies. No one is saying he’s Orson Welles, exactly.

Then again, Favreau probably has decades ahead of him to try new ideas. He might even enter new genres.

He seems like the rare type of artist who can concentrate on one type of idea for a long time, but they switch to a whole other concept without missing a beat.

How Rich Is Jon Favreau?

Analysts estimate that Jon Favreau is worth about $100 million. Don’t be surprised to see Favreau’s worth climb much higher over the next decade.

He has shown a remarkable talent for directing, producing, and performing in blockbuster movies. The Marvel Universe has him to thank for some of its greatest successes.

Now that he has a foot firmly planted in the Star Wars universe, he could use his influence to build even more wealth.

Jon Favreau’s Net Worth Summary

How much is Jon Favreau’s net worth? Not even he could probably give you an accurate answer without calling his accountant or business manager. What matters most is that he has accumulated at least $100 million, which is more than enough money for him to live comfortably for decades. He could stop working today and do very well for himself.

Favreau isn’t someone who can just stop creating, though. He will likely work until he no longer has the energy. Even then, you can bet that he will work on scripts from the comfort of his home.

Creatives don’t become as popular and wealthy as Favreau by doing everything for the money. Good business sense certainly plays a role, but he is a driven person who seems to love his work. With those traits on his side, it’s impossible to know how much money, assets, and awards he will collect throughout his life.

You don’t need to worry about Jon Favreau. He’s doing just fine. And he will continue doing great work that keeps money and projects coming in. As surprising as it might seem, that deadlocked stoner from PCU might end up becoming one of the most influential writers, directors, and producers in contemporary film.

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Is Candace Owens Net Worth THAT Big? Sat, 05 Jun 2021 20:05:22 +0000 Candace Owens Net Worth is estimated at around one million dollars though book deals could double that in a hurry.

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Candace Owens started as a noteworthy – although not necessarily famous – journalist. After graduating from Stamford High School, where she received horrendously racist voicemails from classmates that led to a $37,500 settlement in her favor, Owens entered the Rhode Island University’s journalism department. She left the program after three years, citing an issue with her student loan.

Even without a degree, she managed to get an internship at Vogue magazine. After a few years, she left the magazine to join a private equity firm. She moved up the ladder quickly and became the firm’s vice president of administration.

In 2015, Owens became CEO of the marketing agency Degree180. She contributed to the company blog, and her work typically took an anti-conservative and anti-Trump stance. She promoted the need for significant social change. She also mocked conservative Republicans in ways that any marketing agency would consider unprofessional. 

Things were getting weird for Candace Owens. The future had much stranger opportunities in store for her, and she was ready to embrace them no matter how much they contradicted her earlier positions.

Why Is Candace Owens Famous?

Candace Owens drew some national attention during the Gamergate controversy. A project she was running would take screenshots of potentially offensive social media posts. As a result, hackers gained access to her personal information in an attempt to dox her.

Oddly enough, Owens did not blame the doxing on conservative trolls fueling the Gamergate controversy. Instead, she said that progressives were to blame. She offered little to no evidence for her claims.

In all fairness, most conservative and liberal media outlets condemned the Gamergate scandal, saying that it went too far by exposing personal information and encouraging people to target commenters who upset them.

Owens, however, had only dipped her toe into popularity. National fame was right around the corner.

How Did Candace Owens Get Famous?

Candace Owens became truly famous in 2017 when she changed her political views overnight. She has stated that she “became a conservative overnight” because she “realized that liberals were actually the racists.”

Owens’s change of perspective went so far that she immediately embraced Donald Trump as a successful president. This surprised many people because she was one of the few high-profile Black women who supported President Trump.

Her support went far beyond posting positive opinions to her social media accounts and blogs. In November 2017, conservative organization Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk told a gathering at a MAGA Rally that Owens would become the group’s director of urban engagement. Some pundits accused Turning Point of hiring her to counter recent accusations of racism within the organization. Owens left Turning Point in May 2019.

Owens received a personal endorsement from President Trump in 2018 when he said that she was “having a big impact on politics” and was sparking a debate that was “so good for our Country!”

Surprisingly, Owens didn’t register as a Republican until 2018 after Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. According to Candace Owens, Kavanaugh’s victimization had parallels to Black men who were lynched because of the requirement to “believe women.”

Many people took offense at her attempt to link “social lynching” to the actual lynchings of about 3,500 Black Americans between 1882 and 1968, as reported by the Tuskegee Institute.

Candace Owens Politics

The politics of Candace Owens have transformed over the years. Since 2017, though, she has moved deeper into far-right conservative thought. She has voiced her opinions through several outlets, including:

  • InfoWars, a conspiracy theory and fake news platform run by Alex Jones.
  • The Candace Owens Show on PragerU’s YouTube Channel – despite PragerU’s name, it is not an educational institution. Rather, it is a nonprofit media company that frequently produces videos featuring anti-immigration and climate change denial perspectives.
  • Fox News, which she has consistently used to distance herself from conspiracy theories that she supports on other platforms, including her blog.

She maintains a regular presence on Twitter and other social media platforms. She has written one book, Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From the Democrat Plantation

Candace Owens Scandals and Controversies

A fair amount of Candace Owens’ fame comes from her willingness to jump into the middle of scandals and controversies, often by making claims without any scientific or documented support.

