What Is The Most Expensive Bottled Water?

most expensive bottled water

Grabbing a 24-pack of bottled water at the market is usually inexpensive and convenient. Most bottles are less than $1 each. However, there’s a separate world that revolves around fancier products. Check out our top 10 list of the most expensive bottled waters.

10. Fine

fine water from japanBelow Mount Fuji in Japan is a spring that’s dedicated to the Fine bottled-water company.

With 750ml priced at $5, this water ranks alongside Tasmanian Rain at the bottom of our list of the most expensive bottled waters.

This water is special because of its unique origin. Fine water runs through volcanic rock, and this allows minerals to leach into the running stream.

The water is pulled from a deep level. In fact, the depth is practically at the 2,000-foot mark.

As a result, pollutants from the air and other sources don’t have a chance to permeate into the water. For this reason, the manufacturer prices the product at the high-end.

When you taste this water, you’ll note that it has a gentle texture on your palate.

There are no impurities to deal with as you taste the subtle flavor of pure minerals. It’s sold in a bottle that’s reminiscent of fine champagne.

Sipping Fine is part of the enjoyment process.

9. Tasmanian Rain

At $5 per 750ml, Tasmanian Rain is one of the most unique drinks you’ll ever experience.

As the name suggests, Tasmanian Rain comes from Tasmania, where rainfall is plentiful. tasmanian rain bottled water

This water isn’t harvested and then bottled like that from other manufacturers though.

The manufacturing process includes the bottles being set out to catch the rainfall, so each container holds water that comes directly from the sky.

If you’re concerned about pollutants, you’re in luck when it comes to Tasmania. This region is known for its incredibly clean air, which equates to exquisite bottles of water.

Because Tasmanian Rain does have some hardness to it from natural processes, the manufacturer improves the liquid by adding bubbles. You end up with a refreshing bottle of water with every sip.

8. Aqua Deco

aqua-deco-bottled-waterA hint of sugar seems to be hidden within the Aqua Deco bottles of water.

At first glance, each bottle appears to have a glacial shape. This design isn’t a coincidence because the manufacturer wants to convey that the water comes from a glacier.

Northern Canada is known for its snow, ice and wide-open spaces.

Aqua Deco comes from a spring in this region that offers filtered glacial water.

A mixture of sand and gravel near the glacier created a perfect area for water filtration.

The varied soil sizes allow the water to have a nearly perfect pH value. It also has a low mineral content.

For all of these reasons, the manufacturer prices this water at $12 per 750ml.

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7. 10 Thousand BC

10 thousand bc bottled waterA remote location can be a treasure to a bottled-water company.

Meet 10 Thousand BC bottled water, which hails from Canada. It’s a spring water that’s derived from a remote glacier.

In fact, you must spend three days traveling before you can reach the bottling plant.

This factory remains an enigma in the water industry, especially because a boat ride is required to reach the location.

The manufacturer, Hat Mountain Glacier, is far from any cities or human contact.

As a result of its location, there are no pollutants that affect the water. It’s quickly bottled to retain its quality.

The bottle is a work of art with a frosty appearance that reflects the pure glacial water within it.

If you’re looking for pure water, 10 Thousand BC stands tall with only four parts per million of TDS, or total dissolved solids.

With this purity in mind, $14 for 750ml may be a deal!

6. Veen

veen bottled waterVeen water comes from a spring located in Finland’s Lapland.

As if this location wasn’t isolated enough, the spring also resides among the village people of Tengelio, who respect nature as a rule.

The resulting water is practically free from any nitrates.

At $23 per 750ml, this water is more expensive than other brands.

It has a unique smoothness as you drink it, which may be due to the water’s glacial origins along the Arctic Circle.

You won’t find many minerals in this water, either. They have been naturally filtered out as the spring moves through Lapland’s clean and natural environment.

The water arrives at Tengelio where two hills meet. The soil is made up of sand and gravel that combine to become the perfect filter for some of the finest water around.

The water comes in a tall and transparent bottle. There’s nothing to hide here, and the water’s purity speaks for itself.

