Joe Rogan Net Worth: $150,000,000?

Stand-up comedian, actor, mixed-martial arts commentator, host, and jiu jitsu black belt are just a few of the labels attributed to Joe Rogan.

Most recently, Rogan added another string to his bow when he inked a $100 million deal with Spotify to license his  wildly successful podcast.

He’s come a long way from his initial acting role as Frank Valente on Hardball in the early 1990s. Indeed it seems that Rogan has the midas touch, because virtually everything he touches turns to gold.  The only question now is will the Joe Rogan net worth tally rise as high as one billion dollar?

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Why Is Joe Rogan Famous?MMA Commentator, TV Host, JRE Podcast
How Old Is Joe Rogan?August 11, 1967
Is Joe Rogan Rich?$150,000,000+
What Made Him Famous?Spotify Deal, The Man Show, UFC
Pot Farm
Last UpdatedOctober 9, 2020

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Before Spotify wooed the #1 podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan was raking in the dough from hugely popular JRE Experience podcast that was distributed widely across platforms like YouTube.

Up until then, the JRE Experience podcast was estimated to generate as much as $50,000 per episode. With a quick back of the envelope calculation, you can see how this extraordinary revenue-generating machine attracted Spotify.

With as many as 5 episodes of long-form content each week, Joe was raking in an estimated $250,000 per week.

Do a little further math, and you end up with ballpark income of $12 million per year. Is it any wonder that Spotify decided to fork over a nine figure sum to entice Joe?

But wait, there’s more…

The $12 million per year is an estimate on what Joe earns from newly published content.  Add to that the millions of views stemming from previously published content and it’s very possible Joe Rogan had been earning as much as $36,000,000 annually from his podcast alone (you’ll see how we calculate that below) – that’s before the Spotify licensing deal!

joe rogan net worth

Include his salary earnings from his role as UFC commentator or his pay as a stand-up comedian (before the global pandemic kicked in a shut down stand-up comedy shows) where he regularly sold out to packed auditoriums and you’re talking serious riches.

Unlike most comedians, Joe wasn’t as dependent on a live audience, which further helped his net worth. His Netflix 1-hour comedy specials have also likely netted him big chunks of change.

He also has business ventures that further add to his vast fortune. Onnit is among his most famous ventures. Onnit is a supplement company that promotes a product called Alpha Brain, which Joe personally has endorsed.

We estimate Joe Rogan’s salary is $40,000,000+ per year which, when combined with the Spotify deal, would mean that net worth estimates of $150 million are likely underestimating his true wealth.

Indeed, if Joe were to continue earning at this pace for another decade, and invested his money wisely, it’s very possible that he could be a future billionaire before he hits old age.

Joe Rogan Stand Up Comedy

Joe has featured in comedy classics like The Man Show, Chappelle’s Show and Last Comic Standing.

He’s also had a storied career on TV, featuring in hit shows like Silicon Valley and hosting Fear Factor.

But his longest lasting career gig may be his stand up comedy, where he sells out shows to packed theaters across the country.

Some of his best comedy specials include Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High, and Joe Rogan Live.

The list of Joe Rogan comedy specials includes:

YearTitleGet It
2000I’m gonna be dead somedayBuy Now
2000“Voodoo Punanny”Buy Now
2001Live from the Belly of the BeastBuy Now
2006Joe Rogan: LiveBuy Now
2007Shiny Happy JihadBuy Now
2010Talking Monkeys in SpaceBuy Now
2012Live from the TabernacleOnline
2014Rocky Mountain HighBuy Now

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Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most successful podcasts of all time, featuring approximately 10,000,000 subscribers. You read that right… 10 million people subscribe to Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel: PowerfulJRE.

With his ever growing following, new episodes quickly rack up millions of views. This is an astonishing feat considering how new episodes are produced almost every day. It highlights what a loyal following of listeners he has attracted that they regularly tune in.

So what makes the Joe Rogan Experience podcast so good?

Each episode features a guest that Joe is personally interested in chatting with and learning from. For example, poker star Dan Blizerian’s Joe Rogan podcast ratcheted up almost 20 million views – even more than Elon Musk’s interview!

The conversational tone, informal setting, and relaxed discussions are a winning format. Plus Joe is a masterful interviewer. He lets chatty guests talk and doesn’t interrupt to hear his own voice as some others do. Yet when a guest is not very conversational he can fill in the gaps so the listener is constantly engaged.

