Best Online Trading Platforms For Day Traders 2018

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As an active trader, two considerations above all are most important when selecting a broker:

Secondary, but also important, considerations include:

Based on those criteria, we have summarized the best online trading platforms for day trading as follows:

Best Online Trading Platforms For Day Trading

Best For Online Broker Special Commission Costs Rating
Options Trading
$0 on closing trades $5 for stocks
$1 for options
Options Trading thinkorswim® Trade Free for 60 Days $6.95 stocks $0.75 options
Options Trading 50 commission-free trades $4.95
Options Trading 20% off trade commissions $4.99-9.99
Stock Trading $100-500 Cash bonus $4.95
Stock Trading TD Ameritrade $100-600 Cash bonus $6.95
Low Margin N/A $3
Stock & Options Trading $1,000 in commission-free trades $4.95
Low Margin Balance limits $0.005 per share minimum. 0.5% of trade value

Best online brokers for day trading

These are the best overall trading platforms based on price, executions and tools.

tastyworks is a diamond in the rough when it comes to online trading platforms. tastyworks features $0 commissions cost on all closing trades, which is a huge win for price sensitive customers.

thinkorswim® is a highly powerful platform for day traders who wish to customize screeners and chart studies to personal trading preferences.

  • Standout Feature
    All closing trades are commission-free
  • Commissions
    $5 flat rate for stocks; $1 per contract for options to open
  • Account Balance Minimum


Interactive Brokers targets clients with at least $10,000 and has a $10 monthly commission minimum. It also facilitates trading on a wide range of securities, including forex, futures and precious metals.

OptionsHouse has no minimum balance requirement but does not offer forex trading. It does have a good combination of advanced trading tools and low commissions.

  • Standout Feature
    Customer Service and Local Branches
  • Commissions
    $4.95 for stock trades; $4.95 + $0.50 per contract for options trades
  • Account Balance Minimum

What Are The Best Trading Platforms?

One of the best overall trading platforms is from TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade owns the thinkorswim® trading platform, which was acquired in 2009 for $606 million. and StreetSmart Edge from Charles Schwab are also top trading platforms with stellar charting. Minimum balance requirements are not an issue with either broker.

Best Online Options Trading Brokers

These brokers offer great execution, research tools at competitive prices.

  • Standout Feature
    All closing trades are commission-free
  • Commissions
    $5 flat rate for stocks; $1 per contract for options to open
  • Account Balance Minimum


Options traders know that when selling call and put options, they can avoid closing transaction costs when the options expire.

However, buying call and put options almost always results in closing transaction costs unless the options are exercised.

tastyworks exploits the fact that expiring sold options have no closing transaction cost by advertising a $0 commission on all closing trades.

Their pricing is highly competitive, rivaling and even beating that of thinkorswim®.

thinkorswim® pioneered fast execution, outstanding support, and competitive pricing in options trading, and remains true to its roots with extensive customizable research tools and charts.

Online Brokers with Low Margin Rates

These brokers are offer competitive margin rates.

The best online broker for competitive margin rates is Interactive Brokers, by far.

Margin is attractive to traders seeking to amplify rates of return by borrowing capital at low rates. Depending on the capital traded, different rates apply, and can be viewe quickly via Interactive Brokers’ website calculator.

EOption may be a better online broker for traders wishing to avoid Interactive Brokers minimum monthly fees.

EOption charges a $50 inactivity fee when balances fall below $10,000, or fewer than two trades have been placed in the prior 12 month period.

Best Online Day Trading Platforms Spotlight