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top financial advisors omaha ne

Choosing the top financial advisor in Omaha, Nebraska, can be a challenge. There are many firms offering this type of service, and it is important to find the best one that fits your needs and suits your level of risk tolerance.

We have simplified the process of searching for financial advisors by creating a list of the 10 top financial advisors in Omaha Nebraska.

This list differentiates Omaha financial advisors from another and highlights each firm’s services, overall investment approach and background.

How We Found the Top Financial Advisor Firms in Omaha, Nebraska

In order to make this list, we examined Omaha financial advisors that are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Firms registered with the SEC have a fiduciary duty to put the best interests of their consumers ahead of their own. We excluded firms with disciplinary actions. We did not consider any firms that do not offer individual accounts.

This list is sorted by the highest amount of Assets Under Management (AUM) to the lowest.

Use this list of the top 10 financial advisor firms in Omaha in order to streamline your search for the right advisor.

financial advisor at computer #1 CWM, LLC dba Carson Wealth Management

Carson Wealth Management was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Carson Group Holdings. The firm has 136 financial advisors as of 2019.

Most clients of Carson Wealth Management have a high net worth, but the firm also works with pension and profit-sharing plans offered by small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Carson Wealth Management offers a variety of wealth management services, including:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Private Trust Services

CWM, LLC Assets Under Management

As of Q4 2018, the firm had an estimated $5,106,532,308 in AUM.

CWM Investment Strategy

The CWM investment strategy is focused on a variety of model portfolios.

They also have separately managed accounts that are based on specific financial growth strategies.

Those growth strategies include frequent trading, short-term purchases and long-term purchases. Carson Wealth Management also offers advisory services for smaller investment firms.

Carson Wealth Management Fees & Minimums

CWM maintains a fee-based structure for its products.

The minimum required investment depends on which strategy you choose at the time of enrollment.

The minimums range from $5,000 → $250,000.

Is CWM Right For You?

Carson Wealth Management may be the right choice for you if you are able to establish an account with a considerable starting amount and if you like working with a firm that has a large staff.

You will be assigned a financial advisor but as you might expect with the firm’s large staff, some turnover is to be expected.

You might meet with different advisors or speak with different people over the phone when you have questions about your account.

CWM, LLC, is located at 13321 California Street in Omaha, and their phone number is (402) 330-0808. Visit them online at https://www.carsonwealth.com for more details about their financial advising services.

#2 Bridges Investment Management

Bridges Investment Management is a small financial advising firm with a hefty $3,462,248,773 in AUM.

Incorporated in 1994, the firm’s current staff includes 15 employees. These include one Certified Financial Planner (CFP), one Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and six Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs).

Bridges Investment Management also maintains a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) on its staff.

Is Bridges Investment Management Right For You?

Bridges Investment Management primarily serves clients with high net worth.

If you have a considerable estate or plan to establish trust accounts for one or more people, being able to consult with a CTFA could be important to your future financial plans.

The financial advisors at the firm also work with corporate profit-sharing plans, federally insured banks, thrift companies and nonprofit organizations.

How To Get Started with Bridges Investment Management

In order to get started, you need to have an initial consultation. During this meeting, the financial advisor asks questions to get a feel for your risk tolerance, finances and investment objectives.

The advisor uses that information in order to draft an investment policy statement, which is used for asset allocation.

Bridges Investment Management Investment Method

The firm’s strategy is focused on long-term investments. They monitor your portfolio and make tactical changes as needed. This top Omaha financial advisor tends to use short-term strategies only when necessary.

According to the firm’s filings with the SEC, their general guidelines for investment decisions include long-term strategies and an emphasis on high-quality and investment-grade securities.

The advisors make use of many different approaches for determining the attractiveness of a particular investment. They also ensure that portfolios have an appropriate level of sector, industry and security diversification.

Bridges Investment Management is at 1125 South 103rd Street, Suite 580, in Omaha. You can reach them by phone at (402) 397-4700 or learn more online at https://www.bridgesinv.com/our-team.

financial advisor discussion

#3 Wealthplan Partners

Wealthplan Partners operates offices throughout the country, including one in Omaha. Its total staff includes 22 financial advisors.

The firm was founded in 2011, and its total AUM as of Q4 2018 was $1,295,281,723

The principal indirect owner of Wealthplan is Todd Feltz. Both Brent O’Mara and Wade Behlen also hold minority ownership on an indirect status.

