How To Become An UberEATS Driver

become ubereats driver

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Are you interested in delivering with Uber EATS? Want to earn extra money day or night when you need it? Now you can become an Uber EATS driver or delivery partner and earn on your own schedule while getting paid weekly.

The Uber EATS food delivery service has grown so popular that it is now available in over 100 cities in North America and growing every month. And all that pent-up demand from customers for tasty food means opportunities for you to make extra cash as an Uber EATS driver.

But what is the Uber EATS driver sign up process? And what is the Uber EATS driver pay? We answer all your questions below and explain how to become an Uber EATS driver.

Uber EATS Driver Pay & Facts

Delivery MethodsCar, Scooter, Bike
Cash OutUp to 5x daily
PaymentDepends on your work schedule
ScheduleFlexible, on your terms
TippingVia Uber EATS app
Cities100+ in United States
Background CheckRequired

What Is Uber EATS?

Uber EATS is an online and app based food delivery service available in over 100 North American cities and growing every month.

The app connects customers to a wide variety of food options. In San Francisco, we found a vast assortment of food options catering to a variety worldly tastes, including:

  • Japanese food
  • American food
  • Italian food
  • Chinese food
  • Hawaiian food
  • Vietnamese food
  • Korean food
  • Latin food
  • American food
  • Asian food
  • French food
  • Thai food
  • Southern food
  • Irish food
  • Cantonese food
  • Mexican food
  • Turkish food
  • Middle Eastern food
  • Czech food
  • Indian food
  • Hungarian food
  • German food
  • Afghan food
  • Burmese food
  • Pakistani food
  • Malaysian food
  • African food
  • Belgian food
  • Argentinian food
  • Nepalese food
  • Peruvian food
  • New Mexican food
  • Taiwanese food
  • Tex Mex food
  • Himalayan food

And if that wasn’t enough, Uber EATS San Francisco also offers sushi, burgers, vegetarian, vegan, comfort food, salads, gluten free, bar food, ramen, breakfast and brunch options, juice and smoothies, BBQ, deli, dumplings, street food, fast food, bakery, halal, diner, pastry, pub, wings, pizza, and fusion. Depending on which city you live in, the food options may vary.

It sounds delicious, but you’re here to earn extra money when you need it, day or night. So how do you become an Uber EATS driver and what are the sign up requirements?

Why Become An
Uber EATS Delivery Partner?

You’ll quickly discover lots of perks to becoming an Uber EATS delivery partner. First, you make your own schedule so you can work when you want as often as you want.

You also enjoy flexible earnings working Uber EATS jobs. Some people deliver with Uber because they want to support their families while others use earnings to pay for school, college tuition, or even a wedding. Some even sign up as Uber EATS delivery partners to save money to start a business.

As you will see below, you can even deliver by bike in some cities so signing up with Uber EATS could provide a way to get more exercise!

Whatever your reason for signing up, you will find the application process is simple and the background check approval process is fast.

But you will need to pass certain requirements to become a delivery partner with Uber EATS.

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Delivery Partner Requirements

As an Uber EATS delivery partner, you have three primary choices to deliver:

  • By car
  • By scooter
  • By bike

ubereats bike scooter car

Uber EATS Driver: Deliver By Car

The Uber EATS driver requirements to deliver with a car stipulate that you must be at least 19 years old, have a 2-door or 4-door car made after 1997, a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance, plus have at least one year of driving experience.

Deliver By Scooter

You must also be at least 19 years of age to deliver by scooter, which can be any make or model 2-wheel scooter as long as it has a motor of 50cc or less and travels no faster than 30mph.

Deliver By Bike

To deliver by bike, you will need to be at least 19 years old and have a state-issued ID.

Be sure to select ‘Biking’ under the transportation method when signing up.

The permitted vehicles for delivery vary by city, so you will need to double check when applying to see which ones are allowed in your city. For example, you could google “Uber EATS bicycle NYC” to check if bike delivery is available in New York City.

ubereats signup now

How Much Money Can You Make Delivering With Uber?