For the most part, Joe Rogan podcast episodes feature comedians, mixed-martial artists and coaches, celebrity friends, and political commentators or personalities.

For example, comedians who regularly feature include Joey Diaz, Bill Burr, and Ron White.

Personalities in the mixed martial arts world include Eddie Bravo, Jeff Novitsky, Pat Miletich, Tyron Woodley, George St. Pierre, Brendan Schaub, and Stipe Miocic.

And in the political or current affairs domain, long-time friend and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has come on from time to time as have controversial personalities like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura.

The Joe Rogan Elon Musk podcast remains the most popular of all time so far with over 32 million views and counting.

Many of the episodes feature musings about life, humanity, and the Universe. For example, you will hear Joe and his guests refer to ethnobotanist and mystic, Terence McKenna, who was famous for sharing his experiences taking psychedelic drugs.

Rogan has sometimes landed in hot water over his own discussions about cannabis and use of drugs. But he doesn’t shy away from it and even describes himself as a psychedelic adventurer which stems from his past experiences with the psychoactive compound, DMT.

The range of topics, personalities and celebrities featured is one of the main attractions of the JRE podcast. Indeed, some of the best Joe Rogan podcasts even features controversial figures like Alex Jones:

How Much Does Joe Rogan Make From His Podcast?

Although Rogan has not revealed precisely how much he makes from his podcast it is possible to make an approximate guess. YouTuber Graham Stephan has approximately 20% of the subscriber numbers that Joe Rogan has and earns ballpark $300,000 per month. 

Simple math says Joe with 5x the number of subscribers should be earning at least $1,500,000 per month. But the numbers don’t stop there. Because Joe produces long-form content whereas Graham produces shorter snippets.

And Joe Rogan doesn’t have just 1 YouTube channel, he has 2!

JREClips featuring the “best of” Joe Rogan Experience podcast also has millions of subscribers, meaning that Joe essentially double dips when it comes to making money from the content he produces.

Listeners who prefer long form content will earn him ad revenue from the original podcasts while those who prefer short snippets of content also bring in advertising dollars.

It’s very possible Rogan could really be earning $12 million or more per month from YouTube alone. If so, Joe Rogan’s net worth estimate of around $150 million could be off by a factor of 2x. He might well be rushing towards a net worth of $300 million.

Joe Rogan UFC Commentator
& Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Rogan’s interest in mixed martial arts and in particular jiu jitsu was sparked when he watched the famous Brazilian martial artist, Royse Gracie, fight at UFC 2. Rogan was fascinated to see Gracie defeat much larger men by using jiu jitsu submissions.

Soon afterwards, he became a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) interviewer but his deep understanding of martial arts catapulted him to the role of UFC commentator, a position he has held since 2002.

Most UFC promos feature Rogan’s enthusiastic commentary but he usually only commentates on UFC PPV (pay-per-view) events.

He is no slouch when it comes to mixed martial arts himself. At 14 he took up karate and by 19 he had won a US Open Championship tournament as a lightweight.

He was a full-contact state champion for 4 consecutive years in Massachusetts and even became an instructor.

Rogan earned his black belt in jiu jitsu under Eddie Bravo, who is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, which has over 100 schools worldwide.

Joe Rogan Wife And Kids

In 2008, Joe met his future wife Jessica Schimmel. Together they have a daughter, and Joe is also the step-father to Jessica’s daughter from a previous relationship.

You won’t hear or see much about them as Joe generally keeps his family life private.

What we do know is that together they first lived in Bell Canyon, California in a 7,500+ square foot house that cost him approximately $2.2 million in 2003. Most recently and famously, he moved to Texas; he claimed to be disenchanted with Los Angeles traffic among other gripes.

A likely reason for the move was the comparatively higher income taxes in California versus Texas. Even a reduction of 1% in taxes per year could mean millions of dollars now for Joe and his family.

Frequently, Joe mentions that he runs in the mountains and has attracted some controversy as a bowhunter.

He said the reason he took up hunting was because he had to choose between becoming vegan or hunting meat himself. Due to issues he had with mass produced farming, he couldn’t support the mass meat industry. He claims that he couldn’t survive without meat so he decided to become a hunter.

In interviews, he has shared that he hunts for all the meat he consumes and practices with a bow and arrow every day to improve his target accuracy.

Follow news on the Joe Rogan Twitter account and updates on his Joe Rogan Instagram account.  

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