Is Wealthplan Partners Right For You?

Most of the clients of Wealthplan Partners are individuals.

The firm does not require a minimum starting account balance, which makes it attractive to younger investors and people who want to start saving for their retirement but do not have a lot of cash to begin.

Wealthplan uses a fee-based structure for its financial services. It also serves charitable organizations, corporations and trusts.

Wealthplan Partners Investment Method

The firm’s approach to investments is diversification of assets. The advisors believe that a diverse portfolio offers a high level of protection to clients.

This is an important strategy because the advisors work with individuals who do not necessarily have a high net worth.

In order to maintain diverse portfolios for their clients, Wealthplan Partners makes investments in mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Their diversification strategy looks at the relationship of investments with each other. This allows the financial advisors to make targeted decisions and reduces risk if individual stocks perform below expectations.

Get To Know Wealthplan Partners

In Omaha, Wealthplan Partners has a staff of two CFPs. One of them is also a Certified Financial Specialist (CFS).

These financial advisors also sell brokerage services and insurance products. As fiduciaries, they must put your interests ahead of their own.

In addition to being a top financial advisor in Omaha, Wealthplan Partners offers consultations for individuals who need guidance on:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Legacy Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning and Charitable Giving

Wealthplan Partners is located on the second floor of 101 South 108th Avenue. This office is the firm’s primary location. You can reach the firm by phone at (402) 333-5448 or online at https://www.wealthplan.partners/.

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#4 SilverStone Asset Management, Inc.

SilverStone Asset Management, Inc., is a financial advisory firm in Omaha, Nebraska with an estimated $896,236,740 in AUM.

Established in 2004 by John H. Nelson, the SilverStone Asset Management firm provides services that include financial planning, investment management and private wealth management. It primarily serves clients with high net worth.

Is SilverStone Asset Management Right For You?

In order to get started with SilverStone, you must have a minimum initial investment amount of $250,000.

The firm has earned many industry accolades, including being recognized by PLANADVISER magazine in 2014 and 2015 as one of their Top Retirement Plan Advisors.

The ChFC primarily works with professionals and small business owners in order to protect assets and invest for the future.

The firm’s QPFC offers detailed advising services on retirement planning. Overall, the financial advisors specialize in financial management.

They can help you with a 401(k) investment account for retirement, 529 college savings plans for your dependents or an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Get To Know SilverStone Asset Management

The firm has a staff of five financial advisors. Their staff has many areas of expertise to help you plan your financial future.

Those areas include a CFP, a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA), a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and a Qualified Plan Financial Consultant (QPFC).

SilverStone Asset Management Investment Method

The general investment strategy of SilverStone Asset Management is the creation of a holistic financial plan that will take you and your dependents well into the future.

Their personalized plans typically include savings, debt management, income tax planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

For portfolios, they focus on risk tolerance when allocating assets in different ETFs and individual stocks.

SilverStone Asset Management, Inc., can be found at 11516 Miracle Hills Drive, Suite 100, in Omaha. You can learn more by visiting their website at https://www.silverstoneassetmanagement.com.

You may also contact them by phone at (402) 964-5400 in order to schedule a consultation with a member of their staff.

financial advisor explanation

#5 Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group, LLC

Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group, LLC, was established in 2008. Its current ownership and management team includes Kent Nelson, Burton Van Denburg, Britt Campbell, and Rodney Goben.

Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group AUM

This financial advisor has more than $800 million in AUM as of Q4 2018.

Is This Financial Advisor Right For You?

Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell primarily works with individuals who do not have a high net worth.

The services provided by Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell include retirement services and investments.

Services also include cash management and tax plan coordination. These services are important for small business owners, entrepreneurs and people who are self-employed.

They help people who have traditional employment as well as people who are self-employed or are small business owners.

The financial advisors can also provide you with education planning for your dependents through 529 college savings accounts.

They offer estate planning if you expect to leave a considerable estate to dependents or charitable organizations. Their advisors also provide guidance on survivor and asset protection.

Get To Know Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group

Their staff includes six CFPs and two chartered financial analysts. The firm also has one Chartered Retirement Plan Counselor (CRPC) and two accredited investment fiduciaries.

Their CPRC is a person who can help you with pre-retirement and post-retirement financial planning. This professional helps you plan a retirement investment account that is best suited to your particular lifestyle.

Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group Core Competence

An area of focus of Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell is individual portfolio management.

Their advisors can manage or establish a portfolio for you based on your tolerance for risk.

