Charlie Sheen Net Worth – Did He Lose $135 Million?

Born as Carlos Irwin Estevez, Charlie Sheen is a well-known television and movie actor whose film career took off in 1984 with the film “Red Dawn.”

Since that time, he has appeared in multiple critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies, and he has had several highly successful television roles.

Despite his success as an actor, Sheen has had numerous personal problems that have held him back over the years.

Even with these off-screen issues, he has still managed to amass substantial wealth. How has the Charlie Sheen net worth tally reached $15,000,000?

Charlie Sheen Rise to Fame

Carlos Irwin Estevez was born on September 3, 1965, in New York, New York. His parents were famous actor Martin Sheen and artist Janet Templeton. 

His paternal grandparents had immigrated to the U.S. from Galicia, Spain. His father’s real name was Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez, but he adopted the name “Martin Sheen” as an actor.

Sheen has three siblings, including two older brothers and a younger sister.

All four of the Estevez children are actors. After Martin Sheen’s run on Broadway in “The Subject Was Roses” ended, the family moved to Malibu, California.

Carlos appeared in the 1974 film “The Execution of Private Slovik” at age nine. He went to high school at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California.

He attended high school with Robert Downey, Jr. and was a star pitcher on the baseball team.

While he was in high school, Carlos Estevez made amateur films with his school friends Sean Penn and Rob Lowe together with Emilio Estevez, his brother.

A few weeks shy of graduating, Carlos Estevez was expelled from high school because of failing grades and poor attendance. Instead of returning to finish high school, Estevez decided to try acting as a career.

He adopted the name “Charlie Sheen” for his acting career and landed his first role in “Red Dawn” in 1984.

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Charlie Sheen Movie Star

In “Red Dawn,” Sheen appeared with a number of other actors who would become famous, including Jennifer Grey, Lea Thompson, C. Thomas Howell, and Patrick Swayze.

In 1986, he and Grey appeared in a scene together in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He landed his first major movie role in 1986 in “Platoon.” Then, Sheen starred in 1987’s “Wall Street” with his father.

Charlie Sheen next starred in “Eight Men Out” in 1988, which is a baseball movie in which he played an outfielder. He appeared with his brother, Emilio, in “Young Guns” in 1988 and in “Men at Work” in 1990.

In 1989, Sheen and several other stars of “Young Guns” received a Bronze Wrangler award for their work.

Sheen received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994. He has also appeared in numerous comedic films, including the “Hot Shots!” series, “Money Talks,” and the “Major League” series. He appeared in the third, fourth, and fifth movies of the “Scary Movie” franchise, and he played himself in 1999’s “Being John Malkovich.”

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 Charlie Sheen TV Star

Charlie Sheen debuted on television when he took over Michael J. Fox’s role on “Spin City” in 2000. The series ended later that year.

In 2003, Sheen landed the role of Charlie Harper on “Two and a Half Men.” Sheen continued in this role for eight seasons.

During the final season of Two and a Half Men, he earned $1.8 million per episode. His contract was terminated in 2011 after he made derogatory statements about the creator of “Two and a Half Men,” Chuck Lorre.

Sheen filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, which was settled out of court on September 26, 2011.

Following his public firing from the show, he made numerous bizarre statements and videos, including claiming that he had “Adonis blood” or “tiger blood” and claiming to be a warlock. These interviews and videos were widely circulated on the internet.

In spite of this odd behavior, Sheen made a comeback. He was roasted on September 19, 2011, on Comedy Central and returned to television in “Anger Management” in 2012.

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Charlie Sheen
Drug Abuse and Scandals

Charlie Sheen has had long standing issues with drug abuse, and his personal life has been plagued with scandals.

In 1998, Sheen suffered a stroke after overdosing on cocaine. His friend found him in his home, and he had to be hospitalized. His condition was described as serious. After his hospitalization, Sheen went to a rehabilitation clinic, but he told the doctors that he had no intention of staying at the facility.

Sheen was on probation at the time for a previous drug crime. His probation was extended for 18 more months in August 1998.

On Christmas 2009, Sheen was arrested in Aspen, Colorado, after he assaulted his wife, Brooke Mueller. He was charged with felony menacing, third-degree assault, and criminal mischief.