Some of her high-profile scandals and controversies include the following.

Women Without Children

In 2018, Candace Owens claimed with no evidence that “something bio-chemically happens” to women who do not have children.

To make the tweet even more harmful, she linked to Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman. When Silverman countered, Owens accused her of supporting gangs and terrorists.

It’s worth noting that Candace Owens did not have any children at the time. As of mid-2021, she has one child.

Anti-Feminist Views

Owens rails against feminism and has called the #MeToo movement “stupid.” She claims that she “hates” it.

The #MeToo movement primarily seeks to hold men accountable for using positions of power to take advantage of women.

She says that #MeToo is flawed because it’s built on the premise that “women are stupid, weak, and inconsequential.”

“Muslim Bans”

Owens supports general travel bans from countries with primarily Muslim populations.

She predicts that the United States will become a Muslim-majority country by 2050, and that Sharia law will replace the country’s current legal system.

2020 Election Results

Candace Owens has stated on multiple occasions that the 2020 Presidential Election results are fraudulent and that Donald Trump, rather than Joe Biden, belongs in the White House.

She has called the election “clearly rigged.” Dozens of lawsuits have attempted to make similar arguments. None of them has shown enough evidence to progress through the court system. The United States Supreme Court has also refused to hear cases about the 2020 elections.

Several prosecutors who filed claims now face multi-million dollar defamation suits from the companies that make election voting systems and software.

Support for Hitler

During a 2018 event for Turning Point, Owens stated, “You know, [Hitler] was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine.”

She added that the problem with Hitler was that he had ambitions beyond Germany and that he wanted to globalize.

Christchurch Massacre

The manifesto written by the shooter at the Christchurch Massacre claimed he drew influence from Candace Owens, especially her positions on gun access and anti-Muslim immigration. Owens responded quickly, saying that she had never tweeted about the Second Amendment or Islam.

A review of her tweeting history revealed several posts about both topics.


Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Owens has claimed without evidence that deaths were over-counted. (Experts believe that deaths are under-counted.)

She has also claimed that Bill Gates is a “vaccine criminal,” the left has become a “Doomsday Cult,” and that it was impossible for a vaccine to reach people before June (as of June, millions of Americans have been vaccinated).

Candace Owens Harry Styles Comment

In November 2020, musician Harry Styles appeared on the cover of Vogue wearing a Gucci dress. Candace Owens shared her cultural opinion that the photo was another example of men being feminized. Somehow, she connected the images to Marxism. She didn’t bother to address powerful men throughout history who wore dresses, togas, makeup, and wigs. 

Candace received some criticism for her comments. Realistically, the attention she received was nothing compared to the attention that Harry Styles enjoyed. Millions of the musician’s fans responded favorably to his choice of wardrobe.

The choice probably wasn’t nearly as controversial as some people assumed. Many rock stars have appeared wearing dresses and other traditionally feminine garb, including Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and Iggy Pop of the Stooges. For whatever reason, Owens felt she needed to add her opinion to a cultural phenomenon that stretches back way before she was born.

Is Candace Owens Married?

Yes, Candace Owens is married to George Farmer, a former chair of Turning Point UK and a private equity manager. She gave birth to their first child in 2021.

How Much Is Candace Owens Worth?

Given the amount of airtime that Candace Owens gets and her staunch support for wealthy politicians, fans might assume that she has significant wealth. In fact, her estimated worth is just $1 million.

She has said that she plans to run for president in 2024. If that’s the case, she will need to raise considerable funds to campaign.

Overall, in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump spent about $1.3 billion.

Candace Owens Net Worth Summary

Candace Owens is still a rather young woman with decades ahead of her to grow her popularity and wealth. Her current connections within the Republican Party and Trump Organization could give her career a considerable boost.

Depending on whether the Republican Party and conservatives decide to follow Trump’s leadership, Candace Owens could have opportunities to turn her talking points into top-selling books.

After all, Bernie Sanders added about $2.5 million to his personal wealth by publishing a book during the brief period when it looked like he might win the Democratic nomination.

If Owens can accomplish something similar, she could more than double her net worth.

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Does Bert Kreischer Net Worth Rival His Crazy Stories? Tue, 01 Jun 2021 08:05:36 +0000 Bert Kreischer Net Worth: Analysts estimate that Bert Kreischer's net worth falls between $3 million and $4 million.

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Bert Kreischer is an American comedian, storyteller, and podcaster. He always seems right on the cusp of becoming very famous. While he has a steadily growing group of die-hard fans, he hasn’t reached the level of fame that gets much attention in places like L.A. So why is Brad Kreischer famous? He’s well-know for a bunch of reasons:

Semi-Professional Undergraduate Partier

Bert Kreischer has been somewhat famous since he was an undergraduate student at Florida State University.

While attending the school in 1997, The Princeton Review ranked FSU as the top party school in the country.

During that time, Kreischer was in his sixth year as a student and member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

Somehow, word of his on- and off-campus antics reached a writer at Rolling Stone, who interviewed the student and several of his friends to write a six-page article called “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate.

The article provided an overview of Kreischer’s long bouts of drinking, public nudity, and non-stop partying.

