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what is a double calendar spread

What Is A Double Calendar Spread?

A double calendar spread is a trading strategy used to exploit time differences in the volatility of an underlying asset. While this spread is fairly advanced, it’s also relatively easy to understand once you’re able to look at its inner

implied volatility in options

What Does Implied Volatility In Options Mean?

Implied Volatility (IV) is a calculation of how much an option’s underlying stock price will change before the contract’s expiration date.

poor man's covered call

What Is a Poor Man’s Covered Call?

A poor mans covered call involves buying a call option in a long-term expiration cycle and selling a call option in a near-term expiration cycle

butterfly option strategy

What Is a Butterfly Option Strategy?

A long call butterfly option strategy involves (1) Purchasing an in-the-money call option (the low strike price) (2) Writing two at-the-money call options (3) Buying an out-of-the-money call option (the higher strike price)

call credit spread

What Is A Call Credit Spread?

A call credit spread is a trading strategy that utilizes both short calls and long calls to profit when stocks move lower. It is often referred to as a “bear call spread” because it helps investors make money primarily from

time value of options

What Does Time Value of Options Mean?

You are already familiar with the time value of money and the magic of compound interest. The longer you leave your savings untouched and accruing interest, the more your wealth will grow. The time value of options is a little

what is a sell limit order

What Is A Sell Limit Order?

A sell limit order allows you to control the price at which you sell stock. Instead of selling at the current market price, the sell limit order instructs your broker only to sell once your stock hits a certain price

what is a synthetic long call

What Is A Synthetic Long Call?

If you invest regularly in the stock market, you might be curious about what a synthetic long call is. Don’t be intimidated by this term! It sounds complicated, but when you take a closer look at it, it’s not. We’ve

how real estate market cycles work

How Real Estate Market Cycles Work

When considering your real estate investment strategy, the most important thing to do is to know the market you are attempting to invest in. Every real estate market is different, so you need to do some basic research. As Forbes

what is a delta neutral trading strategy

What is a Delta Neutral Trading Strategy?

Investors spend a lot of time thinking of ways that they can mitigate risk while still earning money. The delta neutral strategy stands out as one of the most popular ways for beginning and advanced traders to lower their risks.