Category: Financial Terms (O)
Category: Financial Terms (O)
options vega

What Is Options Vega?

Investors who are just starting out in the stock market often put the majority of their focus on trading individual shares, but that isn’t the only way to profit from ups and downs in stock price. As investors get more …

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overweight stock rating

What Does Overweight Stock Rating Mean?

Investors who prefer a less-risky strategy than betting on a hot stock tip put effort into research. They examine each company’s financials, and review the challenges and opportunities facing the particular business – as well as the industry in general. …

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what is an option assignment

What Is Option Assignment?

Buying and selling stock is the most common way for investors to benefit from a company’s success, but it isn’t the only way. Experienced traders know it is possible to turn a profit, even when the selected company’s shares lose …

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