What happened next is a grand example of how Bert Kreischer’s life seems to operate. Famed director Oliver Stone read the article and wanted to option a movie about Kreischer’s life.

Although several writers produced scripts, Stone never followed through with the project. All of the scripts were returned to their authors.

One of the scripts, however, held more promise than the others. National Lampoon purchased the work and used it as the basis for The National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, an outrageous comedy that kick-started Ryan Reynolds’ movie career.

Unfortunately, National Lampoon never paid Kreischer as the film’s inspiration. Kreischer says that people closely associated with the production have confirmed the story, but he does not plan to sue the company for financial compensation.

Taking Off His Shirt

Few men proudly display their beer bellies like Bert Kreischer. If you have seen him perform, you have seen him shirtless. He doesn’t even start telling stories until he takes off his shirt and gets comfortable.

Why does Kreischer take his shirt off in public so often? According to him, it started when he was a teenager. He discovered that he could convince people to drink more alcohol when he took off his shirt.

Getting half-naked – or fully naked, as was often the case back then – was just another way to energize the party around him.

His reckless abandon inspired others to act recklessly, which made parties more fun, which meant that Kreischer would never pass an opportunity to take off his shirt and encourage debauchery.

Telling Hilarious Stories

Is Bert Kreischer a drunken fool? That sounds like one way that he would describe himself. After all, he does have a comedy special named Comfortably Dumb.

He’s also a storytelling genius. He isn’t the type of comedian that tells a lot of one-line jokes. Instead, he crafts stories that usually take several minutes to tell. More on that below.


Much of Bert Kreischer’s popularity comes from his appearances on podcasts, including two that he co-hosts.

He frequently appears on The Joe Rogan Experience and several other podcasts.

When he isn’t on the road, he’s usually visiting friends to swap unbelievable stories that thousands upon thousands of people listen to.

Bert Kreischer Stand Up Comedy

Bert Kreischer tried to stand up a few times while attending FSU. He made his first appearance at a Tallahassee nightclub called Potbelly’s.

A videotape of Kreischer made its way to a talent agent located in New York City. He invited Kreischer to visit New York and watch some comedy shows.

Kreischer ended up getting a job working the door at the Boston Comedy Club. (Despite its name, the Boston Comedy Club was located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.)

Kreischer has since completed several successful comedy tours. At some point, he moved from New York to Los Angeles, likely so he could be closer to TV and film producers as well as the comedians who have become his close friends, including Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, and Tom Segura.

Bert Kreischer Comedy Specials

As of mid-2021, Bert Kreischer has released six comedy specials.

He appeared as one of several comedians in 2004’s National Lampoon Live: New Faces – Volume 2 (so he did finally get some money from National Lampoon!).

Showtime released two of his comedy specials:

  • Comfortably Dumb in 2009
  • The Machine in 2016

The Machine

It’s impossible to talk about Bert Kreischer without discussing “the Machine.” Bert earned the nickname during a college trip to Russia. During an overnight train ride, he befriended two men whom he soon learned were members of the mafia.

The men started calling him “the Machine” because of Bert’s ability to drink massive amounts of alcohol without suffering hangovers.

What started out as a fun evening eventually turned into a series of robberies. When the train reached its destination, a group of police officers was waiting to interrogate Kreischer, or so he thought. Instead, they wanted to have their turn partying with “the Machine.”

The mafia and police had a lot of friends in common, and they just wanted to have fun with the indestructible American.

This Is Not Happening

He appeared on the Comedy Central series This Is Not Happening in 2015 as the guest of then-host Ari Shaffir.

During this short stand-up special, he told one of his most iconic stories, “Fighting a Bear.” In “Fighting a Bear,” he talks about an episode of the short-lived TV series Hurt Bert.

During this episode, he is supposed to interact with a trained bear. Not surprisingly, things don’t go as planned.

The bear attacks Kreischer.

Interestingly, Bert had brought a date on set with him that day. She stepped in and convinced the bear to leave Kreischer alone. Today, she (LeeAnn) and Bert are married with two daughters.

In a future episode of This Is Not Happening hosted by Roy Wood, Jr., Kreischer told a story about going to a sex show while visiting Amsterdam. In typical Kreischer fashion, things got out of control, yet everyone managed to have an amazing time.

Netflix has produced two of Kreischer’s comedy specials:

  • Secret Time in 2018
  • Hey Big Boy in 2020

In recent years, much of his stand-up has moved away from his party lifestyle and tells stories about life as a family man… although Bert Kreischer would never count as the typical family man. 

TV Appearances

Bert Kreischer has made several appearances on TV as himself and in character. His television career started in 2001 when he played himself in a pilot series for CBS called Life With David J. CBS did not pick up the show, but it gave Kreischer experience as an actor.

Other TV appearances include:

  • Conan
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Late Show With David Letterman
  • Rachael Ray
  • The X Show (as host)
  • Hurt Bert (as host)
  • Bert the Conqueror, a reality TV show that aired on Travel Channel from 2010 to 2011 and a third season in 2016
  • Trip Flip (as host)
  • The Cabin with Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer Podcast

Bert Kreischer has become a very popular podcaster. He frequently appears on The Joe Rogan Experience and other podcasts hosted by his friends.

