Billion Dollar Fight: Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather

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McGregor Vs Mayweather has been touted as the first billion dollar fight. The best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, the mixed-martial arts two division UFC champion fighter, who commands the highest pay-per-view ratings in MMA history.

At Investormint, our goal is not to compare fighting styles but to analyze the minds of these prizefighters, and to glean insights from character traits that catapulted these fighters to superstardom. Our goal is also to uncover the lessons from their mindsets and actions in order to apply them to better enrich your life.

Mental Toughness: Floyd Mayweather

Reading a summary biography of Floyd Mayweather isn’t sufficient to reveal what catapulted him to success. Heralded as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has a glorious boxing history, initially as a US Olympic athlete, and subsequently as the welterweight champion of the world and super featherweight champion of the world. His first 49 fights resulted in an unblemished record of 49 victories and 0 losses.

Even the ignominious stories of his father’s brutal parenting style don’t reveal the secrets to what made Floyd Mayweather the boxing champion who could command $100,000,000 per fight. To find out how Mayweather rivaled Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 Win-Loss record and took over the boxing world, you have to rise early at 3am on the Las Vegas strip, and see the champ in action.

To get to grips with what makes a champion, you have to imagine the self-discipline and mental toughness it takes to wake up in the middle of the night, put on your running shoes, step out into the cold, and start running. Not one day, but every day. That training regimen is not seen by fans or competitors, but it’s the work ethic Mayweather exemplified day in, day out to become champion of the world.

Know Your Purpose: Conor McGregor

But how do you summon such mental toughness unless you have a powerful reason to motivate yourself through the pain? Conor McGregor alluded to how important a purpose is when he commented during a training camp:

“Before I begin this intense (training) zone, I ask myself one simple question: how bad do I want this?”

Visualize the result you want to achieve from your exertions, whether fitness goals like “Money” Mayweather and “The Notorious” McGregor, a business venture or a life goal. Suspend that goal in your mind and when the journey gets tough, cling to it, focus on it and continue towards it.

The only way to power through the brick walls that will inevitably stand in your way is to have an overarching purpose for why you want to achieve your aim. For Conor McGregor, a recurring reason why he works so hard is to prove others wrong. In his tweet below, he refers to the naysayers that drive him to his goal.

McGregor has spoken of how critics doubted him at every stage of his career. Before he won the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships, his detractors claimed he had no shot at victory. When he entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) company, his opponents pointed out his wrestling weaknesses and his lack of all-round mixed martial arts skills, yet he went on to glory by winning the UFC Featherweight and UFC Lightweight championship belts, the first fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold titles in two weight divisions.

Despite his unblemished fighting record, Mayweather also channels the pain he feels when others doubt him to motivate him to win.

“Doubters and haters helped push me to the limit so I can be the best”
– Floyd Mayweather

How To Turn Challenges Into Victories

If you have critics around you, let their taunts fuel your fire to achieve your aim. Use their jibes to motivate action and recognize that the hurdles in front of you are the challenges you will look back upon with pride when you overcome them to reach your goals. Few authors explain the process of using obstacles as fodder to achieve success as well as Ryan Holiday in his bestselling book: The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art Of Turning Trials Into Triumph

Ordinary individuals run into challenges that seem insurmountable and balk at the idea of powering on. It is easier to stop. It is easier to give up. But that’s because most individuals view the obstacle negatively, as a hindrance to progress. What if the obstacle enveloped a lesson you needed to learn?

Instead of turning your back and walking away when you encounter difficulties, what if you asked yourself a simple question: how do I overcome this obstacle? With that single question, your mind starts to explore the vast possibilities which can catapult you to greater achievement. Negative thoughts disintegrate and, with some dedication and persistence, solutions appear.

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The Secret To Success: Singular Focus

“You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, (and have) anything you want to accomplish if you hold to that desire and singleness of purpose.” – Conor McGregor

In this Conor McGregor quote is the answer to how to achieve your financial goals, life goals, relationship goals, and work goals. If your attention is dispersed, your chances of success will be greatly diminished. What you need is a singular focus, irrespective of what you want to achieve.

Are you looking for ways to make more money? Are you looking to invest smarter, to earn a career promotion, to launch a new business? Focus on it. Compel all your actions to align with your goal.

To understand focus, imagine you wanted to master one thing, say a new language. If you were to decide to learn a new language in the next 12 months, could you? If every day for the next 12 months, you restricted yourself to communicate only with natives who spoke the new language, hired a tutor, and did nothing else but dedicate yourself to mastering the language, you would almost certainly be fluent in a year’s time.

Now imagine you took classes to learn 2 or 3 languages, and you divided your attention among other activities each day, what progress would you make towards your goal of mastery?

Focus is THE attribute that will cause your thoughts to converge and your actions to align with your desired outcome. Daniel Coleman describes focus as The Hidden Driver of Excellence. It is out of sight of most people, but it is the guide along your journey to your goal because it keeps you on the same path until you reach your destination.

The Art Of Extraordinary Confidence

Conor McGregor has described fighting as warfare with three components: physical warfare, mental warfare and verbal warfare. When you study both McGregor and Mayweather leading up to their respective fights, they hurl verbal insults at opponents. This verbal warfare attracts ratings, but it serves another purpose to mentally break an opponent. When a fighter displays such extraordinary confidence, opponents tend to buckle under the pressure.

History has shown every opponent of Floyd Mayweather who suffered the slings and arrows of his verbal assaults succumbed on fight night. Mayweather put the hard work in at the gym, in the ring and on the training runs like his opponents. But in a game where small margins can edge a victory, Mayweather is a master of knocking the confidence of opponents with each verbal assault.

Similarly, McGregor has a litany of infamous quotes against opponents. He likes to say it’s not trash talk, it’s truth talk. Some infamous Conor McGregor quotes include:

“Tomorrow, I take his head clean off. Every featherweight I am coming for”
– Conor McGregor

“Every single contest he gets in, he hits one knee.
A gust of wind and he does the chicken dance”
– Conor McGregor taunting Dustin Poirier

“My thoughts on Dennis Siver are he’s a midget, German, steroid-head”
– Conor McGregor on Dennis Siver

“(The wrestlers in the division) they all suck. Mendes is 5”5. I put my hand on his forehead and he wouldn’t even hit me.”
– Conor McGregor on Chad Mendes

“Look in my eyes little man. You’re going to die”
– Conor McGregor facing off with Jose Aldo

Fighters need to knock opponents confidence and build up their own ahead of big bouts. To achieve your goals, you don’t have to take on another opponent. You simply need to conquer your own mind and master the art of extraordinary confidence. Dr. Gazipura walks you through how to do this in his highly rated book: The Art of Extraordinary Confidence: Your Ultimate Path to Love, Wealth and Freedom.

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