Jennifer Katharine Gates Net Worth – Future Billionaire?

jennifer gates net worth

Bill Gates is among the richest men in the world. He is a household name for starting Microsoft and held the top spot for richest American for more than 20 years – in recent years Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos surpassed him.

Jennifer Katharine Gates is not nearly as well-known as her father — at least not yet. She has earned somewhat of an Instagram notoriety, which has undoubtedly come at the chagrin of her father, who is a very private man.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Gates is much more than just a social media socialite. She is forging her own path in life, which includes attending and graduating from Stanford with the goal of attending medical school in order to pursue a career in public health or social work.

The young Gates has also carved out a legitimate name for herself as a professional equestrian, and she used her platform to assist the EQUUS Foundation in keeping working horses safe.

But all that aside, what is Jennifer Katharine Gates net worth tally?

Jennifer Katharine Gates: Early Life

Jennifer Katharine Gates was born April 26, 1996, to Bill and Melinda Gates in Bellevue, Washington.

Beyond the handful of photos that the doting parents shared here and there, not much is known about her early life.

What is known has mostly become available later in her life and directly through her. That is in large part because Bill Gates is a very private person despite the fact that he has been on a large global stage for so long as the founder of Microsoft.

Father Bill worked hard to keep his children’s private life private and has been hugely successful in that regard.

What we do know is that she began riding horses at just 6 years old.

She attended the private Lakeside High School in Seattle, which is her father’s alma mater, before matriculating to Stanford.

Jennifer continues to travel around the world with her parents and has said that some of her earliest memories are of traveling with them.

Jennifer Katharine Gates:
Professional Equestrian

Her love of horses began early in life. She started riding at just 6 and has continued to ride horses as a teen and an adult.

In fact, she is a professional show jumper who is ranked 19th overall by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

eve jobs
Eve Jobs, daughter of Steve Jobs

Competition has had her face off with some other notable American daughters, including:

  • Eve Jobs
  • Destry Spielberg
  • Jessica Springsteen
  • Georgina Bloomberg

Young Gates’ love of horses is not limited to competition.

She often attends equestrian events as a spectator and told Horse Network that this is often what she did on weekends while attending Stanford.

Much of her philanthropic efforts have been focused on horses as well. That has included efforts with the EQUUS Foundation toward horse welfare.

As a professional equestrian, she has gained substantial recognition.

Purses for these events can often be in the millions, and her prospects motivated her to delay medical school by a year.

jennifer gates and nayel nassar
Jennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar

Her professional equestrian activities also resulted in her meeting Nayel Nassar, her longtime boyfriend.

Nassar is a Chicago-born Egyptian who has won several Grand Prix events and qualified for the FEI World Cup Finals and FEI World Equestrian Games.

Jennifer Gates: Star Student

Lakeside High is a very competitive school. Bill Gates graduated in 1973 with the highest SAT scores in his class.

Jennifer herself made the High Honors Honor Roll for her class, which meant that she had graduated with a GPA of at least 3.75.

That GPA, along with her philanthropic efforts, made her an easy selection for Stanford.

Jennifer was also accepted to Harvard and every other university to which she had applied.

Some may be quick to write off that academic success to her father’s fame and wealth.

However, it is worth noting that the young Gates attended all four years at Stanford on a full academic scholarship.

Many children of famous people attend Stanford, and most of them do not receive a scholarship let alone one that covers all studies, books, boarding and more.

Bill and Melinda Gates purchased an apartment for their daughter in New York City, which is where she intends to attend medical school.

It is believed that she has been accepted to both New York University and Columbia University and perhaps other institutions.

The last time she spoke of her career intentions, a Master of Public Health was her goal. That would align her very much with her mother’s efforts around the globe.

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Jennifer Katharine Gates Career

Jennifer Gates’ career path currently comprises two divergent tracks.

On one hand, she has successfully graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Science in biology and been accepted to medical school.

On the other hand, she is an accomplished show jumper with legitimate opportunities ahead to win significant purses.

The Gates parents have on several occasions publicly stated their daughter’s intent to attend medical school in the fall after graduating from Stanford.

They even bought her an apartment in New York City and a horse farm in Westchester in a spending spree that topped $20 million.