He has been featured on WTF with Marc MaronYour Mom’s HouseH3 Podcast, and Doug Loves Movies.

He hosts and co-hosts three podcasts:

  • Bertcast
  • 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura
  • Bill and Bert with Bill Burr

Is Bert Kreischer Married?

Bert Kreischer married his wife, LeeAnn, in 2003. She appears on with him fairly often during interviews. They have two daughters, Ila and Georgia.

According to many of Bert’s stories, Ila shares some of his personality traits, including his interest in pranking friends and family.

Bert Kreischer Awards

Bert Kreischer probably hasn’t won any awards that the general public has heard of.

He did receive the “You Got Served” from The Interrobang in 2019. He won the award after a dance-off with Tom Segura and Joe Rogan.

How Rich Is Bert Kreischer?

It’s difficult to estimate how rich someone like Bert Kreischer is. Most people estimate that his net worth falls between $3 million and $4 million.

No matter how much money he has, he earned it all doing exactly what he wanted and having a great time in the process.

Bert Kreischer Net Worth Summary

At most, Bert Kreischer probably has a net worth of about $4 million. Currently, most of his money comes from popular podcasts, including the three that he helps host.

He also earns money by appearing on podcasts hosted by other comedians. While he has certainly earned a fair amount of money from his comedy specials, it’s hard to imagine that those sudden influxes of cash match the ongoing revenues of producing regular podcasts that have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Whether Kreischer’s net worth grows depends on several factors, such as how popular his podcasts remain, whether he can start new projects with comedians who already have large followings, and when he decides to take his show on tour.

Kreischer thrives on his likable personality and ability to amplify fun. Listening to some of his stories could make your jaw drop. No matter how much you disapprove of his antics, though, you will likely keep smiling, completely unable to dislike him no matter what you think of his behavior.

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Danny Glover Net Worth Has Ballooned Sun, 30 May 2021 15:55:24 +0000 Danny Glover Net Worth: On average, industry experts estimate that Danny Glover has a net worth of about $40 million.

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Danny Glover Net Worth: Danny Glover is a beloved actor and activist. Most people know him for his co-starring role in the Lethal Weapon series. How much does an actor of Glover’s stature accumulate over a decades-long career?

That’s difficult to answer with pinpoint accuracy, but we can look at many years in the entertainment business and estimate Danny Glover’s net worth.

Who Is Danny Glover?

Danny Glover is an actor best known for his role as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series, in which he appears alongside Mel Gibson. Glover’s achievements as an actor do not end with the action-detective series, though. He also has a long history as an activist.

Still, no matter how many accolades Danny Glover gets for his passionate support of causes that will address the world’s biggest problems, most people will always know him as the Lethal Weapon star who often complains that he’s “getting too old for this sh*t.” The line has become iconic, and it is featured in uncountable memes.

Even in his mid-70s, Glover shows no signs of slowing down. He still enjoys acting and activism. If anything, he seems more devoted than ever.

Danny Glover Actor

Danny Glover didn’t plan to become an actor. He was raised in San Francisco by a mother and father who were both postal workers. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in classes at San Francisco State College. However, he left before earning his degree.

After leaving school, Danny took a job working for the San Francisco city government as a city administrator focused on community development.

While working as a city administrator, Glover took an interest in acting. He enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater as a member of the Black Actors’ Workshop.

It didn’t take long before acting dominated Glover’s life. He dedicated his time to acting, a decision that some would consider reckless – particularly because he had dyslexia that made it difficult for him to read scripts and memorize lines. Personally, he worried that his height—about 6’4”—would make him look awkward on stage and prevent him from getting acting jobs.

Despite Glover’s concerns, he showed exemplary talent as a performer. He joined the Shelton Actors Lab, where he was able to study directly under stage actor Jean Shelton. Glover says that Jean Shelton had an enormous influence on his decision to become a full-time actor. Glover quit his job with the city and pursued acting as a career.

Once Danny Glover decided to devote himself to acting, San Francisco didn’t look like the best place to live. Los Angeles had more opportunities. Moving to Southern California would also make it easier for him to connect with actors and teachers working in movies and television shows.

After moving to Los Angeles, he and actor Ben Guillory co-founded the Robey Theatre in honor of Paul Robeson, an actor and concert singer known throughout the city as an excellent performer.

Glover learned a lot working on the stage. However, the best-paying jobs were in the movie studios. It was time for Glover to explore opportunities in the studio rather than on the stage.

Danny Glover TV Shows

Danny Glover has excelled as a movie actor. Those who pay close attention to his career, however, know that he has appeared in dozens of television shows, too.

His first TV role was an uncredited appearance on B.J. and the Bear In 1979. Over the next decade, he appeared in episodes of:

  • The Greatest American Hero
  • Hill Street Blues, where he had a four-episode streak
  • Gimme a Break!
  • Tale Tales & Legends
  • Lonesome Dove

During this time, he also appeared in a few TV movies, such as The Face of Rage and Mandela, in which he played the lead role of Nelson Mandela.