Let’s get to the dollars and cents, what is Uber EATS driver pay, bicycle pay or scooter pay? If you own a car you are probably wondering how much do Uber EATS drivers make?

Although the amount will vary based on your own schedule, the great thing is that your earnings are instantly available to you. You don’t have to wait for a weekly payment.

You can get your earnings when you want them and cash out with Instant Pay up to 5 times daily.

As a U.S. driver, you can use Instant Pay once you complete your first trip. The only thing you need is a debit card.

How Does Uber EATS Work As A Delivery Partner?

Uber EATS Driver Sign Up (car, scooter, bike)

Click Here to complete the sign up process, which only takes a few minutes.

Use the Uber EATS driver app download, sign up to deliver, consent to a safety screening, and upload the required documents.

Once you are notified that you are active, you can begin to accept delivery requests.

To begin accepting delivery requests, you will need to accept the delivery terms.

And you can turn delivery on or off as you wish.

ubereats navigation

When a customer completes an order, your phone dings shortly thereafter notifying you of a request for a food delivery. It’s time to start making money!

ubereats cycling Pick Up

Hop on your bike or scooter, or jump into your car and head to the restaurant where you can pick up the order and travel to the customer’s address.

ubereats shopping Drop Off

You can use the Uber app as your guide to reach the customer’s address and deliver the order to the hungry customer with a smile!

ubereats compensation Payment

And finally to the best part: making money. Simply tap and you instantly transfer money from that trip into your bank account.

Uber EATS Driver FAQ

Can I deliver on my own schedule?

Yes, you can deliver day or night for however long you like.

Do I have to deliver by car?

Depending on your city, you may be able to deliver food with your car, bike, or scooter.

What should I do if I am not familiar with the customer’s area?

The Uber Partner app gives you optional turn-by-turn navigation to every destination, so you know where you’re headed and how to get there.

Do I have to make a certain number of deliveries?

No, once you finish a delivery you can take the next request, or sign off for a few hours or for the rest of the day. It’s totally up to you how many deliveries you make.

Can I receive tips?

You are eligible to receive tips from eaters through the app.

In what cities is Uber EATS available?

As of the time of our research, Uber EATS was available in the following cities but if history is anything to by the number will keep growing:

