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tulsi gabbard net worth

Tulsi Gabbard Net Worth – $500,000

Tulsi Gabbard entered politics in her early 20s and has made a career of public service, first in her home state of Hawaii, then in the armed forces, and finally in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her bid for the

charlotte casiraghi net worth

Charlotte Casiraghi Net Worth – $32,000,000

Charlotte Casiraghi Net Worth:Insiders estimate that Charlotte Casiraghi is worth in the neighborhood of $32 million.

artie lange net worth

Artie Lange Net Worth – $600,000

Artie Lange Net Worth: Comedian and actor, Artie Lange has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

pete buttigieg net worth

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth – $300,000

Pete Buttigieg Net Worth: Buttigieg’s net worth is reputed to come from the salary he earns as mayor of South Bend and the value of his home.

aoc net worth

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth – $166,000

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth: AOC is a rising figure in the Democratic Party who has a net worth estimated at $166,000.

jennifer lawrence net worth

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth – $134,000,000

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth: Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth has reached an estimated $134 million after starring in all four of the Hunger Games movies.

hayden panettiere net worth

Hayden Panettiere Net Worth – $16,000,000

Hayden Panettiere Net Worth: Her role on “Heroes” helped catapult Hayden to fame and fortune. Today, Hayden Panettiere is worth an estimated $16 million.

ashley tisdale net worth

Ashley Tisdale Net Worth – $11,000,000

Ashley Tisdale Net Worth: Actor, model, and musician Ashley Tisdale has an estimated net worth of $11 million that stemmed primarily from her breakout role in High School Musical.

shannon elizabeth net worth

Shannon Elizabeth Net Worth – $10,000,000

Shannon Elizabeth Net Worth: Former model, actress, TV star, and celebrity poker player, Shannon Elizabeth has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

matthew mcconaughey net worth

Matthew McConaughey Net Worth – $100,000,000

Matthew McConaughey Net Worth: Actor and producer Matthew McConaughey has an estimated net worth of $100 million.