YouTube Star Ethan Klein’s Net Worth: $4,000,000?

Ethan Klein is a YouTube entertainer born in Ventura, California on June 24, 1985. He has been operating his channel h3h3Productions since 2011. He met Hila Hacmon, who was born in Israel in 2007. After knowing each other for about five years, the couple got married in 2012, at which point Hila changed her last name to Klein. She became a naturalized US citizen in 2019. 

Ethan and Hila have built one of the most successful channels on YouTube, h3h3Productions. They upload a variety of content that includes absurd sketch comedy and reaction videos.

Despite their popularity on YouTube, they frequently criticize the company and other channels for content they consider inappropriate. For example, they have targeted channels that encourage young gamers to take part in online gambling. They also frequently criticize prank trends they consider dangerous or mean-spirited.

Besides h3h3Productions, Ethan Klein hosts a podcast called H3 Podcast. True to its name, the podcast comes out three times per week. Each week involves three distinct segments: H3 After Dark, Content Court, and the flagship H3 Podcast. 

In H3 Podcast, Ethan Klein interviews people. H3 After Dark is an unscripted podcast focused on current affairs. Content Court is a narrative, written podcast that dissects controversial internet personalities. His channel’s popularity grew slowly until he released the video VAPE NATION on March 21, 2016.

VAPE NATION featured Klein making fun of vape culture. It starts with him strutting through the New York City subways wearing a bandanna covered in cannabis leaves, flannel pants that let his gut fall over the elastic waistband, a t-shirt with a cannabis leaf and the words “Go Green,” odd sunglasses, and flip-flops (he also wore white tube socks that made the flip-flops look even more absurd).

During the video, his character was in pursuit of the ultimate vape. He wanted to take huge hits and blow massive amounts of vapor. He visits vape stores, where he gets questionable looks from employees and shoppers. While walking, he stopped outside the window of ABC News, where he drew attention from the news anchors. Throughout the video, he coughs and gags as he tries to rip the “fattest clouds.” A police officer even lets him sit inside a truck, where he vapes and gives his hand sign for “vape nation.”

The video got shared widely. As of 2021, it has more than 28 million views, 755,000 likes, and more than 52,000 comments.

How Did Ethan Klein Get Famous?

When Ethan Klein started his YouTube channel in 2011, it attracted little attention and only had a few viewers. That’s not surprising since the content showed little forethought. He would often upload videos of himself doing silly things like dancing around his apartment wearing boxer shorts. One might compare the quality of the comedy to the average TikTok video.

Over time, Klein took his comedy more seriously. He developed characters and lampooned internet trends. 

The rapid rise in fame seemed to inspire Klein. He devoted himself to making more intentional comedy based on characters, sketches, and response videos. He also started producing more long-form content that lasted more than 45 minutes, a rarity on YouTube.

Ethan Klein Comedy

On the surface, Ethan Klein has an irreverent sense of humor. Much of it is silly and pokes fun at established internet celebrities. His content, however, frequently has more serious undertones. The Vape Nation video, for example, mocks vaping and the people who put the habit at the center of their lives. 

His response videos also show a dislike of people who take advantage of others. Kissing Pranks – h3h3 reaction video offers a good example.

Klein begins the video by pretending he’s a prankster who is going to “prank” people by threatening them with physical violence. He confronts someone while holding a machete and threatening them verbally.

The stranger, who is clearly an actor playing the role, easily disarms and hurts Klein, who expresses bewilderment because he was just trying to prank someone.

The video goes on to show Klein watching other prank videos online and making fun of their outrageous attempts. One man, for instance, approaches women and asks them sexually explicit questions as a “prank.” 

How Much Money Does Ethan Klein Make in a Year?

It’s unclear how much Ethan Klein makes per year because his income depends on the success and monetization of his YouTube videos.

He also has revenue streams from advertising on his podcasts and selling merchandise to fans. Since so many factors influence his income, it’s likely that he earns exceptionally more money during some months than others. 

Given what is public about Ethan Klein’s net worth, it’s fair to say that he makes about $4 million per year on average.

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Ethan Klein Awards

Ethan Klein has won no awards, although he has received four nominations.

From 2017 to 2020, the Streamy Awards nominated h3h3Productions for its Comedy category once and H3 Podcast for Best Podcast three times.