Nevertheless, Jennifer chose to postpone medical school and focus on show jumping.

It seems as if Jennifer wants to take her shot in the horse world before committing to a career path that would likely end that dream.

Whether Bill and Melinda are completely happy with this decision behind the scenes is unclear, but they have publicly supported their daughter.

There is also some indication that she has committed to attend medical school in 2019, but that will likely not be officially confirmed until at least the midpoint of the year.

Jennifer Gates Personal Life

Jennifer Katharine Gates is the oldest daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates.

The couple has three children with a three-year gap in between each. The second child is Rory John. He was born on May 23, 1999, in Seattle, Washington. The third child is Phoebe Adele. She was born on September 14, 2002, in Medina, Washington.

Bill and Melinda Gates did not allow Jennifer Katharine to have her own cellphone until age 14. Her parents also limited her screen time and carefully monitored her online activities.

It is therefore unsurprising that it was not until her teen years that Jennifer Katharine Gates’ online persona emerged via the social media platform Instagram.

As a Stanford student, Jennifer’s Instagram account accumulated followers quickly. In fact, the account numbers more than 135,000 followers as of this writing.

Jennifer uses the Instagram account to give insight into her family life, her relationship with Nassar, her love of horses and her journeys traveling around the world.

jennifer gates and horse For a long time, the young Gates’ Instagram account was public. At age 21, however, she became a valid target for the media and gossip sites in particular.

They began using the images and other content Jennifer was posting. She found herself in the headlines with a focus on her lavish lifestyle, and that motivated her to turn the account private.

Non-approved followers still have some access — such as to the front page — but that access is limited.

Nayel Nassar is her longtime boyfriend. They both attended Stanford, but he is five years older. They are both equestrians and share a deep love of horses.

During their free time, the pair often travel around the world to locales associated with the rich and famous. Although the young Gates is much more careful about her globetrotting adventures, leaks still happen.

One example where the pairing received a lot of attention is when Nayel took Jennifer to Kuwait to meet his family. It is not uncommon for the couple to attract paparazzi on their outings.

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Jennifer Katharine Gates Net Worth

Accurately estimating a net worth for Jennifer Katharine Gates is difficult and perhaps even impossible.

She is a young person who does not yet have a traditional career. Gates has no regular salary thus far, and even her schooling is on hold for the moment.

An allowance from her parents most likely accounts for any income she receives, and although show jumping can pay out millions to the victor, Gates has not had such a high-profile win.

A commonly published approximation of Jennifer Katharine Gates’ net worth has her at about $20 million or a tad above. This estimation is largely based on an interview Bill Gates did with the Daily Mail in 2011.

In the interview, Gates pledged to give the bulk of his estate to charity rather than his children when he died. His belief is that the money would not be good for them and that he wants them to find their own way in life.

Initial estimates put the inheritance for each child at about $10 million, but that number has crept up to $20 million based on other interviews that Gates has given.

Some comments have suggested that he would leave 97% of his wealth to charity and 1% to each child. However, considering that his net worth is $96.4 billion at the time of this writing, that would put her inheritance at a whopping $960.4 million.

Will Jennifer Gates Inherit Bill and Melinda’s Fortune?

Even if Bill Gates follows through on his pledge to donate his estate and leaves Jennifer Katharine Gates only a relatively miniscule amount, such as $10 million, this will not be the whole story of her wealth.

Although the young Gates may not have much in the way of liquid assets yet, her fixed assets are significant. In fact, the New York City apartment purchased for Jennifer by Bill and Melinda is worth at least $5 million.

There is also the $16 million horse farm in Westchester that was purchased for her graduation from Stanford.

In addition, there are the string of properties bought in Florida to support her passion for show jumping. Those would presumably be hers as well, and estimates have the total worth of that real estate at about $37 million.

Jennifer Katharine Gates will also begin attending medical school in New York in 2019.

If we assume a four-year path, she would have a significant income in 2023, presumably sans any student debt.

That would be in addition to her at least $15 million in fixed assets and at least $10 million in liquid assets.

Perhaps not a billionaire, but Jennifer is well on her way to doing quite well for herself and should be well-off even after her parents pass.

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