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ways to make money online nursing

7 Ways to Make Extra Money Online as a Nurse

Ways to make money online as a nurse include creating a nursing course on Udemy, investing with a robo-advisor and creating a nursing blog.

baby bottle breast milk

How To Sell Breast Milk For $1,800 Per Month

Selling breast milk is often considered taboo in modern society. However, the need for breast milk is real. In fact, studies show that babies absorb and digest breast milk better than they do formulas. That’s because breastmilk promotes healthy gut

live rent free

17 Ways to Live Rent Free Easily

How To Live Rent Free: You may have dreamed about living a care-free life where you don’t have to worry about rent or mortgage payments. There are umpteen ways to live free, some more obvious than others. Some people have

paint colors

How To Make Money Working As An Art Model

If you have always wanted to be a model – or you want an easy way to make a few extra bucks – there’s good news: art teachers all across the country want to hire you. It doesn’t matter if

aluminum cans

Could Selling Aluminum Cans Make You $50 Daily?

In the course of any given year, the world manufactures about 200 billion aluminum cans for soda and beer. To most people, these cans cease being useful once they are empty, leading them to be thrown into recycling bins, trash