He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in exchange for the other charges being dismissed. He was sentenced to 30 days in drug rehabilitation, 36 hours of anger management classes, and 30 days of probation.

Sheen was removed by the police from his suite in the Plaza Hotel in New York on October 26, 2010, after he reportedly caused $7,000 in damage to the room. He allegedly admitted to the police that he had injected cocaine and had been drinking. Sheen was released after he went to the hospital under observation.

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charlie sheen net worth

Charlie Sheen HIV Positive

Sheen revealed on November 17, 2015, that he is HIV positive.

He stated that he maintains his condition by taking a cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs and denied that he could have possibly infected any of his sexual partners.

Sheen said that he had paid around $10 million to people who were extorting him to not reveal his HIV status. 

He reportedly had more than 200 partners since he learned that he had HIV, but he claims that he told every person with whom he slept about his HIV status.

Sheen secured modifications of his child support orders to two of his former wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, that reduced his obligation from $55,000 to $10,000 per month in April 2016.

During that same month, the stalking unit of the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that it was investigating Sheen for allegedly threatening to murder his ex-fiancée, Scottine Ross.

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Charlie Sheen Awards

Sheen has been nominated for many awards over his acting career and has won several. He was nominated for two Golden Globes for his work on “Two and a Half Men,” and he was awarded a Golden Globe in 2002 for his work on “Spin City.”

He was also nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on “Two and a Half Men,” but he did not win any of them.

Sheen has received three nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards, but he has not won.

In 2008, Sheen received an Alma Award for his work on “Two and a Half Men.”

Charlie Sheen Charity Work

In 2004, Sheen was a spokesperson for a breast cancer fundraiser called the Lee National Denim Day.

He stated that he wanted to help to raise money for breast cancer research after he lost a friend to the disease.

Sheen has also been a major supporter of Aid for AIDS since 2006. In 2009, he received an AFA Angel award at the charity’s 25th annual reception.

He served as a judge for the AFA’s annual “Best in Drag Show” to raise money for AIDS research.

He was an early supporter of Ryan White, the Indiana teenager who contracted AIDS in 1987 through a blood transfusion.

Sheen donated one dollar for every ticket that he sold for his “Torpedo of Truth” tour to victims of the Japanese earthquake through the Red Cross.

The actor announced a charitable donation of $1 million to the USO on July 16, 2012, which was the biggest award the organization had ever received. 

In August 2012, Charlie stated that he would donate $50,000 to the Cincinnati Reds’ community fund, which supports a variety of charities.

He made this pledge after the team raised $50,000 for the fund by getting Marty Brenneman, a local broadcaster, to shave his head.

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Charlie Sheen Wife and Kids

Charlie Sheen has had three marriages, all of which ended in divorce. His personal relationships and family life have been tumultuous.

He has five children and one grandchild. Sheen had his oldest daughter with his girlfriend in high school, Paula Profit. He has a granddaughter from his oldest daughter.

Sheen was engaged to marry Kelly Preston in 1990 when he accidentally shot her in the arm. She subsequently ended the engagement.

During the 1990s, Sheen dated several adult film actresses. He married Donna Peele, his first wife, on September 3, 1995. His name appeared on a list of johns that had used Heidi Fleiss’s escort service that same year, and he and Peele subsequently divorced in 1996.

charlie sheen and denise richards

In 2000, Sheen met Denise Richards while they were on the set of “Good Advice.” Richards appeared on “Spin City” in October 2001, and they started dating after that.

Two months later, the couple got engaged, and they married on June 15, 2002. Their two daughters were born in 2004 and 2005.

Richards filed for divorce in March 2005, alleging that Sheen made threats of violence and engaged in drug abuse. Their divorce was finalized in November 2006 and was followed by a custody battle.

Sheen married Brooke Mueller, his third wife, on May 30, 2008. The couple had twin sons.

Sheen filed for divorce in November 2010. Mueller obtained a restraining order against Sheen, and the police removed the twins from Sheen’s home. Their divorce was finalized on May 2, 2011.

Sheen became engaged to former porn actress Brett Rossi, who was going by her birth name of Scottine Rossi, in February 2014. They were scheduled to get married in November 2014; however, the couple broke off their engagement in October 2014.

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Charlie Sheen Net Worth?

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