Dane Cook Net Worth – $33 million

dane cook net worth

How much is Dane Cook worth?
Dane Cook Net Worth
$33 million
Net Worth Estimate$33 million
Salary Estimate
Date of Birth3/18/1972

Dane Cook is a pioneer. Before Facebook, there was MySpace, which is where Dane built a huge fanbase before “followers” and “subscribers” were even a thing.

Although Dane had success early on as an actor in movies like Good Luck Chuck and Mr. Brooks, this self-described “wild child” catapulted to fame as part of the hugely successful Crank Yankers series.

But fame and fortune haven’t always been easy for Dane. His immense net worth could have been even larger, but for his former business manager and half-brother, Darryl, embezzling him out of millions.

Nevertheless, Dane has bounced back from his business woes in 2008 to pursue a hugely successful career as a stand-up comedian.

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Cook has courted controversy from the early days. In 2005 while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he famously kissed Charlize Theron’s backside!

He also poked fun at Vanessa Hudgens for nude photos at the Teen Choice Awards.

Years later, the hugely popular Joe Rogan also accused him of plagiarism. Specifically, Rogan claimed a bit on Premium Blend was developed by Joe for I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday.

Dane was subject to further scrutiny about bits he worked on that closely mirrored bits created by Louis C.K.

In spite of courting controversy from time to time, Cook has enjoyed great success in his career and has the filmography to prove it.

Dane Cook TV Roles

YearTelevision Show
2019American Exit
2019American Typecast
1995Maybe This Time
2012-13The Next Caller
2011Hawaii Five-O
2002-07Crank Yankers
2005The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1995Maybe This Time

Dane Cook Movies Roles

2019American Exit
2018The American Meme
2012Guns, Girls and Gambling
2012The Producers
2011Answers To Nothing
2008My Best Friend’s Girl
2007Dan In Real Life
2007Good Luck Chuck
2007Mr. Brooks
2006Farce Of The Penguins
2006Employee Of The Month

Dane Cook Personal Life

Alma MaterArlington High School
Current SpouseKelsi Taylor
Previous Spouse
ParentsGeorge Cook, Donna Cook

Dane Cook Awards

YearAwardNominated Movie/TV ShowRoleResult
2009Teen Choice AwardsStandupChoice ComedianLost
2009Teen Choice AwardsStandupChoice ComedianLost
2009Teen Choice AwardsStandupChoice ComedianWon

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Dane Cook Comedy & Host

Without doubt, Dane’s comedy has earned him a fan base that is the envy of any aspiring comedian. His HBO Special, Vicious Circle, earned him critical claim, and likely helped him land pilots for the series Cooked – a self-styled sitcom.

Few comedians achieve so much fame that they are invited to host award shows, but Cook made the cut when he co-hosted the Teen Choice Awards with Jessica Simpson in 2006.

These days, you can find Dane Cook touring. In 2018, he was seen at The Hard Rock in Ohio among other venues.

If you want to catch Dane Cook live, and wondering how much are tickets to his shows, simply check out his eponymous website.

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