By this time, Glover had appeared in several successful feature films, which gave him more opportunities to choose interesting roles on TV series and TV movies. Some standouts include:

  • A Raisin in the Sun (TV movie)
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers
  • Alex Haley’s Queen (miniseries)
  • Psych
  • ER
  • American Dad!
  • My Name Is Earl
  • Criminal Mind
  • Mozart in the Jungle

Danny Glover Movies

Danny Glover had already proven himself as a respected, talented actor before earning the role of Sergeant Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon in 1987.

In fact, he played in The Color Purple in 1985 opposite Oprah Winfrey. The movie also included Whoopi Goldberg, music by Quincy Jones, and directing by Steven Spielberg. 

It’s also impossible not to mention all of the Lethal Weapon movies featuring Danny Glover. The series includes four installments released in 1987, 1989, 1992, and 1998. Other notable actors in the movies include Mel Gibson, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo, Jet Li, and Chris Rock.

You might also recognize Danny Glover from movies like:

  • Predator 2
  • Operation Dumbo Drop
  • Beloved
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Saw
  • Good Fences
  • Be Kind Rewind
  • Blindness
  • Saw V
  • Death at a Funeral
  • Dirty Granpa
  • Extortion
  • The Good Catholic
  • Proud Mary
  • The Old Man & the Gun
  • The Dead Don’t Die
  • Jumanji: The Next Level

Danny Glover Awards

Danny Glover has won a long list of awards for his acting, directing, and activism. Some of the awards he’s received include:

  • CableACE Award in 1989 for actor in a movie or miniseries and 1996 for actor in a dramatic special or series.
  • NAACP Image Award in 1988, 1989, 1995, 1999, and 2001.
  • Independent Spirit Award for best male lead in 1991’s To Sleep With Anger.
  • MTV Movie Award in 1993 for best on-screen duo, shared with Mel Gibson for their roles in Lethal Weapon 3.
  • Jamerican International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Women in Film Crustal Awards Humanitarian Award.
  • Medal of Friendship from the Cuban Council of State.

Glover has also received at least two honorary doctorates.

What Disease Does Danny Glover Have?

Danny Glover has epilepsy. Thankfully, he has not had a seizure in decades.

Many people believe that Glover has a neurological condition called Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA). PBA causes unexpected outbursts of laughter and laughter that do not represent the person’s emotional state.

Glover does not have PBA, but he did appear in an awareness campaign about the condition. It’s an understandable confusion, but Glover currently does not have any other known diseases, including PBA.

Are Danny Glover and Danny DeVito Friends?

Danny Glover and Danny DeVito have been friends for years. They met during production for the 1997 Francis Ford Coppola movie The Rainmaker.

They’ve appeared in many of the same films since then, but they never had an opportunity to work a scene together until they played roles in the 2019 Jumanji: The Next Level. The two spent very little time on screen together because most of the movie takes place in a simulation where their avatars are played by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

During an interview with L.A. Times, it was obvious that Glover and DeVito share a fondness for each other. The pair might look odd standing side by side—Danny Glover is famously tall, and Danny DeVito is equally famous for his short stature—but they have a lot in common.

Both of them share a passion for social justice issues. They supported Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Democratic Primary. DeVito says that he has immense respect for Glover’s commitment to activism. 

Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will notice that Lethal Weapon has a special place among the comedy’s characters. Danny DeVito’s character, Frank, along with other members of the gang, made their own Lethal Weapon V.

The episode has been pulled from some platforms, though, because a character playing Murtaugh wears blackface. The joke does not seem to have affected the friendship between Glover and DeVito.

Is Danny Glover Married?

Danny Glover has been married twice.

He married his current wife, Eliane Cavalleiro, in 2009.

He married his first wife, Asake Bomani, in 1975. They had a daughter named Mandisa in 1976. The couple divorced in 2000.

How Rich Is Danny Glover?

It’s always difficult to determine how rich someone like Danny Glover is. He has worked as a popular actor and director for decades.

The popularity of the Lethal Weapon series must have also netted him substantial income. Lethal Weapon grossed $102.2 million; Lethal Weapon 2 grossed $227.9 million; Lethal Weapon 4 grossed $285.4 million, and Lethal Weapon 3  grossed $321.7 million.

Most people estimate that Danny Glover has a net worth of about $40 million. He’s not exactly the richest person in Hollywood, but he’s extremely comfortable.

Danny Glover Net Worth Summary

Few people have had such a long, successful career in theater, television, and film as Danny Glover. He has a phenomenal range that makes it possible for him to play dramatic and comedic roles.

Not many actors have roles as memorable as his in the Lethal Weapon series. While he has done much more than play Murtaugh, fans will always remember him as an outgoing detective, terrific friend, and caring family man who, despite all that he does, constantly feels that he’s getting too old for this sh*t!

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Emily Blunt Net Worth – It Will Amaze You Sun, 23 May 2021 18:37:58 +0000 Emily Blunt Net Worth: English-born actor Emily Blunt has an estimated net worth between $25 million and $90 million.

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Emily Blunt is one of the most successful actors in English-language television shows and movies. Born in London on February 23, 1983, she currently has dual citizenship with the United Kingdom and the United States. Her mother is a former actress, and her father is a barrister. Between the two, she received financial security and encouragement to pursue a career in the dramatic arts.

Why Is Emily Blunt So Famous?