Why Does Ethan From H3H3 Blink Weird?

Anyone who has watched enough of Ethan Klein’s videos will probably have noticed that he has an odd, frequent blink. This isn’t something that he does for comedic effect. Instead, it’s the result of mild Tourette’s syndrome. Hila and Ethan discussed his condition during a 2016 video they uploaded to YouTube.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that can cause physical and verbal tics. Many people only know about the condition because they have witnessed people with verbal (also known as phonic) tics, which causes them to exclaim words and sounds. People with the syndrome do not have control over their tics. Common tics include throat clearing, coughing, blinking, and sniffing.

Ethan Klein has a very mild form of Tourette’s syndrome that does not interfere with his life significantly. Some people with the condition have debilitating tics that last throughout their lives. For Ethan, the result is merely some unsettling tics. At most, they would cause embarrassment. Someone with Ethan’s sense of humor, however, might see them as an advantage since they add to the strangeness of his characters and comedy.

Ethan Klein Wife and Kids

Ethan Klein is married to Hila Klein (born Hila Hacmon). Hila surprised Ethan on a 2021 episode of After Dark by telling him that she was pregnant with their next child.

Hila’s doctor told her that she was “super pregnant.” At first, the couple and the doctor thought this meant that Hila would have twins. It turns out that she’s pregnant with triplets!

Unfortunately, the couple later revealed that not all of the fetuses were successful. Instead of three, Hila will give birth to one child near the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

Ethan and Hila already have a child named Theodore.

Are Ethan and Hila Still Together?

As of September 2021, Ethan and Hila are still married and producing content together.

Although Hila has experienced a difficult pregnancy, the couple remains committed to each other and their growing family.

Was Hila Klein In The Military?

Hila Klein was a member of the Israeli military. While it might sound strange that a popular comedian and YouTuber was in the military, this is perfectly normal in Israel because the country has mandatory service for men and women.

Nearly everyone in Israel serves in the military shortly after reaching adulthood. Some citizens are exempt for physical, psychological, and religious reasons. 

Ethan Klein Net Worth Summary

Many people who follow Ethan Klein and h3h3 believe that he has a net worth of about $22 million. Most of this money would come from advertisements displayed on the h3h3 videos. He also earns income from selling merchandise and hosting three popular podcasts. 

Ethan Klein’s YouTube channel earned very little money during its first several years. Once he and Hila started to take their comedy more seriously, though, they quickly found ways to attract larger audiences. In 2016, they earned about $300,000. After that, their growing popularity and income soared. 

It’s not particularly surprising that the Kleins have found enormous success as comedians and video producers. Ethan’s grandfather, Lesnar Katzman, was a producer for the hit television series Dallas.

Ethan also has a background in marketing. He worked for a marketing agency before becoming a YouTube and podcasting star. His experience as a marketer should give him some insight into how he can grow brand awareness, use social media to reach new audiences, and create effective video campaigns. 

Why Is H3H3 So Rich?

h3h3Productions has so much money because it has successfully built a vast audience of followers on YouTube. YouTube pays content creators according to how many viewers watch advertisements. Rates vary but usually fall between $0.01 to $0.03 per view. A video with 1,000 views, therefore, earns $3 to $5. That isn’t much money when you have a small audience. 

Consider how much a video like Vape Nation might earn, though. With about 28,249,000 views, it has probably generated somewhere between $30,000 and $90,000. It might earn even more money than that because YouTube pays the most popular channels more money per view. 

Some of the most highly paid YouTubers include:

  • Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old who makes original superhero videos and has earned about $30 million.
  • MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson), a stunt performer who has made about $24 million from his videos.
  • Dude Perfect, a fun channel that features friends playing with a variety of toys and has earned about $23 million.
  • Rhett and Link (Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III), who started Good Mythical Morning and have generates about $20 million from YouTube videos.
  • Markiplier (Mark Fischbach), a video game analyzer who provides comments while playing popular games and has made about $19.5 million on YouTube.

When you add the revenues from h3h3’s podcasts, it makes sense that the Kleins would have about $22 million. As the channel continues to grow and YouTube optimizes its ad-sharing program, the team have even more opportunities to grow their wealth and potentially explore other types of media that could add to their annual incomes.




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