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how to become a real estate investor

How To Be a Real Estate Investor

How to be a real estate investor: 1. Choose Hands-on or Passive Investing 2. Crunch The Numbers 3. Master the Law 4. Look After Your Investment

choose property management company

How to Choose a Property Management Company

The amount that you pay a property management firm may depend on whether the company charges for managing unoccupied units and the agency charges extra for finding new tenants.

how many reits in north america

How Many REITs Are There In North America?

According to IRS records, approximately 1,100 REITs have filed tax returns. Of these, more than 225 US REITs are registered with the SEC to trade on major stock exchanges.

rental scam

How To Avoid Rental Scams [Shocking Airbnb Scam!]

Rental scams can be avoided by verifying the identity of the property owner, selecting a licensed real estate agent, knowing market rates, and conducting due diligence ahead of time.

realty mogul review

Realty Mogul Review 2019 – Invest In Real Estate, Online!

Realty Mogul is a crowdfunding real estate platform that allows investors to pool money to finance real estate purchases. As an online real estate investing marketplace, Realty Mogul connects individuals to real estate investments across the U.S.

roofstock review

Roofstock Review – Buy Property 100% Online

Roofstock is a marketplace connecting investment property buyers to single-family home sellers, who can transact 100% online.

realtyshares review

RealtyShares Review 2019 – Real Estate CrowdInvesting

RealtyShares is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace platform that connects real estate companies in need of financing with accredited investors who seek passive income.

rich uncles featured logo

Rich Uncles Review 2019 – Invest In Commercial Real Estate For $500!

Rich Uncles gives non-accredited investors exposure to commercial real estate opportunities via Real Estate Investment Trusts that have diversified geographic exposure.

lendinghome review

LendingHome Review 2019 – High Yield Real Estate Investing

LendingHome is an online marketplace connecting real estate borrowers and accredited investors.

realcrowd review

RealCrowd Review 2019 – Invest In Commercial Real Estate

RealCrowd is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors with qualified real estate sponsors.