Emily Blunt is famous for her ability to play such diverse roles. She can quickly adapt to the needs of comedies, action films, and dramatic roles. Somehow, she makes the shifts look easy, as if she does not need to do intensive work to embody a range of characters.

Blunt also takes a fearless approach to choosing roles and refuses to let producers typecast her. Blunt has worked as a voice actor for The SimpsonsMy Little Pony: The Movie, and Sherlock Gnomes.

It’s also near impossible to ignore Emily Blunt’s chameleon-like ability to change her appearance in movies. Her dramatic shifts draws viewers’ eyes to her. Of course, her good looks wouldn’t mean much if she didn’t have such a blazing talent as an actor.

Unlike many people, she seems to embrace physical transformations to embody her other characters. A few things as simple as dyeing her hair and changing how she moves can radically alter her appearance. This talent helps her become characters on the stage and the screen.

Emily Blunt Actor

Emily Blunt’s acting started about as well as anyone’s could. As a teenager, she played opposite Judi Dench in a stage production of “The Royal Family.” Dench, of course, is an iconic British actor who has performed a wide variety of roles on the stage, television, and big screen. Very few young actors have chances to work as closely with Dench as Emily Blunt did. The young actor certainly learned a lot from the seasoned performer.

Emily Blunt has been in three other stage productions:

  • Bliss (2000) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Vincent in Brixton (2001-2002) at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
  • Romeo and Juliet (2002) at the Chichester Festival Theatre

As Blunt’s career continued, she quickly transitioned to feature movies like My Summer Love (2004) and Irresistible (2006). She also appeared in a few TV movies, including The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle (2005).

Although the made-for-television film focuses on how Arthur Conan Doyle used his personal experiences to create the Sherlock Holmes character, it predates the extremely popular Sherlock Holmes movie by four years and the Sherlock BBC series by half a decade. 

Emily Blunt gained significant attention for her appearance in Looper (2012) alongside Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The movie introduced her to the possibility of becoming a star in science-fiction action movies. She showed that she could add dimension and repeatability to a science-fiction movie, a skill she would later use in films like Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and A Quiet Place (2018).

A Quiet Place also stands out as the first movie she appeared in alongside her husband, John Krasinksi, who also directed the film.

Emily Blunt TV Shows

Emily Blunt has appeared on several TV shows. Some of her most popular roles took place in:

  • Foyle’s War (2003)
  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot (2004)
  • The Simpsons (2009)
  • Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps (2009-2010)

TV movies that she has been in include:

  • Boudica (2003)
  • Henry VIII (2003)
  • The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes & Arthur Conan Doyle (2005)
  • Gideon’s Daughter (2006)

Emily Blunt has also appeared as herself on Lip Sync Battle. She hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2016 with Bruno Mars as the musical performer.

Emily Blunt Movies

Some of the movies that contribute to her reputation as a great actor include:

  • The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
  • The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)
  • Dan in Real Life (2007)
  • Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)
  • Sunshine Cleaning (2008)
  • The Adjustment Bureau (2011)
  • The Muppets (2011)
  • The Five-Year Engagement (2012)
  • Looper (2012)
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
  • Into the Woods (2014)
  • Sicario (2015)
  • A Quiet Place (2018)
  • Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
  • A Quiet Place Part II (2020)
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

At just 38 years old, Emily Blunt likely has decades of acting ahead of her. She has performed in movies even while raising young children, and her husband appears in movies and television shows as well. 

She has a virtually limitless future that could include any types of new characters and approaches to performance. A Quiet Place II will be her first major sequel. If it’s as successful as expected, it could create an entirely new direction for her career.

Emily Blunt Awards

Emily Blunt has been nominated for dozens of high-profile awards, including:

  • BAFTA Rising Star Award and Best Film Actress in a Supporting Role for The Devil Wears Prada (2006).
  • Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Movie Actress for The Young Victoria (2009), Best Action Movie Actress for Looper (2014), Best Movie Cast for Into the Woods (2014), and Best Comedy Movie Actress for Mary Poppins Returns (2018).
  • Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for The Devil Wears PradaInto the Woods, The Young Victoria, and Mary Poppins Returns.

Awards she has won include:

  • A Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year in 2009.
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for Gideon’s Daughter in 2007.
  • Best Action Movie Actress for Edge of Tomorrow in 2013.
  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for A Quiet Place in 2019.

Smaller awards Emily Blunt has won include:

  • Most Promising Newcomer (2005)
  • London Film Critics’ Circle British Supporting Actor of the Year (2007)
  • Kick Ass Award for Best Female Action Star (2016)
  • Best Ensemble Cast (2012)

How Did Emily Blunt Meet John Krasinski?

Emily Blunt first met John Krasinski in November 2008. At the time, Krasinski was an extremely popular American actor best known for his role as Jim Halpert on The Office. He was also working on the film Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, a movie based on the works of author David Foster Wallace that became his directorial debut. 

Blunt and Krasinski were dining at separate tables in an L.A. restaurant. Blunt was with a friend who also knew Krasinski. When the friend spotted Krasinski across the dining room, he beckoned to the actor, who was sitting with fellow actor Justin Theroux. Krasinski reportedly abandoned Theroux to come stand by Blunt and her friend. Emily Blunt says that he made her laugh instantly, and she knew immediately that the two shared an intense connection.