Their portfolio investment options include exchange-listed securities, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), commercial paper, municipal securities and mutual funds.

This firm does not require a minimum investment amount in order to establish an account. Their products are fee-based in structure.

Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group, LLC, is located at 14301 First National Bank Parkway, Suite 110, in Omaha. You may contact them by phone at (402) 218-4064 in order to make an appointment with one of their financial advisors.

Visit them online at https://www.nvcwealth.com for more details about their financial services.

#6 Lutz Financial

Founded in 2001 by Jim Boulay, Lutz Financial has more than $800 million in AUM.

With a staff of five CFPs, Lutz Financial offers a personalized approach to investments. One of its CFPs is also a CPA.

The firm has a fee-based structure, and its advisors may profit if you purchase certain available products. However, as fiduciaries, they must advise you of which products yield a profit to them.

Is Lutz Financial Right For You?

The clients of Lutz Financial include individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Lutz Financial does not require you to have a minimum investment amount in order to get started with their investment plans.

They also do not require a minimum investment in order to access their financial advisor services.

The firm’s advisors focus on advising individuals on establishing and maintaining a diverse portfolio. If you already have an investment portfolio, they can also help you manage it.

Lutz also offers expertise in retirement planning and accepts clients who want both short-term and long-term investments.

Lutz Financial Investment Method

The approach to financial advising used by Lutz Financial focuses on putting a client’s assets into mutual funds, municipal and other bonds and ETFs.

Before selecting which stocks, funds or bonds to invest in, the firm performs a fundamental analysis.

This analysis includes examining a company’s revenue and assets against expenses and liabilities. The financial advisors aim to maximize the client’s gains and minimize the client’s expenses and taxes.

You can visit Lutz Financial at 13616 California Street, Suite 200, in Omaha. You may also contact them by phone at (402) 827-2300 in order to schedule an initial consultation.

Their website, https://www.lutz.us/services/lutzfinancial/, offers additional details about their financial advising services.

#7 Lawson Kroeker Investment Management, Inc.

Lawson Kroeker Investment Management was founded in 1986, giving it a long history and plenty of experience with managing investments in tough markets.

Currently, the firm has more than $400 million in AUM.

Get To Know Lawson Kroeker Investment Management

Its leadership team consists of Ken Kroeker, Tom Sudyka, Jr. and Vice President, Bruce Van Kooten.

There are four financial advisors on the firm’s staff. This company’s clients are about equally split between individuals and people of high net worth.

Lawson Kroeker Investment Management Investment Method

The investment strategy of Lawson Kroeker Investment Management focuses on tailoring the portfolio to the individual’s needs and risk tolerance.

Individuals can choose to allocate their portfolio of assets into equities, corporate bonds, municipal securities or mutual funds.

There are three tenets to the approach used by Lawson Kroeker Investment Management. Those include long-term investments, focused investments and quality investments.

For long-term investments, this is a minimum holding period of three to five years.

The focused investments refer to investing in a small list of securities that are well-researched and approved by the firm.

The firm describes quality as investments that ride out the whims of the market.

How To Get Started With Lawson Kroeker Investment Management

In order to start an investment account with the financial advisors at Lawson Kroeker Investment Management, you need to have a minimum initial investment amount of $1 million.

However, the firm may waive this minimum amount if you can demonstrate that you will be able to make large or significant contributions to the account in the near future. The firm’s advisors can provide specifics as to their waiver options.

The Lawson Kroeker Investment Management firm is at 450 Regency Parkway, Suite 410, in Omaha. Their staff is available by phone at (402) 392-2606 so that you can schedule an initial consultation.

You may also visit the firm’s website at www.lawsonkroeker.com in order to learn more about their investment philosophy, financial advising staff and services.

financial advisor paperwork

#8 Cambridge Advisors Inc.

Established in 1990, Cambridge Advisors Inc. is managed by President Lori Liffring and Vice President Michael Bridgman.

The firm’s staff includes four financial advisors. These include a chartered financial analyst, a ChFC and a CPA.

Cambridge Advisors AUM

With more than $400 million in AUM, the company operates on a fee-only structure.

They do not collect any commissions or revenue from the products that they recommend or sell.

This ensures that there are no financial conflicts of interest between you and your financial advisor.

Is Cambridge Advisors Right For You?

The financial advisors at Cambridge Advisors Inc. work with a mix of individuals, people of high net worth, pension managers and profit-sharing plans. They build portfolios based on your risk-tolerance profile.