  • Uber EATS Akron
  • Uber EATS Albuquerque
  • Uber EATS Ann Arbor
  • Uber EATS Athens
  • Uber EATS Atlanta
  • Uber EATS Austin
  • Uber EATS Bakersfield
  • Uber EATS Baltimore
  • Uber EATS Baton Rouge
  • Uber EATS Bellingham
  • Uber EATS Billings
  • Uber EATS Boise
  • Uber EATS Boston
  • Uber EATS Bozeman
  • Uber EATS Charleston
  • Uber EATS Charlotte
  • Uber EATS Charlottesville-Harrisonburg
  • Uber EATS Chattanooga
  • Uber EATS Chicago
  • Uber EATS Cincinnati
  • Uber EATS Cleveland
  • Uber EATS College Station
  • Uber EATS Colorado Springs
  • Uber EATS Columbia
  • Uber EATS Columbus
  • Uber EATS Connecticut
  • Uber EATS Dallas
  • Uber EATS Dayton
  • Uber EATS Denver
  • Uber EATS Des Moines
  • Uber EATS Detroit
  • Uber EATS Eastern Washington
  • Uber EATS El Paso
  • Uber EATS Fort Myers-Naples
  • Uber EATS Fresno
  • Uber EATS Gainesville
  • Uber EATS Grand Rapids
  • Uber EATS Hampton Roads
  • Uber EATS Harrisburg
  • Uber EATS Honolulu
  • Uber EATS Houston
  • Uber EATS Indianapolis
  • Uber EATS Inland Empire
  • Uber EATS Jacksonville
  • Uber EATS Kansas City
  • Uber EATS Knoxville
  • Uber EATS Lansing
  • Uber EATS Las Vegas
  • Uber EATS Lehigh Valley
  • Uber EATS Lexington
  • Uber EATS Little Rock
  • Uber EATS Los Angeles
  • Uber EATS Louisville
  • Uber EATS Lubbock
  • Uber EATS Madison
  • Uber EATS Memphis
  • Uber EATS Miami
  • Uber EATS Milwaukee
  • Uber EATS Minneapolis
  • Uber EATS Missoula
  • Uber EATS Nashville
  • Uber EATS New Jersey
  • Uber EATS New Orleans
  • Uber EATS New York
  • Uber EATS NYC
  • Uber EATS NYC Suburbs
  • Uber EATS Oklahoma City
  • Uber EATS Olympia
  • Uber EATS Omaha
  • Uber EATS Orange County
  • Uber EATS Orlando
  • Uber EATS Palm Springs
  • Uber EATS Philadephia
  • Uber EATS Phoenix
  • Uber EATS Pittsburgh
  • Uber EATS Portland
  • Uber EATS Raleigh-Durham
  • Uber EATS Reno
  • Uber EATS Rhode Island
  • Uber EATS Richmond
  • Uber EATS Sacramento
  • Uber EATS Salem
  • Uber EATS Salt Lake City
  • Uber EATS San Antonio
  • Uber EATS San Diego
  • Uber EATS San Francisco
  • Uber EATS San Luis Obispo
  • Uber EATS Santa Barbara
  • Uber EATS Sarasota
  • Uber EATS Savannah Hilton-Head
  • Uber EATS Seattle
  • Uber EATS South Ben
  • Uber EATS Spokane
  • Uber EATS St. Louis
  • Uber EATS State College
  • Uber EATS Tacoma
  • Uber EATS Tallahassee
  • Uber EATS Tampa Bay
  • Uber EATS Toledo
  • Uber EATS Tucson
  • Uber EATS Tulsa
  • Uber EATS Upstate NY
  • Uber EATS Ventura
  • Uber EATS Washington D.C.
  • Uber EATS Wichita
  • Uber EATS Toronto
  • Uber EATS Vancouver
  • Uber EATS Montreal
  • Uber EATS Calgary
  • Uber EATS Ottawa
  • Uber EATS Hamilton
  • Uber EATS London, Ont
  • Uber EATS Edmonton
  • Uber EATS Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Uber EATS Quebec City
  • Uber EATS Niagara Region
  • Uber EATS Windsor
  • Uber EATS Worcester
  • Uber EATS Kingston
  • Uber EATS Lethbridge
  • Uber EATS Red Deer
  • Uber EATS Gatineau

In what cities is Uber EATS Canada available?

Dan Park, the General Manager of Uber EATS Canada, stated that “we want to enable a new kind of ordering in, where everything from sushi to poutine can be delivered to your doorstep” – no longer are pizza and Chinese deliveries the only options for customers because the Uber EATS menu is full of variety!

  • Uber EATS Kingston
  • Uber EATS Guelph
  • Uber EATS Cambridge
  • Uber EATS St.Catharine’s
  • Uber EATS Niagara
  • Uber EATS Windsor
  • Uber EATS Gatineau
  • Uber EATS Lethbridge
  • Uber EATS Red Deer
  • Uber EATS Kanata
  • Uber EATS Barrie
  • Uber EATS New Market
  • Uber EATS Aurora
  • Uber EATS Winnipeg
  • Uber EATS Sherbrooke
  • Uber EATS Trois Rivieres
  • Uber EATS Halifax
  • Uber EATS Peterborough
  • Uber EATS Greater Sudbury
  • Uber EATS Saskatoon
  • Uber EATS Regina
  • Uber EATS Victoria
  • Uber EATS Sault Ste. Marie
  • Uber EATS Thunder Bay
  • Uber EATS Vancouver




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