Before the end of the year, Krasinski asked Blunt on a date. He chose one of the most ridiculous activities that he could imagine, shooting at a gun range, because he did not believe he had a real chance with her. Apparently, they enjoyed the date and continued seeing each other.

By August 2009, less than a year after they met, Krasinksi and Blunt knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Krasinski asked her to marry him, and she agreed. The couple would finally wed in July 2010 at George Clooney’s Italian estate.

Blunt had her first child, Hazel, in 2014. She had her second child, Violet, in 2016. As of 2020, Blunt has two children, both with her husband, John Krasinski.

How Much Is Emily Blunt Worth?

It’s always difficult to determine how much a celebrity is worth. The task becomes even more challenging with Emily Blunt because she’s married to an equally famous and very prosperous actor.

Some estimate that Emily Blunt has a net worth of just $25 million. This seems unbelievably low since she reportedly earned at least $12 million for her appearance in A Quiet Place 2.

Other sources say that her net worth is much closer to $90 million. It’s unclear whether she is worth $90 million or her household, which would include John Krasinski, is worth $90 million. 

Not much is known about Krasinski’s recent earnings. However, it has been reported that he earned $125,000 per episode during the final season of The Office. Assuming that he earned $100,000 per episode on average throughout the TV show’s nine seasons, he would have generated about $20 million. 

Regardless of how much money and assets Blunt has, she has earned nearly all of it as a professional actor. Many people in her position make an additional income by becoming partners in corporations. Ryan Reynolds, for example, owns the mobile phone company Mint Mobile. As far as anyone knows, Emily Blunt does not have similar endeavors. Instead, she devotes herself to acting and spending time with her family.

Emily Blunt Net Worth Summary

No one really knows Emily Blunt’s net worth—other than maybe her family and accountant. Given her enormous success as a performer, though, she clearly has millions of dollars to her name. The estimates range from $25 to $90 million. Her personal wealth is likely double what some would expect because she is married to an equally popular and talented American actor.

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Nick Diaz Net Worth Is Bigger Than You Think Wed, 19 May 2021 21:11:29 +0000 Nick Diaz Net Worth: Mixed martial artist, Nick Diaz is worth an estimated $3 million.

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Nick Diaz stands out as one of the world’s most ferocious professional fighters. Despite a difficult childhood and early adulthood, he has built a successful career working with various professional fighting organizations, including MMA, PRIDE FC, and UFC.

However, Diaz has also had a rocky career that forced him out of competitive fighting for five years. Currently, he plans a comeback as his penalty comes to an end.

Why Is Nick Diaz Famous?

Nick Diaz gained attention immediately after his first professional fight. At just 18 years old, Diaz participated in IFC Warriors Challenge 15 against Mike Wick. Wick submitted when Diaz got him into a triangle choke.

The following year, Diaz entered his second professional fight. This time, he faced Chris Lytle at the IFC Warriors Challenge 17. By defeating Lytle, Diaz became the IFC Welterweight Champion. That’s quite an accomplishment for a young man with such a brief history of professional fighting.

Nick Diaz’s early wins attracted the attention of fight promoters. During the 2002 UA 4: King of the Mountain fight, he defeated Blaine Tyler (by TKO) and Adam Lynn (by submission). He lost the third fight in the series to Jeremy Jackson.

Much of Nick Diaz’s fame comes from his excellent fighting skills and ability to win championships. He also has a big personality that makes him a fan favorite. He isn’t afraid to get the crowd excited, and he seems to draw power from the surrounding enthusiasm. Even when he loses a match—often with a bloody face covered in bruises—he somehow seems triumphant. Few fans ever doubts that he gave the fight every ounce of his power.

Nick Diaz MMA

Nick Diaz’s MMA career has involved several sports organizations. As of mid-2021, he has participated in 37 matches. He has 26 wins to his name (13 knockouts, eight submissions, and five by decision). He has lost nine fights (two by knockout and seven by decision). His record includes two “no contests.”

Nick Diaz’s MMA career includes several accolades and championships, including:

  • Strikeforce Welterweight Champion
  • World Extreme Cagefighting Welterweight Champion
  • International Sport Karate Association MMA Americas Welterweight Champion
  • International Fighting Championship (IFC) U.S. Welterweight Champion
  • IFC Americas Welterweight Champion
  • Sherdog Awards 2011 Round of the Year (against Paul Daley)
  • Sherdog Awards 2011 All-Violence First Team
  • Inside Fights 2007 Fight of the Year (against Takanori Gomi)

Nick Diaz Strikeforce

Diaz performed well during Strikeforce matches. Unfortunately, Strikeforce went out of business in 2013. Still, Nick Diaz had a few opportunities to show how well he could use his martial arts experience to defeat opponents.

The first event, Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz, pitted Nick Diaz against Frank Shamrock, an MMA legend. The match took place on April 11, 2009, in San Jose, California. More than 14,000 people attended the fight. About 364,000 viewers watched the event live on the Showtime cable channel.

Diaz dominated Shamrock during the fight, which only lasted two rounds. The Strikeforce event awarded Diaz the victory based on the number of strikes he landed against his opponent. Diaz earned about $50,000 from the fight (including his win bonus).