Veen also offers mineral water as a complement to the spring variety. This water is just as expensive because it also comes from unique origins.

5. Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand

blingh2o the ten thousand bottled water Spending $40 per 750ml on water may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for with Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand.

One glance at the bottle will make your eyebrows go up. It’s completely decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Beneath the crystals is a bottle that reminds you of champagne and good times.

Don’t let the bottle fool you into thinking that this is just a marketing scheme, though.

The water is one of the finest drinks around. The spring from which the water is sourced is located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Referred to as the English Mountain Spring, this source of water is pure.

The manufacturer moves even further toward perfection as they bottle the water.

A total of nine steps are completed before the water is filtered enough for the public.

With its vacuum seal, the bottle protects the purity of the product until it is opened. The water is crisp and fresh and tingles the tongue as it goes down.

4. Fillico

fillico bottled water The Nunobiki spring is found in Japan, and it supplies Fillico with its superb water.

The city of Kobe is renowned for its use of the spring for both pure water and sake production.

Enthusiasts will be happy to note that this spring is isolated from any other agricultural process, which protects its purity.

At about $219 per 750ml, this water is one of the more expensive around.

In addition to offering superior water, Fillico bottles its product in unforgettable packaging.

The bottles are actually shaped like the king and queen found on a standard chess set.

The implication is that Fillico is fit for royalty with its smooth taste and refreshing sensation.

You’ll also find Swarovski crystals on these bottles.

With its focus on handcrafting, this manufacturer is known to customize their products to boost their allure.

The bottles remain in high demand because the manufacturer can only make a limited amount each month.

3. Kona Nigari

kona nigari bottled water Kona Nigari is currently the third most expensive water around. Expect to pay $402 per 750ml.

There’s a good reason for this pricing. Kona Nigari comes from a deep-sea location near Hawaii.

The manufacturer pulls the water from a depth of 2,000 feet. They then desalinate and bottle it. The resulting product offers a clear and pristine sensation as you sip it.

Because of its distinct source, Kona Nigari has many health benefits attributed to it. Electrolytes found only in the deep sea are preserved in the water even after desalination.

Fans report that they feel more hydrated with Kona Nigari than with average water. Skin improvements are purported benefits that result from the water hydrating the body.

The bottle may be a subtle black container, but it hides a truly tasty water that’s different in every way.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

acqua di cristallo tributo a modigliani bottled water This bottled water takes second place as the most expensive product to date. A single bottle costs $60,000. The price makes sense when you know what goes into this water.

The manufacturer pulls from three separate water sources for Acqua. Icelandic glacier water, French spring water and Fiji Islands spring water are the main ingredients. Within an individual bottle is a global representation of pure water.

The taste is reportedly a transporting experience. The purity involved with each source combines to form a luxurious drink. It’s no longer in production, though, so testing the purity isn’t possible.

The bottle that holds this pure water is a sight to behold. It looks like a sculpture, and its design was inspired by an Italian artist named Amedeo Clemente Modigliani.

Across the handcrafted container are 24-karat gold accents and a touch of gold dust.

1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

beverly hills 9oh20 luxury collection diamond edition bottled water The most expensive bottled water in production today is the Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxury Collection Diamond Edition.

It currently sells for $100,000 per bottle.

The manufacturer has made only nine bottles of the water, so snagging it may be difficult once its popularity grows.

The water used for this collection comes from springs in the Sierra Nevada part of Northern California. As the Sierra Nevada is full of pristine water sources, it only makes sense that it’s used in the bottling for this Luxury Collection.

Beverly Water, the manufacturer, goes a step beyond just water collection.

During the processing steps, proprietary minerals are added to the water.

You’ll find calcium and potassium as common ingredients. The other minerals are designed to enhance the taste as you carefully sip the beverage.

One of the factors that impacts this bottled water’s price is the container itself. The bottle, designed by famous jeweler Mario Padilla, has 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds. In addition to diamonds, white and 14-karat gold make up the cap.

The bottle may have more value than the water if you compare the details. However, they complement each other with an eye-catching appearance and soft sensation on the tongue.




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