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lendinghome review

LendingHome Review 2019 – High Yield Real Estate Investing

LendingHome is an online marketplace connecting real estate borrowers and accredited investors.

realcrowd review

RealCrowd Review 2019 – Invest In Commercial Real Estate

RealCrowd is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors with qualified real estate sponsors.

rich uncles featured logo

Rich Uncles Review 2019 – Invest In Commercial Real Estate For $500!

Rich Uncles gives non-accredited investors exposure to commercial real estate opportunities via Real Estate Investment Trusts that have diversified geographic exposure.

equitymultiple review

Accredited Investors > Earn Monthly Income with EquityMultiple (Review)

EquityMultiple is an online real estate investment platform aimed at accredited investors who want access to commercial real estate opportunities. The investment minimum is higher than charged by some rivals. Both debt and equity investments are offered.

roofstock review

Buy Property 100% Online at Roofstock (30-Day Money Back Guarantee)

Roofstock is a marketplace connecting investment property buyers to single-family home sellers, who can transact 100% online.

airbnb host checklist

Airbnb Host Checklist: Essentials Template

A good Airbnb host checklist includes confirming guest bookings, professional cleaning, stocking supplies, verifying fire alarms and extinguishers, leaving guest notes, organizing keys, and following up with guest reviews.

best real estate investing websites

What Are The Best Real Estate Investing Websites?

The best real estate investing websites offer investors the potential to earn passive income, keep pace with inflation, own pre-vetted single family rentals, purchase multifamily units in bulk, and even purchase ownership shares of commercial properties.

is airbnb worth it for hosts

Is Airbnb Worth It For Hosts?

Airbnb is worth it for hosts who set fair pricing and provide top notch customer experiences which lead to high guest review ratings and higher occupancy rates. Provided insurance, maintenance, and hidden costs are covered, Airbnb can be very lucrative for hosts.

fundrise vs betterment

Fundrise vs Betterment Comparison

Fundrise is an online real estate crowdfunding site while Betterment is an online robo advisor however both charge low fees and offer passive income opportunities.

roofstock vs homeunion

Roofstock vs HomeUnion Comparison

Roofstock vs HomeUnion is a comparison between two turnkey real estate marketplaces that connect property investors to single family rentals and up to 4-unit complexes featuring pre-vetted tenants and property managers.