On June 6, 2009, Diaz took part in the Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields event in St. Louis. About 275,000 people watched the fights on Showtime. Diaz faced Scott Smith. Smith’s experience as a boxer gave him an advantage throughout most of the fight, and his long reach helped him land many punches against Diaz. Smith dropped Diaz to the ground during the first round. The third round, however, decided who would win. Smith took a body blow that put him on the ground, making it possible for Diaz to establish a hold. Diaz took the win.

During a third event, Strikeforce: Miami, Diaz faced DREAM Welterweight Champion Marius Zaromskis on January 10, 2010. Diaz used his combination of martial arts and idiosyncratic boxing style to defeat Zaromskis during the first round. The win made Diaz the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.

After a brief series of events following the Zaromskis fight, Diaz was able to defend his title as Strikeforce Welterweight Champion three times in a row.

Nick Diaz PRIDE FC

Nick Diaz performed very well in PRIDE FC events. Unfortunately, Diaz would test positive cannabis. A doctor testified that he believed Diaz was intoxicated during a fight with Takanori Gomi. The doctor said that using the drug made Diaz numb to the pain of repeated strikes during the event.

Diaz dismissed the charges as ridiculous. Still, he had a sizeable amount of THC in his system, so PRIDE FC felt it had no choice but to hold him accountable. The match was decided “no contest.”

Nick Diaz UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been one of the most exciting, successful fighting organizations of the 21st century. This made it natural for Nick Diaz to gain an interest in UFC events. Some of his most noteworthy fights with UFC were broadcast as pay-per-view events, including:

  • UFC 59: Sherk vs. Diaz (Sean Sherk defeated Diaz)
  • UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz (Diaz defeated B.J. Penn)
  • UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit (Carlos Condit defeated Diaz)
  • UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz (Georges St-Pierre defeated Diaz)
  • UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz (No contest decision between Anderson Silva and Diaz)

The organization overturned the UFC 183 decision when Diaz failed a drug test. Diaz also had to return 33 percent of his purse.

Will Nick Diaz Ever Fight Again?

Nick Diaz received a five-year suspension from UFC in 2015.

He has said that he plans to make a comeback in 2021.

Who Is Better: Nick or Nate Diaz?

It’s difficult—maybe even impossible—to determine whether Nick Diaz or his brother Nate is the better fighter. The two have never faced each other in the ring.

Some people argue that Nick stands out as the better fighter because he has more wins and fewer losses than his brother. Nate, however, has defeated Conor McGregor. It’s incredibly hard to ignore a win against one of today’s most successful, intimidating fighters.

Is Nick Diaz Married?

Nick Diaz is not married. Some say that he has avoided serious relationships because his career as a fighter would be unfair to a family. Any competition could cause a severe injury that would burden a potential wife and children. Given the risks, he has decided to avoid marriage for now.

Diaz has had a series of girlfriends, though. In 2018, a woman accused Diaz of slamming her to the ground and choking her during an argument.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department charged Diaz with two counts of domestic battery, including one count as a felony. Reports described the alleged victim as his on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Friends of Diaz came to his defense, saying that the woman had been stalking the fighter for at least two years. Some claim that she hit him, stole from him, and committed other crimes that may have escalated into the 2018 confrontation.

A grand jury decided not to indict Diaz, saying there was not enough evidence to designate Diaz as the aggressor. The prosecutor dropped all charges.

How Rich Is Nick Diaz?

Based on publicly available resources, it looks like Nick Diaz is worth about $3 million. That’s a nice amount of money, especially for someone who hasn’t turned 40 yet. Still, it doesn’t put him anywhere close to the richest fighters alive today. For example, Conor McGregor, considered the wealthiest MMA fighter, has a net worth of about $110 million.

(Interestingly, most of that money didn’t come from MMA competitions. McGregor reportedly earned more than $100 million from a 2017 fight against boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Diaz hasn’t had the chance to participate in a cross-sports event that attracted that much money. His one boxing match was against the lesser-known Alfonso Rocha in 2005. Diaz won the fight by decision after four rounds.)

Although Diaz says he wants to return to UFC as a welterweight, he has not taken part in a professional fight since 2015. In 2015, UFC handed him a five-year suspension for testing positive for cannabis use.

Anderson Silva, another UFC fighter, received a one-year suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. Many felt that Diaz received an unfair punishment for using a semi-legal drug known for treating pain but not enhancing athletic performance.

Since his suspension, Diaz has been teaching martial arts in Lodi, California. He and his brother also own a CBD brand named Game Up Nutrition that sells a variety of CBD products, including hemp flower, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD oils.

The two brothers remain cannabis activists, but Diaz has not disclosed whether he uses THC products or how such use might interfere with his return to UFC.

Nick Diaz Net Worth Summary

It seems likely that Nick Diaz has a net worth of around $3 million. If he returns to UFC, his worth could increase significantly. As a man in his late 30s, Diaz still has several years to compete, win titles, and earn money.

Whether he can stay in the UFC likely depends on whether he refrains from using products that contain THC. Given his cannabis advocacy, it’s uncertain whether he will stop using the drug so he can continue participating in MMA events.

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