Financial advisors choose mutual funds and ETFs for client portfolios. Most of the firm’s focus is on long-term strategies for the allocation of assets.

The advisors do not try to time the market, but they do take a close look at the risk and reward relationship for each asset class over a specific period of time.

Your advisor will adjust your asset allocation over time based on your needs, the projected opportunities for growth and your tolerance for risk-taking.

Cambridge Advisors Inc.’s headquarters is at 17330 Wright Street, Suite 205, in Omaha. You may reach the firm’s staff by phone at (402) 697-1166 in order to schedule your initial consultation.

On their website, www.cambridgeadvisors.net, the firm offers additional details about its investment philosophy, services and background.

#9 America First Investment Advisors LLC

Founded in 1994, America First Investment Advisors LLC is an employee-owned top financial advisor in Omaha Nebraska.

It currently has more than $300 million in AUM. The staff of five financial advisors includes CFPs and chartered financial analysts.

America First Investment Advisors Fees

They do not charge commissions or sell investment products. You pay a quarterly management fee to the firm.

All of the firm’s financial advisors have college degrees in a relevant field and at least two years of prior investment experience.

Is America First Investment Advisors Right For You?

Most of the people who work with America First Investment Advisors LLC are individuals with a moderate to high net worth.

In order to start an account with the firm, you must have an initial minimum amount of $300,000.

The firm also works with trusts, estates, charitable organizations, corporations and small business owners.

America First Investment Advisors Investment Method

The focus of America First Investment Advisors LLC is on long-term investment strategies for individuals who are planning for a secure retirement.

The financial advisors can help you with retirement investments, major life event planning and wealth management.

America First Investment Advisors LLC has a list of specific criteria that it looks for in funds, bonds and securities, including a strong balance sheet and a cash flow that exceeds operating costs.

The financial advisors also look for market niches that provide a competitive advantage for investment growth.

They use fixed-income securities such as bonds and ETFs in order to limit the number of transactions.

Most of their transactions are for large amounts of fixed-income securities.

Stop by the headquarters of America First Investment Advisors LLC at 10050 Regency Circle, Suite 515, in Omaha.

You may contact them at (402) 991-3388 in order to schedule a consultation with an advisor. On their website, https://www.am1st.com, you can find additional details about their services, staff and investment strategy.

#10 Silverleaf Advisor Group, LLC dba Silverleaf Wealth Management

Silverleaf Advisor Group, LLC, is a relative newcomer to financial advising in Omaha.

Founded in 2016 by Justin Gibson and Curtis Krueger, the firm has more than $100 million in AUM.

Get To Know Silverleaf Wealth Management

There are seven financial advisors at the firm, including one chartered financial analyst.

The financial advisors may receive a commission from selling certain products. As fiduciaries, though, it is their responsibility to inform you if this is the case.

They have a fee-based structure for their advising services.

Is Silverleaf Wealth Management Right For You?

Most of the clients of Silverleaf Advisor Group, LLC, are individuals.

The firm also works with nonprofit organizations, small businesses, corporations and insurance companies.

Many of the firm’s services focus on major life events and making wise individual decisions related to money.

The advisors can help you with selecting the right car for your budget, establishing a 529 college savings account or starting an IRA.

They also offer guidance on selecting the right life insurance policy and coverage level.

Their other services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
  • Estate Planning

Silverleaf Wealth Management Investment Method

Silverleaf Advisor Group, LLC, aims to create a diverse portfolio for its clients. Diversification refers to how investments relate to each other within an individual portfolio.

These Omaha financial advisors look for companies with different characteristics beyond the class of the assets.

The biggest chunk of their investments is in mutual funds. When it comes to diversification, mutual funds may be a wise choice because they group together an array of companies.

This offers more protection against financial loss than investing heavily in a single stock.

Silverleaf Advisor Group, LLC, is located at 12910 Pierce Street, Suite 100, in Omaha. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling the firm at (402) 934-7200. Additional information about their financial advisors and services is available on their website, http://www.silverleafwealth.com.

Top Financial Advisors Omaha Nebraska Summary

The right financial advisor allows you to get started planning a solid financial future.

Each one of these firms in Omaha has a unique approach to making investments. They offer different financial services in order to accommodate your available investment income and your tolerance for risk-taking.

Before making your choice, consider meeting with a few advisors from this list in person and getting a feel for their style.





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